Wine Country Fires Hit Northern California Pot Industry Hard

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Wine Country Fires Hit Northern California Pot Industry Hard | Phillip Smith

The wildfires raging through Northern California’s Wine Country these past weeks have killed at least 41 people, left dozens missing, and thousands burned out of their homes. They have also put a significant hurt on the region’s namesake wine industry, and its up-and-coming country cousin, the weed business. As of this week, more than 5,000 […]

Wine Country Fires Hit Northern California Pot Industry Hard | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

California Could Be the First State to Legalize Magic Mushrooms

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California Could Be the First State to Legalize Magic Mushrooms | Phillip Smith

It could be up to California voters to make the state the first in the nation to allow for the use and sale of psilocybin, the mind-altering component of magic mushrooms. On Friday, Kevin Saunders, a candidate for mayor in the Monterrey County town of Marina, filed the California Psilocybin Legalization Initiative with the state […]

California Could Be the First State to Legalize Magic Mushrooms | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Marijuana Becomes a Player in California Politics and It’s Putting Its Money on Gavin Newsom

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Marijuana Becomes a Player in California Politics and It’s Putting Its Money on Gavin Newsom | Phillip Smith

Marijuana is already a multi-billion dollar a year business in California, and with recreational sales to adults coming online next year, it’s about to get even bigger. Now, the legal pot industry is beginning to throw its weight around in state office-level politics, and it’s doing it the old-fashioned way: with a checkbook. Fund-raising for […]

Marijuana Becomes a Player in California Politics and It’s Putting Its Money on Gavin Newsom | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Marijuana Firm Buys California Town; Plans to Turn It Into Tourist Destination

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Marijuana Firm Buys California Town; Plans to Turn It Into Tourist Destination | TJ Baker

Welcome to Cannabis, California. An Arizona based company that makes products to support the marijuana industry says they have purchased a small town in California, near the Nevada border, with the hopes of turning it into a cannabis friendly tourist destination. American Green, based in Phoenix, purchased the tiny town of Nipton for $ 5 million, […]

Marijuana Firm Buys California Town; Plans to Turn It Into Tourist Destination | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Dispensaries and the New Legal Niches of Marijuana in California

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Dispensaries and the New Legal Niches of Marijuana in California | William Smith

It is no secret that the legal framework concerning Cannabis in the Unites States of America is rapidly changing the last years. The cannabis industry is now the fastest growing industry in the United States.  California seems to be the leader in Cannabis sales compared to the other States. There is far more legal marijuana […]

Dispensaries and the New Legal Niches of Marijuana in California | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Marijuana Wins Big: California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada Legalize; Medical Marijuana Sweeps 4 States; Arizona Only Defeat

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Marijuana Wins Big: California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada Legalize; Medical Marijuana Sweeps 4 States; Arizona Only Defeat | The Daily Chronic Staff

3:00 AM EST: Maine appears to have approved Question 1, legalizing marijuana for adults.  The measure, which had slowly been losing an early lead all evening, has pulled through with 50.6% of the vote and 87.1% of precincts reporting.  Earlier, voters in nearby Massachusetts approved their legalization measure as well. The only defeat of the […]

Marijuana Wins Big: California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada Legalize; Medical Marijuana Sweeps 4 States; Arizona Only Defeat | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Passes California Assembly

Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Passes California Assembly | Drug Policy Alliance

SACRAMENTO, CA — Civil asset forfeiture reform legislation authored by Senator Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles) and David Hadley (R-Torrance) passed the California Assembly Floor by a 67 to 7 vote on Monday. The bill will require that in all cases where law enforcement seize cash under $ 40,000, that there be a conviction in the underlying […]

Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill Passes California Assembly | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

California Medical Cannabis Compliance Lawyer Recommends State Adopt 3 Types of Regulations for Marijuana

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Crescent City, CA (PRWEB) February 18, 2012

The vagueness of laws governing the use of medical marijuana in California has resulted in a patchwork of local regulations and tensions with federal regulators. The confusion has prompted activists to search for a way to improve California medical cannabis regulations. Medical marijuana attorney Chris Van Hook proposes using 3 existing frameworks for regulating marijuana, depending on its intended use: pharmaceutical, herbal, or food/industrial.

