Grow Cannabis – Mixing Soil – by Jorge Cervantes

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Grow Cannabis – Mixing Soil – by Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes shares his knowledge about the different soil amendments used in commercial soils for growing cannabis. He also explains how to mix a variety of soil amendments to get the best bang for your buck.


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Road to Legal Cannabis in America 3 (New Documentary)

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‘Gangsta’, ‘My Country’, and ‘Powa’ by Tune Yards
‘3 Ghosts 1’ by Nine Inch Nails

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

33 Responses

  1. Jorge Cervantes
    | Reply

    Transplanting and managing the root zone is super basic to cannabis health
    and well being. Also, you might want to check the pH of the soil and in
    some cases, the salt (Na) content, especially if it contains much manure.
    Salt really builds up!

  2. Jorge Cervantes
    | Reply

    Thanks for the great response to this video! Potting soil and transplanting
    are super important. Please share this video with everybody! 

  3. Sam Squanch
    | Reply

    Now the whole world is going to buy these exact bags and ask for your exact
    mix. lol

  4. horatio headyreviews
    | Reply

    horatio headyreviews} CAN I SAY
    accessibility and quality- Two factors that greatly slow my
    recovery effort, with the use of cannabis. The home-grown cannabis I use to
    medicate(outdoor, landrace; more than likely indica-dominate), is
    more-often than-not, overpowering and probably used for appetite, sleep.
    Albeit, however, it is FRIGGIN AWESOME. Wait, holy shit, you
    mean cannabis isn’t a go to treatment for addicts In recovery?! Organic,
    non-addictive, and good for you, yep. Your body is genetically engineered
    to receive and distribute cannabinoids. EndoCannabinoids are being produced
    inside yourself as you are reading this. Due to my locale, I am at a
    disadvantage, unable to obtain/possess the strains that would be most
    beneficial for my personal war against opioids. Depending upon your method
    of ingesting cannabis, strain, organic-state(hash, bho, rso, kief,) you
    will experience varying beneficial medicinal relief. I couldn’t imagine how
    freeing it must be to have access to these medicines, to experience
    near-normality that cannabis can offer a person with my affliction. Opioids
    and synthetic opioids used in treatment have damaged my kidneys, severely
    affected the condition of my heart, and other major organs. I sincerely
    believe my quality of life, and many others as well, would improve to a
    constant functional state undoubtedly, when cannabis can be accessed and
    applied. If you have taken the time to read this, please let me add;
    Cannabis can help. It will help. I promise there does exist a strain that
    suits every problem that hinders your progress. I also recommend edibles,
    highly. If only I had access to the strains, the hashes, the oils, the
    proper medicines that are so easily attainable in other parts of the
    country, I could more accurately navigate my path to health/recovery, a
    path I could share with people who suffer. Cannabis is a great alternative
    to treatments that can poison your body, poison your life. Cannabis heals,
    naturally, literally, heals you. Thanks for all the informative literature
    you’ve produced and all the years of activism. Nearly everything I know of
    growing and garden maintenance hails from your grow-guides I purchased from
    Hightimes in the mid 90’s in my mid to late teens. live long and prosper.

  5. PrincessAloeVera
    | Reply

    uh oh. i used just foxfarm to start the seedlings.. I thought i heard the
    pH was good with the Foxfarm.. So I guess I go to garden store and get…
    what? a meter and some corrective liquids… are these items expensive?
    im scraping thru this project.. i got all kinds of supplies, i guess i
    will need to do pH testing and correcting..

  6. jay bone
    | Reply

    at 2:19 that beast mode stem stopped that rake like a brick wall.
    Growers talent fur sure

  7. Jorge Rivera
    | Reply

    I was told by a grow shop 0wner that Black Gold is garbage for growing, he
    even gave me a free bag of F’F Ocean Forest and told me to stay away from
    black gold products. So my question is black gold all purpose potting soil
    bad because i no natural and organic is safe to grow with and for
    consumption but wat about all purpose, i cant find a answer to this if u
    can answer yes or no can u explain y its bad or good.

