Hemp Seed – Too Good For Australians to Eat

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Brisbane, Australia (PRWEB) February 19, 2006

Locally established hemp distributor, Planet Hemp Products, exported Australian grown and processed human-grade hemp food to China this week.

Planet Hemp Products is the first company in Australia to export hemp food to China. For many years, China has been one of the largest producers and exporters of hemp seed and hemp fibre products in the world.

“It is a credit to the Beattie Government practices, persistence and AusTrade that we are in a position to begin competing in such a sustainable agricultural industry”, said Thomas, general manager of Planet Hemp Products.

The first commercial industrial hemp crops were sown in Queensland in 2002. In that same year, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) recommended that the Australian Health Council approve hemp seed foods for human consumption. For the first time in Australian history, the Health Council of Australia has ignored a FSANZ recommendation leaving Australia as the last western democracy in which hemp seed foods for humans remain controlled by State Criminal legislation.

The only hemp foods currently available in Australia are for our pets. Ironically, the Australian made pet food contains the same Australian hemp seeds contained in human grade food that Planet Hemp Products now exports.

Planet Hemp Products began working with Austrade offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and Tokyo late last year to introduce Australian made hemp foods to the world.

Hemp seed does not contain any THC, the drug; it is a superior source of easily digestible and complete proteins, dietary fibre and the good fats – omega 3 and omega 6. Hemp as an agricultural crop is environmentally and commercially sustainable to grow in many parts of Australia.

Due to the legal restrictions in Australia, Planet Hemp Products was inadvertently lead into the pet food industry. It was a decision that would change the face of the Australian hemp food and pet food industries forever as Planet Hemp Products began exporting its range of Dr Skoobie’s Snax and Superior Health Choice dog kibble earlier this month to the USA.

Planet Hemp Products are a family owned company that began in 2004 when they executed the largest hemp seed contract in Australia. In 2007, Hemp seed production will have increased by over 1,000% with licensed crops in Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria.

“We are now in discussions with the largest and best hemp seed processor in north America to gain the use of their processing experience. We have also discussed supplying Canada and the USA with Australian grown hemp seed by-products in their cold season,” said Thomas.

The Federal Government is reluctant to change the status quo regarding hemp seed foods in Australia for people. One of the stated reasons is that it will confuse the Australian public.

This new situation is creating more confusion as many informed Australians are wondering why it seems everyone else can benefit from hemp seed foods, except them. Even our cousins across the Tasman are permitted to consume hemp seed oil.

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Thomas Cunliffe– +61 (0)427 62 62 44 – Planet Hemp Products.


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