How To Get A Colorado Medical Marijuana Card

In order to get a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card you must have a qualifying condition. Under Colorado law some qualifying conditions include but are not limited to:






Crohn’s Disease

Chronic Muscle Spasms

Chronic Nausea

Chronic Pain

Degenerative Disk Disease





Hepatitis C

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


Multiple Sclerosis

Parkinson’s Disease


We can help you to complete all necessary paperwork and provide you with caregiver services quickly and easily. In order to get started you should schedule and appointment with us. You must bring the following information to your appointment:

Recent chart notes from your own doctor, with documented diagnosis*

Valid Colorado driver license or ID card

You have two options when scheduling an appointment. You can fill out our online scheduling form or you can call us directly at; 719-555-1212. If you call to schedule an appointment, please leave your telephone number with area code. Please speak slowly, clearly and spell your last name. One of our representatives will call you back as soon as possible, generally within a couple days.

After our doctor has seen you and evaluated your records, he/she will determine your need for a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card. If you qualify, he/she will sign your permit and provide you with instructions on how to register the paperwork with the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry (CMMR).

*Our doctors are authorized to see patients solely to determine their qualifications for receiving medical cannabis. They cannot and will not act in any other capacity. They cannot act as your primary physician.

We require all patients to have at least one other current physician. You must be able to provide current medical records from your current physician that documents the existing condition(s) for which medical marijuana can be authorized under Colorado State Law. You must obtain these records yourself and bring them into our office. You can also authorize your medical records be faxed or mailed to our office as well.

It is important to not that our doctor’s only need the chart notes from 2 or 3 visits to your current physician that pertain to your qualifying condition(s). We DO NOT need your entire medical record. When obtaining your current medical records please ensure that they include any relevant x-ray or MRI reports (not actual film), and also YOUR name and phone number.

Please deliver relevant medical records to our main office:

1402 W. Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

A Colorado Medical Marijuana Card can be obtained. Visit our Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensary for more information.

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