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Freedom Seed and Feed and the University of Pikeville to Promote Industrial …
With a specific focus on industrial hemp, the IRDI is charged with developing a regional open-innovation cluster centered on regenerative design. A leading expert in the management of research and development and an innovation consultant for the …
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Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Summit held in Albuquerque
A local medical marijuana magazine and a Native American economic development organization teamed up for the Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Summit. The event covered all kinds of topics, including medical benefits, industrial hemp, manufacturing …
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Vencor International to test hemp as bioenergy feedstock
Vencor International Inc. recently announced it has entered into an agreement to begin testing industrial hemp as a feedstock used to manufacture various torrefied products, including bio-coal, a renewable energy product. The agreement with Georgia …
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Industrial Ventilation

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Industrial ventilation is of paramount importance to ensure the safety and well-being of employees. In industries where employees are subjected to dangerous chemicals, vapours and gasses on a daily basis, effective industrial ventilation can mean the difference between life and death. The basic concepts behind industrial ventilation are quite simple, but for it to be effective, the ventilation system needs to be installed by an experienced engineer.

Industrial ventilation is a method of controlling employee exposure toxic chemicals, volatile airborne substances and flammable vapours by removing the contaminated air and replacing it with clean, fresh air. Used in a variety of different industries where poisonous vapours may be a problem, industrial ventilation is most often employed to remove welding and solvent vapours, oil mists and poisonous or volatile dust.

But, industrial ventilation may not always be necessary. True, it should be preferable for the continued health of your employees, but regulations suggest that industrial ventilation only becomes compulsory when:

the levels of contaminants exceed regulated levels;
the lower explosive limit of flammable vapours is exceeded; or
when the oxygen concentration in an area drops below 19.5%.

Industrial ventilation should also be considered before respirators. Not only is the system easier to maintain, but, in the long run, is a much more cost effective method of air purity control.

There are a number of industrial ventilation options available depending on the circumstances of your industry’s circumstances. The most basic is indoor quality ventilation that aims to provide fresh air throughout a building as part of the existing ventilation system. This option is primarily used in offices but can be effective in small industries where the concentration of contaminants is low.

Easy to maintain and inexpensive to set up is dilution ventilation. This form of industrial ventilation uses large and powerful exhaust fans to extract contaminated air and to draw in clean air. It is very effective in clearing flammable vapours but is less effective for metal fumes or large concentrations of highly toxic materials. Depending on where the industry is located, the incoming air may require a lot of cooling or heating before it can be introduced into the industrial ventilation system, increasing the cost of using the system.

Dilution ventilation uses the simple principles of displacement and dilution to function. Some of the contaminated air is removed and replaced with large amounts of fresh air. The concentration of the contamination is effectively lowered, making it safer for people to work in the area.

A more localised industrial ventilation system is local exhaust ventilation. This system captures the contaminations at the source and expels it before it has a chance to disperse into the air. For highly toxic contaminants or high concentrations, this industrial ventilation is probably one of the best. It does not require large amounts of fresh incoming air since the exhaust of contaminants is localised. This effective ventilation comes at a higher cost and more frequent maintenance, however.

Local exhaust ventilation works like a vacuum cleaner forcing contaminated air to move from a high concentration to a low concentration. It is perhaps one of the most effective industrial ventilation systems because it removes the contaminants at the source before it has a chance to spread.

There are effective industrial ventilation systems available for any industry. Some are simple to use, like dilution ventilation, while others are specifically made for highly toxic environments, like local exhaust ventilation. Whatever the decision, as long as the industrial ventilation keeps your employees safe from the contaminations of the substances they work with, it is doing its job.


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Latest Industrial Hemp News

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2014 Annual Retail Sales For Hemp Products Estimated At 0 Million
industrial hemp farming bill obama The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a non-profit trade association consisting of hundreds of hemp businesses, has released final estimates of the size of the 2014 U.S. retail market for hemp products. Data from …
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Vencor International Signs Agreement to Test Hemp as Feedstock to Produce …
BOULDER, CO–(Marketwired – Mar 19, 2015) – VENCOR INTERNATIONAL, INC. ( OTC PINK : VCOR) announced today it has entered into an Agreement to begin testing industrial hemp as a feedstock used to manufacture various torrefied products, including …
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Younger Push Mayor & Youngor Hemp Family And Other Five Brands – Younger, Men – Clothing

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This year’s China International Clothing Apparel Fair (CHIC2010), the Chinese garment industry leader Younger move unexpectedly, suddenly launched a five brands: MAYOR & YOUNGOR, YOUNGORCEO, GY, “Hemp Family” and HartSchaffner Marx.

