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  1. The Hemp Foundation
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  2. asdfxcxv
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    Wow, I guess growing hemp is comparable to SLAVERY @ 6:02 Everyone thinks
    the big bucks is in recreational weed, but hemp has limitless potential.

  3. passthepuck
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    FINALLY!!!!!! What does someone have to do…hit them over the head with
    the plant! Mr. King, I think HEMP is not the issue you are having. I think
    that maybe having your farmers with your state, might not get those farm
    subsidies for not growing corn. Just think of all that free tax dollars we
    are saving the American Tax pay by switching 2 HEMP. Mr. King I can’t
    believe that you would NOT recommend this because it looks and grows like
    Marijuana. HEMP grows 18 feet tall, the other doesn’t

  4. Derek Cross
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    Jared, I thank you ! America Needs this CROP! I am an Advocate for
    Industrial Hemp. It is Amazing to see people still question this Plant!
    This Resource is so Powerful, and sustainable. That is why we have these
    laws today. You have been doing Great work along with your Colleagues! I
    need help here in Texas.

  5. Amy Gregory
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    I just wrote a paper on this topic….

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