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Hemp cutter designed and built by Stephen Eyles
To find out more information about this machine go to:
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  1. Minahh
    | Reply

    Of course, big business wants to keep making money on us consumers.

    If we had cheaper power and worldwide, what a huge difference that would
    make in people’s lives.

  2. Paul M. Tedesco
    | Reply

    Wow this is one of the most Important uses for Sustainable Renewable
    Energy. Imagine Car Batteries made from Hemp.

  3. muhannad alsheikhly
    | Reply

    القنب لإنتاج البطاريات السوبر POWERED SUPER BATTERIES:

  4. Larry Smalley
    | Reply

    HEMP POWERED SUPER BATTERIES: http://youtu.be/WAtLjJwvfw8

  5. achozen shaman
    | Reply

    It looks like the two blade really cuts it in two…do you really want to
    cut it in two like that or is it best to leave it in one long stalk? Easier
    to handle, ret, everything right??

  6. achozen shaman
    | Reply

    That is so rad!

  7. CrossTomb
    | Reply

    Indian Cannabis!!! woooo

  8. mike vasquez
    | Reply

    sativa males best for hemp material ah much applause to this xD

  9. Winkin' Sun Hemp
    | Reply

    #Hemp #Crops #Harvest 

  10. Encole
    | Reply

    Looking forward to Hemp being grown and process all across America.

  11. حمزة صالح
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  12. Red T
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  13. Guy Rowe
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  14. sixmagpies
    | Reply

    ….some poor fool hippy type, standing transfixed in the crop and thinking
    he’s died and gone to heaven …… 

  15. telosfd
    | Reply

    What a smell!!!

  16. HighProof
    | Reply

    ill bet that smells SO GOOD

  17. billy bob
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  18. Shane Christopher
    | Reply

    Nice Birds eye view! very nice video you guys.

  19. TheBambislayer
    | Reply

    Talking about “Skunkweed”

  20. Dennis Gaffney
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  21. Edward Jonez
    | Reply

    I bet that smells so great!

  22. Kocour Mourek
    | Reply

    it’s not 15kph it’s 15 km/h

  23. Edward Jonez
    | Reply

    Any idea of yeild tons per acre?

  24. azouwa kent
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  25. Bigguss D
    | Reply

    Wow that thing is a cutting beast, I want one.

  26. Kentucky Hemp GCA
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