Van Hook, founder of the Clean Green Certified medical marijuana inspection program, points out medical cannabis is used in a few distinct ways. Cannabis-based drugs like Sativex are prescribed by doctors in Europe and Canada as an actual medicine, and although they are not available in the US at this time, Van Hook believes there is a large potential market here. Patients also use cannabis as an herbal remedy to relieve various ailments by inhaling, vaporizing, eating or using cannabis tinctures. Finally, cannabis is taken as a dietary supplement/food/fiber crop.

“Each of these methods of use is legitimate and the uses are not exclusionary; in fact, they should be recognized and further developed,” says Van Hook.

The California medical cannabis compliance lawyer says pharmaceutical cannabis will most likely always be grown indoors. There will be very specific patentable strains producing patentable compounds that will help in the very specific manner for which they have been tested and developed. Regulatory standards for cleanliness, dosage standardization labeling and prescribing will be thoroughly developed, as they should be for that particular market.

“The expansion of this market will increase the number of people who will become more comfortable with cannabis. This in turn will increase the number of patients who will become comfortable with the other regulatory categories of cannabis—herbal remedies and food/fiber crops,” he explains.

Cannabis used in herbal remedies will come from both the indoor- and outdoor-grown cannabis production models. The regulatory constraints of herbal remedies are much less burdensome than the pharmaceutical regulations, and their use need not be prescribed by a doctor. Examples of this type of use include edibles, falling under existing food regulations; in pill form, similar to garlic pills or fish oil pills; in tincture form, like Echinacea; or inhaled in a manner similar to aromatherapy, where herbs and plants that are burned and the smoke is inhaled to clear nasal systems or to break up colds. The smoke may be inhaled or the plant matter vaporized to reduce the smoke intake.

“Under this regulatory framework there need not be any medical proof that it is working; there only need be the patient determining that it is helping them,” notes Van Hook. He says this largest category of use does not require the strict regulations applied to pharmaceuticals. The agricultural standards for the production, field handling, and manufacturing/processing of herbal remedy crops are already in place and successfully used to regulate the multi-billion dollar herbal products industry.

Cannabis as a food and fiber agricultural crop will almost exclusively come from outdoor cannabis production, which can support the larger volumes of cannabis required for the developing juicing methods, hemp fiber and dietary oils from seed production. Existing agricultural production, field handling and food processing regulations are already in place to produce and market raw fresh wheatgrass juice to consumers, and these regulations could easily be adapted for cannabis juicing, says Van Hook.

He says by properly placing the different ways that medical cannabis is used into the appropriate existing regulatory frameworks of: pharmaceutical, herbal remedy, and food and fiber crops, California will 1) widen and expand the market for all cannabis uses 2) help assure that the agricultural and small farm component of the industry is not overburdened by pharmacological standards and regulations, and 3) more accurately describe the regulatory frameworks each use of cannabis should be in.

“By expanding the regulatory categories cannabis can operate under, each category’s growth would enhance and support the other two. Each developing use would have clear regulatory guidelines that are already in place. Each category of participant could then be buoyed by the success of the other two categories and friction between the different types of uses would be minimized,” Van Hook concludes.

About Clean Green Certified

Clean Green Certified, an independent third-party medical cannabis certification program created by attorney Chris Van Hook, is an agricultural process review and certification program based on the non-use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and sprays, and the building of consumer confidence that their agricultural products are produced in manner that is both healthy and safe for the environment. Their California medical marijuana quality control programs also include Best Practices certification, which allows the limited and responsible use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, and compliance with Mendocino County Code 9.31 (the medical cannabis cultivation regulation ordinance).

Clean Green’s expert legal team also provides services that include: medical cannabis expert witness testimony; on-site inspections; medical cannabis compliance for growers and for handlers/processors/dispensaries; formation of grower collectives and nonprofit corporations; commercial leases; product licensing; contracts and real property issues; administrative law; and permit assistance and acquisition.

For more information about the Clean Green Certified program, call Chris Van Hook at (707) 218-6979 or visit


Marijauana School Cannabis Career Institute comes to Florida, California and Pennsylvania

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(PRWEB) December 07, 2014

The Cannabis Career Institute is teaching eager business entrepreneurs in Florida, Pennsylvania, and California. Classes will be held on December 14th in Orlando at the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport, Philadelphia at the Clarian Hotel and Conference Center, and San Diego at the California Hampton Inn. Classes run one day from 9-7 with a one-time entry fee that grants access to all classes offered nationally.