  8. Masanobu Fukuoka
    | Reply

    In soil, element transportation have the most importance. Stuffing all that
    aeraded organic mixture heavily into pots and adding any chemical
    furtilizer is crime against cannabis. Flushing takes more time and most of
    that precious chemicals you bought are just wasted. Might be sad for
    fertilizer companies but composted crap is best stymulator. Also 100%
    healthy for you PEACE!

  9. motonegros
    | Reply

    The Mr.Rogers of weed growing….

  10. Danny Dinglehoff
    | Reply

    My question to you Jorge is are you using this as a base mix and then
    periodically amending it with organic fertilizers at the various stages of
    the plants life? Thanks for your time!

  11. jdizzilicious
    | Reply

    aahhhh no hydroton use black cinder or grow stones…… fuck hydroton but
    you are a master grower reguardless

  12. A.C. Tilly
    | Reply

    I made a batch of super soil and never looked back.

  13. 34jbernard
    | Reply

    so elegant and soft spoken, love your videos very relaxing to watch
    thanks fro the videos, on one last note any chance you will be visiting
    the surrounding counties visiting the best outdoor medical gardens similar
    to the videos a few years back thank you again

  14. Danny Dinglehoff
    | Reply

    Oh, and more videos please 🙂 Whenever you get around to posting something
    new my eyes always light up!

  15. rghands711
    | Reply

    I use a cement mixer I bought from Harbor Freight to mix my soil. $199
    investment but mixes perfectly! Hope this helps! Great video Jorge and
    thanks for all the information all these years!

  16. The Brotherhood
    | Reply

    Lame, you are not mixing soil, you are mixing brands. Why don’t you teach
    how to make our own soil. WE dont have any of these brands outside US.

  17. yolo brent
    | Reply

    i love just listening to you talk i learned like 2 new words listening to
    this thank you i feel more intelligent now =) im not joking either =)))

  18. JS∞
    | Reply

    some azomite and insect frass in there and I’d call it perfect!

  19. bayboi growr
    | Reply

    Jus buy vermicrop organics vermisoil or vermifire, way better.

  20. Richard F
    | Reply

    Legalize everywhere Liberate everyone

  21. the420ninja1
    | Reply

    Great video,when I mix hydroton in with my soil I give them a good clean
    first,can see the dirty orange colour run off them,might help with the dust
    next time ,just a thought for the main man,your grow bible was my first
    book when I started growing,still top of the pile ,peace from UK

  22. rich soar
    | Reply

    Who ever watches this can hope The President will too.

  23. TrollingClan Prank
    | Reply

    When is weed going to be legal in CALI 

  24. craig packard
    | Reply


  25. oXxLOUDOGxXo
    | Reply


  26. Ed Machacek
    | Reply

    What is with the ALJAZEERA logo placed in the lower left hand corner of
    these videos? I have smoked cannabis and all I ever found it to do for me
    was make me sleepy, and that was a good thing! I support this movement of
    Leagalization not terrorism.

  27. skitzoBoss
    | Reply

    Did time for the belief in Cannibas… kept on smoking in choking knowing
    I’m not a criminal, fully believing in the recreational/medicinal benefits
    of such a plant and my AMERICAN FREEDOM.. FUCK VA 

  28. Joe Gamble
    | Reply


  29. oXxLOUDOGxXo
    | Reply


  30. Jon Gillespie
    | Reply

    Your Docs are great man! Weed may be legal a little faster because of your

  31. Angel Angelov
    | Reply

    please like my page everyone

  32. Carmen Judy
    | Reply

    Thanks for putting in the effort to raise awareness and spread the truth.

  33. patrick stonerfish
    | Reply

    Your channel will be one of the best channels ever! Keep working hard man!

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