This is that adhere to national brand Youngor it? If you answered “YES”, the answer correct; If the answer is “NO”, the answer is not bad. This is the puzzled people of “Younger brands art.”

Younger has not changed. MAYOR & YOUNGOR, YOUNGORCEO, GY comes from the breakdown of existing Younger brands were for public servants, business people, young and trendy crowd, aim to further the brand positioning, style and content to create a distinct personality; and “Hemp Family” is a self-developed green Younger Environmental protection New products, representing more emphasis on originality, focus on the “China element” Younger. WU Hai-known fashion designer explains: “Han, on behalf of our Chinese original; Ma, on behalf of natural pollution-free green products; family, on behalf of Younger dedicated to the world a harmonious, warm, sustainable development home. “

Younger changed. Conquer the world one of the original brand, has now become a multi-brand, more surprising is that the introduction of the letter of the foreign Youngor brand HartSchaffner Marx (Hart? Max), belonging to the United States Men The leader and the flagship brand.

It is understood that this new brand strategy Youngor behind the brand is the five independent studio. Younger road to explore the brand, from its business philosophy: first to make a brand strong, thick trunk, deep roots, to Cha and more; trunk is not rough, the brand has become diversified risky. Younger public statement is: “30 years, despite the Younger’s brand has been only one, but the company has been doing for the brand a solid foundation for the diversification of the work. Youngor do first Shirt , Followed suit to do, they have to do the first comprehensive market share. Men are installed to establish significant market advantage, the Younger further market segments, extending product lines, we have introduced T shirt , Sweaters trousers, coats, ties, sportswear and other men’s fashions. Today the brand unveiled the five years is actually hard work of Accumulate. “

In fact, the head of Li Rucheng Youngor is no longer confined to such diversity of thinking. “We are now considering a higher level of industrial upgrading, from technology-intensive enterprises turned to the creative arts.” To this end, the establishment of 5 million yuan investment professionals Younger Education Fund, dedicated to training outstanding designers, while with the People’s University, Donghua University and other colleges and enterprises Cooperation Personnel training program is under way. Li Rucheng said that 10 years Younger to train 100 excellent, professional and creative design talent, the Younger from the world’s largest factories into a creative world of art creation.

To really go to the world, we must have global culture of thinking, it appears Li Rucheng have to understand this truth. So he said, China to the world, do the brand a century, to do an international brand, not only the issue of capital, but also have a common culture, and complex culture of China to integrate into the world, we must integrate into the world culture, so can Youngor the world and become global brands.

I am China Manufacturers writer, reports some information about general electric telephones , princess telephones.

Oregon hemp growers face obstacles

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Oregon hemp growers face obstacles
The Oregon Department of Agriculture is issuing licenses for growing industrial hemp, and although no one in Central Oregon has applied yet, there has been interest. A cousin of marijuana, hemp is typically grown for the tough outer fibers used for …
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Is hemp right for Yuma County?
Industrial hemp can be grown on dry land or irrigated ground. It has great promise as a low water use alternative crop for the area, requiring the majority of supplemental watering during the first six weeks after planting. Therefore, it would be an …
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Entrepreneur Plans To Produce World's First Hemp Plastic Skateboard
lotus boards hemp skateboard Ganjapreneur, a website dedicated to cannabis industry business news and culture, recently published an interview with Brian Westphal, founder of Lotus Boards, a start-up looking to produce the world's first hemp plastic …
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Department of Agriculture accepting applications to grow industrial hemp

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Department of Agriculture accepting applications to grow industrial hemp
Though advocates are happy to see Oregon moving forward with an industrial hemp program, they worry law is too restrictive. They argue that Oregon's minimum acreage requirements, restrictions on the use of hemp seed and limits on tetrahydrocannabinol, …
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West Virginia Action Alert: Help Legalize Industrial Hemp, Support HB2807
West Virginia HB2807 would expand on the current state law that authorizes hemp farming for research purposes only by also authorizing licenses to farm for commercial purposes, effectively nullifying the federal ban on the same. HB2807 is in the House …
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Maryland Action Alert: Help Legalize Industrial Hemp, Nullify Federal …
Maryland HB803 would authorize the farming, production, and commerce of industrial hemp, effectively nullifying the long-standing federal prohibition on the same. It has been referred to the Committee on House Environment and Transportation, and a …
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