How to Buy Sacramento Medical Marijuana Products for Medical Purposes

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There are several steps being thought by Sacramento Medical doctors in buying, purchasing, cultivating and even selling medical cannabis. Some of them would suggest that before you can purchase, cultivate and even sell cannabis, you better get consultation from a credible medical cannabis doctor. This is actually true but it doesn’t stop the process there. You have to do several important things before you can actually use medical cannabis to cure your medical condition.

Get recommended – Doctors know this very well. They are tasked to give you recommendation letter, stating that they are allowing you (patient) to use medical cannabis as an alternative medicine to cure your medical problem. This recommendation letter is an important requirement before you can be allowed to purchase and cultivate this medical cannabis.

Check out Registry office near you and ask for medical cannabis ID rates – Go online and search over the internet the nearest Registry office in your area. Get their numbers and other important details and call them at once. Ask how much the value of the medical cannabis ID and don’t hang up the phone without asking for the requirements you need to bring in applying for the medical ID card.

Prepare all the requirements needed to be submitted to the Registry office – Registry would usually ask you to bring the payment (which is given), the recommendation letter coming from your local medical doctor and two valid ID’s with photos attached on it. They need your valid ID’s to verify your personality and to know if you really need to undergo such alternative medication.

Pay the medical ID card fee at the Registry cashier – Medical ID card would cost $ 150 and it will take a little over three weeks to process your medical ID card application. Sometimes, if there are few applicants, they can release your ID card in just a short span of days, but during peak season, it would usually take them more than one month to process the ID card.

Go to your most desired dispensary – When you have your ID card with you, you can now purchase, cultivate and even sell a limited grams of medical cannabis. But don’t purchase and sell above the limit grams of medical marijuana or you will be punished by the Federal government. The Federal law is still against the idea of legalizing the use of marijuana even for medical purposes, so be aware of the law in Sacramento most specially with regards to the proper use of this so called medical cannabis.

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