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Green Hemp Protein Smoothie
Serves 2

2 large handfuls kale or other leafy greens, rinsed and stems removed
2 cups / 500 ml almond milk or plant milk of your choice, more if needed
4 tbsp hemp protein powder (you can also use pea protein, brown rice protein or a sprouted protein blend)
2 ripe bananas, peeled
1 mango, peeled and stone removed (or use thawed frozen)
1 lime, juice

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix until smooth. Add more plant milk or water if needed. Serve in a glass.


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Instruction on how to tie a Square Knot for you to make a hemp anklet, bracelet, choker, or necklace.

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  1. Donal Skehan
    | Reply

    So excited to see you guys are here! About to go on a binge of viewing! :)

  2. özgün sönmez
    | Reply

    Can i live with you ? i can take care of your children ; i clean them ,
    walk them , help for their homeworks and teach them ballet & contemporary
    dance and some turkish if they ask , and also i can clean your house , some
    ironing , gardening etc.. just let me live with you (or close to you ) &
    eat what you cook everyday …
    (this is not a serious job proposition , but if you take it seriously ,
    then i make it real too ! 😉 ) 

  3. Graham Higgins
    | Reply

    Is mixing fruit with veg a bad mix? I thought fruit breaks down/rots much

  4. David Converse
    | Reply


  5. Bryce Whitehead
    | Reply

    how do you not have tiny specs of kale left after blending?

  6. Abel & Cole
    | Reply

    This is so lovely. We really like your films and recipes- keep up the
    beautiful work.

  7. Green Kitchen Stories
    | Reply
  8. Josefine MH
    | Reply

    Which blender are you using? 🙂 

  9. Gyöngyvér Cseke
    | Reply

    funny music :)

  10. Heather Cassidy
    | Reply

    FINALLY a how to tie a square knot instructional that I can actually
    understand!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! 

  11. thegirlnextdork
    | Reply

    Thank you for this! The two-step makes it much, much easier to understand
    than the diagrams I’ve seen elsewhere.

  12. Sophia Dobry
    | Reply

    Great video and step by step process. Really helpful thanks!

  13. Deilen Davis
    | Reply

    Thanks that was suuuuuppppeeeerrr, helpful and simple 

  14. Joey Griggs
    | Reply

    this really helps thank you 

  15. 1nFAm0uSIsPro
    | Reply

    Thats the cobra

  16. Jan Jost
    | Reply

    i have watched at lease 50 vids you are the best

  17. Ramie chaff
    | Reply

    great Video! ITs was very helpful! thanks

  18. Carlotta Maria Fontes
    | Reply

    How do you start it?

  19. Ntina Konstantina
    | Reply

    Perfect! Thank you for sharing!!!

  20. jaaamiex0o
    | Reply

    How do you end it?

  21. Jen Mac
    | Reply

    How do you decide how long each piece is depending on how long you want the

  22. Angelica Molina
    | Reply

    What size do you use?

  23. Helena Baggs
    | Reply

    About to make this!

  24. Nightweaver435
    | Reply

    @4RACHAEL4 you’re probably only doing one half knot..not the two different

  25. Myann Vu
    | Reply

    omg my sis tied my thing i cant do anything now

  26. Zafia Sinha
    | Reply

    any string works, but the twine suits this pattern better

  27. Karmenisawesome
    | Reply

    @4RACHAEL4 You alternate sides, going from the left strand knotter,
    knotting that one, and then doing the something only with the other, the
    right hand knotter.

  28. paparazzy0vs0mee
    | Reply

    ready ……………i learned

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