Drugs, Inc., Marijuana Mayhem (S6 E05)

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The rapidly growing appetite for California Sour Diesel, a potent strain of marijuana said to induce an instant high, is helping fuel a violent drug underworld that stretches from coast to coast.

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  1. ryan flippin
    | Reply

    This video is a load of BS

  2. TheLizardking998
    | Reply

    NatGeo you’re a joke.. talking about weed like it’s crack. You need to get
    with it or leave weed out of Drugs, Inc. 

  3. IIxxxMRBOBxxxII
    | Reply

    Does anybody else notice something very,umm,odd about the people in this
    video?The manner in which they speak.The way they are more than happy to
    disclose their criminal operations.How they do it,where they do it.Talking
    about marijuana as if it’s crack cocaine.You know,stuff like that.I’m going
    to take a wild guess and say they are actors and this is pure propaganda.

  4. Kyle Danilson
    | Reply

    Shot 3 times for dealing weed! Lol pure comedy

  5. Anna Stoner
    | Reply

    And I’m gonna go smoke a bowl because I can under the law of the state I
    live in. I’m going to go let the cannabinoids help my immune system fight
    cancer cells that form everyday and help fight illnesses.

  6. B1inDN1njA
    | Reply

    what if a cop sees a guy driving a car with a ski mask on and pulls them
    over….like “oh no need to search the vehicle officer were just filming a
    episode of dugs inc” 

  7. Tehaxis
    | Reply

    As long as Marijuana is still Illegal… gangs, assholes, and cartels are
    just going to take advantage of the system we already have. Why spend
    millions of dollars trying to keep people from enjoying recreational pot
    use? It’s a terrible financial decision and isn’t that pretty much the only
    thing politicians and the government concerns themselves with these days?

    I just don’t get it. Luckily we’re going to be able to enjoy responsible
    pot use in Oregon in the near future due to a recent act put to vote in
    late, last years mail in ballot. The people finally got to vote it… That
    said, I believe It should be regulated to an extent, as is alcohol. However
    it shouldn’t be banned.

    Hey maybe it’ll finally stop immigrants from damaging national Forrest land
    in order to build makeshift, secret pot gardens? Are you listening D.C.?
    Don’t give even more power to the cartels perhaps?

  8. Moontanman
    | Reply

    Such bullshit, NatGeo must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for this

  9. gringots
    | Reply

    Getting pretty sick of these propaganda pieces, National Geographic.
    Marijuana is harmless but you portray it like it’s heroin in these shit
    films. Thinking of canceling my subscription to your magazine.

  10. Moon Chung
    | Reply

    When he started killing that plants, I thought I was watching a horror

  11. MyFunnyBrianShow
    | Reply

    My friend Mark (who drinks beer) took the pot in 1990 and threw up all over
    his brand new Poison poster! : ( #DONTTAKETHEPOT

  12. kelley davis
    | Reply

    What the hell? This kind of thing is so silly looking now.

    Hay everyone look at the old people from the prehistoric days of
    prohibition talk in an old timey way about the dangers of the Marijuanas.
    Complete with silly horror music as out of date as a laugh track. Come
    point and laugh with me. xD

  13. Lance Gallo
    | Reply

    you guys love smoking sour because all new york has is that weak ass sour
    diesel weed. lol y’all are embarressing. i live in california come do a
    show on me nat geo

  14. jay hern
    | Reply

    Compare alcohol v marijuana. No one has died on marijuana, no harm come out
    of pot. Please do your brainwashed research. pot is harmless. alcohol on
    the other hand causes so much harm in society. Why nancy are you demonizing
    pot as if its soo harmful. when have you ever heard pot caused a man to
    come home and beat their kids or beat their wife. or rather cause a fatal
    car accident like alcohol does. I wish ppl would wake up and do their own
    thinking and not follow these unproven harmful effect that marijuana poses.
    Not one scientific evidence out there proves that it does any harm. If it
    did it would be billboarded all around the country and commercialized
    demonizing this wonderful plant. On the other hand there is overwhelming
    evidence that pot poses more benifits.. ppl …Just go research how dumb
    the reason why pot got illegal because of some racist harry anslinger.

  15. bufunga
    | Reply

    Weed like crack. Natgeo a little retarded

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