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Hemp farmers and processors speak about the viability and practical details of hemp farming.
Great shots of big hemp fields, plants and seeds.
Hemp is a viable sustainable alternative crop for North America

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  1. Nicholas Brown
    | Reply

    good video – informative – but the hemp seed oil song is lame and annoying
    and needs to go away

  2. poltergiest11
    | Reply

    i would like to know if cannabis and hemp mixed together makes a strong
    medicine with a larger amount of all the chemical ingredients that make up
    the bio-matter.
    also if the old putrifiying ‘plastic’ hemp can eat away bad petrol based
    plastic, thus a invention in the making of cleaning up plastic and
    landfills. maybe that mixed with that mushroom that eats up plastic from
    the amazon, and hemp and mushrooms and other cleansing plants can clean up
    i think that there is many free energy devices and inventions, compounds,
    chemicals, and medicines still not widely known, we should all consider all
    the magnifing possibilities that awaits the seeked truth and blessing for
    just think, hemp cannabis infused oil clay type of mask that heals wounds,
    band aids infused with aloe vera and cbd rich hemp, cannabis juiced tonics
    to cure internal health deficiencies, oil moisterizers with hemp cannabis
    oil and other supporting medicinal plants to treat any problem. the
    alternative route does not end there with sacred plants. many other types
    of plants that are just as interesting as cannabis, just learning of the
    different type of plants, trees, flowers, nuts, and fungi make me
    interested in projecting it globally, a healing cloth, toilet paper that is
    made from hemp and cbd rich eye, nose, mouth drops, new types of plan on
    the way yall.

  3. peace2012ization
    | Reply

    And there’s a recent discovery that there is medicine in the bud seed shake
    (after removing the seed) it is called Cannabigerol (CBG) is a
    non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the Cannabis genus of plants.
    Cannabigerol is found in higher concentrations in hemp rather than in
    varieties of Cannabis cultivated for high THC content and their
    corresponding psychoactive properties.[citation needed]
    Cannabigerol has been found to act as a high affinity α2-adrenergic
    receptor agonist, moderate affinity 5-HT1A receptor antagonist, and low
    affinity CB1 receptor antagonist.[1] It also binds to the CB2 receptor, but
    whether it acts as an agonist or antagonist at this site is unknown.[1]
    Cannabigerol has been shown to relieve interocular pressure, which may be
    of benefit in the treatment of glaucoma.[2][3] It can also be used to treat
    inflammatory bowel disease. [4]
    It has two E/Z isomers. It is not scheduled by Convention on Psychotropic

    So hemp farmers can cure cancer as well. That should put hemp over the top
    and save lives.
    Happy days are here again.

  4. Drew Grow
    | Reply

    Great video

  5. Rizzy rick
    | Reply

    Is the background fake at 6:16?

  6. peace2012ization
    | Reply

    Can you turn me to an organic hemp farmer. I want to turn the seed shake
    into CBG medicine cannabigerol. This was the best summer of my life (62)
    ans there is lots of medicine there. It is a potential colon cancer cure
    and worth saving this year. How about that seed processor? Can we get seed
    shake for medicine like they use cannabidiol now CBD?

  7. Encole
    | Reply

    It’s time for the Hemp Revolution!

  8. ig delgado
    | Reply

    Let’s join together
    Bring this crop back
    Vote, participate and get the word out
    2016 will be the time to speak
    Let’s bring this Country back with hemp by it’s side.

  9. D. Saelens
    | Reply

    I smoke the chewy like a nut for pain and pleasure and studied hemp for the
    last 3 to 4 years, its the most incredible plant on the earth,, so now look
    at the profit and enviro benefits ok back to the $ its worth billions.
    legal in several states but hemp is safe in only a few..legalize weed , and
    regulate it ,,and tax it like alcohol …$$$ fo the debt..Hemp West

  10. arthur estill
    | Reply

    If you like hemp? check this out.

  11. Design We Need
    | Reply

    Hemp the most eco friendly crop

  12. dynamitedon1955
    | Reply

    30 barrels of OIL per acre ! ! ! More fiber than wood (from TREES ). hemp
    seed the most nutritious food on the planet.ect. . . Fantastic rotation
    crop for putting nitrogen back into soil. Grows fast. Soaps, shampoos,
    medicines, ON & ON & ON….. WHAT are we waiting for ! Oh I know, some
    stupid law past in 1937 ! ! W H AT ! ! W.T.F ! Grow up, you
    IGNOREANT Americans..

  13. Soror Lourdes Metz
    | Reply

    Hemp farmers and processors speak about the viability and practical details
    of hemp farming.
    Great shots of big hemp fields, plants and seeds.
    Hemp is a viable sustainable alternative crop for North America

  14. yolanda lucas
    | Reply

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  15. Soror Lourdes Metz
    | Reply
  16. yolanda lucas
    | Reply

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  17. Rudetube69
    | Reply

    they smoke it too i bet…

  18. vutEwa
    | Reply

    I’m ready to leave this “free” country where you can’t grow hemp and move
    to some other country that doesn’t have any restrictions. What really irks
    me is that we have this evil government that is forcing us to go green but
    then won’t allow us to go green. This is a despicable act on humanity. It
    creates mass confusion. It is wrong to blame the people for using high
    energy devices when the government acts like this. FUCK THIS GOVERNMENT!

  19. Braedy Tritthart
    | Reply

    Hemp has such little THC content in it that you’d die from smoke inhalation
    long before you felt the slightest high.

  20. Braedy Tritthart
    | Reply

    Awesome! Love the vids, and I LOVE hemp!! I’ve stopped purchasing any other
    kind of clothing other than hemp. I use mostly Manitoba grown hemp and am
    proud of it!! Oh and those “getting high on hemp jokes” reeeeaaally bug me!!

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