(ALGA) Algae International Group Subsidiary, American Seed & Oil Company, Advocates Hemps Environmental Benefit at UN Climate Change Summit

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Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) October 02, 2014

The American Seed & Oil Company, a subsidiary of Algae International Group, Inc. (OTC: ALGA) participated last week in the U.N. Climate Change Summit (http://www.un.org/climatechange/summit/). Hemp is a sustainable agricultural crop with proven benefits to the environment not to mention its potential as a sustainable clean fuel alternative to hydrocarbon based fuels.

To learn more about the potential of industrial hemp, see:

Congressional Research Report – June 2014 – Hemp As An Agricultural Commodity


Forbes: Industrial Hemp: A Win-Win For The Economy And The Environment


To learn more about the Company’s cannabis business strategy and the progress to date in the development of that strategy, visit the Company’s new American Seed & Oil Company website. In particular, read “The Introduction Of The American Seed & Oil Company” found on the website under “news” to specifically learn about the Company’s current hemp crop and all three new cannabis industry subsidiaries.

About Algae International Group, Inc. and The American Seed & Oil Company, Inc.

(OTC: ALGA) Algae International Group, Inc. first became interested in the cannabis opportunity last year while attempting to build a business to produce bio diesel from cold pressed algae oil. While the “promise” of the cannabis market is great, the path to achieving the “promise” is unclear. An incubator improves the odds of success in an early and rapidly evolving market by building multiple, complimentary businesses with an initial strategy to explore market opportunity rather than to attempt seizing market opportunity prematurely. Accordingly, the Company is starting with three incubated subsidiaries, and will continue to explore the introduction of additional complimentary subsidiaries. As subsidiaries develop to a viable stage of independence, the Company will spinoff such subsidiaries creating independent ROI opportunities for parent shareholders.

Learn more about the incubated subsidiaries at http://www.AmericanSeedandOil.com

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