Hemp seed oil is the best ever skincare for acne

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This is my new discovery! Hemp seed oil is now my most favourite EVER skin care. It has a comedogenic rating of 0 (so will NOT clog your pores), is green in colour (so great a hiding that redness) and has a high linoleic acid content which makes your sebum softer and smoother and therefore easier to become unplugged. More in the video..

Fran x
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Building with Hemp Part 1/2

Benefits of building with hemp Part 1/2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. WhisperGabs
    | Reply

    Been using hemp seed oil as a cleanser and moisturizer for about 6 months
    plus taking the estroblock supplement. Skin is so much happier now.
    Obviously diet is important too. I’ve been a raw vegan for 4 years. I
    thought it alone would clear up my acne issues. But hemp seed oil and
    estroblock were the missing link for me in my journey to clear skin. Thank
    you so much Fran!! <3

  2. ciao cat
    | Reply

    WOW I did not know about lineoic acid !! Thank you so much for this
    explanation. I am 20 years old and I feel like my sebum has become what you
    have described over the years and I have been getting more and more acne.
    However, These past couple of weeks I have been using argan oil and it has
    been good but I will definitely try hempseed oil :)

  3. Shelley Kerr
    | Reply

    Hi, I have actually just discovered hemp oil and use it to dissolve make up
    at the end of the day. I also use it with emma hardie rosehip seeds to
    exfoliate and I find it works great x 

  4. m0nchichi
    | Reply

    What about grapeseed oil? Theres something in it, what claims to unclogg
    pores like vitamin A or tretinoin !

  5. lori639
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  6. Hemp OutTV
    | Reply

    #highonhealth we absolutely loved your video!!! You covered a ton of
    great information on the benefits of hempseed oil for skin!! Brilliant!

  7. kingrage8976
    | Reply

    So what kind of treatment (if any) would you recommend for someone who had
    chicken pox when they were four, continuously scratch their face until they
    were a teenager, and has signs of severe hyperpigmentation and/or scarring
    and acne? Is it already too late to fix the damage or would it take a long

  8. David Nestler
    | Reply

    I is a great sexually gives better orgaisms

  9. Ieva a
    | Reply

    Hi there (:
    Argan oil has a comedogenic factor of 0 also. So why is hemp seed oil
    better for acne, than argan?
    I will be waiting for Your response. Thank You (:

  10. LightworkerAds
    | Reply

    She gives specific reasons other than the comedogenic factor as to why she
    feels hemp seed oil might be better. Not sure why someone ask that if they
    had watch the video…

  11. RogueCrockett
    | Reply

    Bosie321 try ingesting it instead of applying it also there is doctor
    bonners soap which has hemp oil

  12. David Nestler
    | Reply

    makes great salad dressing have great rescipes

  13. Judy Garbutt
    | Reply

    Bo’s Own Hemp Oil Cosmetic oil .. HEAL AND SEAL .
    Choose Healthy choose Hemp 

  14. Hempmehempyou.com
    | Reply
  15. BOSIE321
    | Reply

    Have tired this method for a week now and i’m not sure it’s helping my skin
    (and I paid a lot of money for the nutvia brand which isn’t available in
    the UK). I’m breaking out in little red spots and I don’t think it’s a
    ‘purging’ effect. I will keep going but this looks like another dead end
    for a guy who is 27 and still fighting acne 🙁

  16. Chantsalina Dollface ;) x x
    | Reply

    It was probably the goodness in the hemp seed oil pushing the crap out of
    yor skin that caused the initial breakout – if your continued with it it
    would no doubt have cleared up and healed your skin so that your breakouts
    stopped. Hope this helps x

  17. Gabriela Nicol
    | Reply

    Also do not use products that contain Parabens, Sulfates, etc. Always check
    the ingredients of every skin product you use before buying it! The more
    natural a product is and with less ingredients, the better!

  18. Chandan Pujapanda
    | Reply

    Hi Fran, would you recommend mixing lavender oil with Hemp oil? If so, what

  19. DaydreamDayz
    | Reply

    I did not have success with jojoba either. I use argan oil with tea tree
    oil in very very amounts and they seem to balance each other out. sea
    buckthorn seed oil is great too, but very very minimal and not as often.

  20. Casey Smith
    | Reply

    Hi Fran! 🙂 wanted to ask if hemp seed oil will be fine for me to use in
    summer time as well as winter time?? I’m not 100% sure what type of skin i
    have as i have never been to a dermatologist, but I think at the moment its
    winter and It’s dry, sensitive and acne-prone…will hemp seed oil help all
    these types? and did you breakout the first time you used it? If so how
    long did it last for? Thanks so much! 🙂

  21. Blaze 1ne
    | Reply

    +Juan Gone Jr

  22. Ronnisha Cotton
    | Reply

    +Juan Gone Jr

  23. Blaze 1ne
    | Reply

    +Juan Gone Jr

  24. charles brock
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  25. Paul M. Tedesco
    | Reply

    Building with Hemp could be part of the Solution.

  26. Indica Flowr
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  27. Andrew Jamrozik
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  28. scarmenl
    | Reply

    The only part of this that I can’t choke down is the CO2 garbage. Just do
    a little research and learn about the time of plenty. The CO2 at that time
    was approx. 4%.
    Now the CO2 levels are below 1%, well below 1%. I hope people can sooner
    or later figure out that they are being lied to.
    The idea of hempcrete and other alternative building ideas are great in my
    view. We really need to change how we build for energy savings as well as
    material use.
    I plan to use compressed earth blocks for a lot of the same reasons.

  29. jairehful
    | Reply

    that is a house you would not want the fireman to take you out of if it
    goes up in flames lol

  30. Kathy BlueWolf
    | Reply
  31. senorjorgegonzales
    | Reply

    i’m trying to insulate a solid walled building. do you have installation
    guidelines for hemcrete? as in how high do you build up the hemp at a time
    – i saw you tamping one section then removing shuttering… And how many
    supports does it need – if any? this is for insulation only- not
    structural. ie Will a 3m of hemcrete support itself? thanks!

  32. Silver Geordie
    | Reply

    Hemp like any vegetable is subject to bacterial decay. I remain sceptical.
    Any chance you can counter my scepticism?

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