In the 2014 fall elections Fox announced Florida missed the 60% needed to pass the medical marijuana program. This does not deter advocates from fighting for legalization nor companies using this time to become established. Pennsylvania is on the waiting list for the legislative vote for medical legalization, however a draft medical marijuana program has been created outlining the basic elements. As seen on NORML’s website California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 and looks to legalize recreational use within the next two years.

Instructors cover what it takes to run certain cannabis companies such as dispensaries, growing operations, baking edibles and more. Each class adheres to the state in which it is being taught addressing the unique laws on hemp and cannabis. Following the East Coast Cannabis Expo in New York City CCI has gained more supporters such as Governor Diane Savino who sponsored the event and spoke on the many benefits medical marijuana would provide for the country.

The North Hollywood based Cannabis Career Institute has been teaching thousands of entrepreneurs skills needed to succeed in the marijuana industry. Facilitators with years of experience in the business will teach students the basic start up of a company including marketing, business models and relevant laws and regulations. CCI has spoken to NBC, CBS and Huffington Post among many others about how their classes have spread nationally offering the first seminars of their kind.

CCI continues to expand working with other advocacy groups offering information at classes, conventions, and online. To enroll into the institute there’s a one time all access fee of $ 299 with classes year around nationally. For more information and scheduling please call Robert Calkin 240.338.8785 or email: kimmoffattcci(at)gmail(dot)com To find out more about Cannabis Career Institute go to the website for details:

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Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Doctors, PureCann Healthworks Doctors, Offer Marijuana Recommendations & Cards in Santa Cruz, California

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Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) January 24, 2015

PureCann Healthworks Marijuana Doctors is currently evaluating patients for medical marijuana evaluations, recommendations, & cards in Santa Cruz, CA. PureCann Healthworks is in a great area for patients in neighboring cities, including: Capitola, Scotts Valley, Soquel, Watsonville, Aptos, Felton, Live Oak, Freedom, Los Gatos, and San Jose.

The PureCann Santa Cruz medical marijuana doctors have been evaluating cannabis patients all through Southern California and Los Angeles, CA, for the past seven years. The doctors working with the office have evaluated and written more than 15,000 marijuana card recommendations during the past seven years. The office offers referral medical services, including direct pay urgent care, non-surgical sports medicine, pain medication management, platelet rich plasma therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy. Related injuries are all treated in a timely fashion by the clinic’s caring and nurturing staff to ensure that each patient’s visit is as positive, stress free, and convenient as possible.

The PureCann doctors are compassionate healers. They monitor patients on a yearly basis to ensure that medical marijuana is still helping their conditions. The PureCann Healthworks staff is extremely proficient on the subject and offers a patient a centered, lawful, affordable and simple process to acquiring a Medical Marijuana card in the State of California.

PureCann’s essential goal is to provide all qualifying patients with reliable and trusted medicinal marijuana evaluations, recommendations, & cards. The company has provided patients in California with one of the Golden State’s best EMR patient management, verification, and accountability systems that allows patients to obtain medical cannabis at anytime, at any marijuana dispensary.

PureCann offers low cost cannabis evaluations, recommendations, & cards to local Santa Cruz patients. The company policy is to review the patient questionnaires, perform a focused physical exam, and determine if marijuana is beneficial for each patient’s medical condition. By providing these alternative health services to both new and renewal Santa Cruz Cannabis patients under the California Proposition 215 medical marijuana law, PureCann will charge patients only if they qualify for the state’s cannabis card program. Moreover, the PureCann Cannabis Evaluation Physicians are always accessible to approved patients and help them obtain a California State medical marijuana ID cards.

In California, qualified aliments for medicinal cannabis include sleep deprivation, back pain, anxiety, HIV/AIDS, bipolar disorder, depression, ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, joint pain, headaches, glaucoma, diabetes and any other condition that can be improved with medical cannabis, according to Senate Bill 420. Local Santa Cruz County patients can get a free evaluation to determine if their medical condition qualifies. This Santa Cruz marijuana doctors clinic offers cannabis evaluations for patients in Santa Cruz County and nearby cities, namely Capitola, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Aptos, Soquel, Freedom, Felton, Los Gatos, and San Jose, CA.

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