How to Grow Organic Cannabis Indoors

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John from shares with you how you can grow your own organic cannabis indoors. In this episode, John gets his medical cannabis card to use and grow medicinal cannabis aka marijuana per prop 215 in the state of California.

In this episode you will learn where john will choose to get his “medicine” and then you will go in a behind-the-scenes tour of a North Coast Naturals, a medicinal cannabis collective (farm). You will learn many of the practices they use to grow organic cannabis successfully.

You will discover the specific soil blend they use, as well as the solid nutrients as well as liquid organic nutrients they use as well as the different organic pest controls they use to keep their cannabis “clean” of prohibited and toxic chemical pesticides and fungicides.

You will learn some of the alternatives to using avid and floramite and some of the potential dangers of using these chemicals on your crops.

You will also discover how North Coast Naturals stays legal by growing the number of plants allowable under law but still reaping maximum yields by specially training and pruning the cloned plants, using special pvc trellis structures and maximizing the canopy of each plant to maximize the numbers of buds they are producing. You will also discover how they naturally air dry their harvest to get maximum air circulation, and dry to maximize the effects of the medicine they are growing in this California legal growing establishment.

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25 Responses

  1. Farmword
    | Reply

    Interesting. Now I will unsubscribe.

  2. TXplowgirl
    | Reply

    Thank you John for having the courage to video this. I was wondering how
    you felt about Cannabis. I live in Oklahoma where it’s not legal and I am
    seriously thinking of moving to Colorado or Oregon, not California. Been
    there done that and don’t care for the place. Anyway, I have Systemic Lupus
    Erythemotosus, Connective Tissue Disease, RA, Raynauds, Degenerative Disc
    Disease and 4 bulging discs. Needless to say I am in a lot of pain all the
    time and the meds I have to be on seems to me make everything worse with
    the side effects. I have done a lot of research and I have read that the
    CBD’s can help with my chronic pain and it won’t get me high. Now, if it
    could also help with fatigue, appetite supression and give me some energy I
    would be 1 happy camper. Will be looking forward to your videos on growing

  3. Chef Derek Butt
    | Reply

    Nice vid John. I was wondering when you where going to start growing the
    most nutritious plant in the world. Marijuana is one of the few plants in
    this world that is a complete protein. Fresh raw marijuana is a dietary
    essential. I juice it and eat it in salads and I have never felt better in
    my life. The Medical Marijuana Guide. NATURES PHARMACY is a great read for
    anyone interested in Marijuana as a source of nutrition and medicine.

  4. Permaculture Prepper
    | Reply

    John just got put on every government watch list with this vid. CIA, NSA,
    and Homeland Security…. you will be receiving a knock at your door in a
    few weeks now… and for the record what is right is not always popular
    and what is popular is not always right.

  5. dirtpatcheaven
    | Reply

    I find it hard to believe that with all of your lovely, selfless videos
    about growing your own food there are viewers who will hate this one one
    video and throw all of the others away because of a difference in personal
    opinion about one plant. Bless you heart for all that you show us and thank
    you for a video to help those who have a need for this herb.

  6. medi CalGrower
    | Reply

    Ive ben watchin ya for years brother congrats. It is a medicine. My garden
    loves the tips w the rockdust wormcasting everything.

  7. FisherManStan88
    | Reply

    John I do realize this is going to shake up a lot of your views… But your
    a smart level headed man with a goo head on his shoulders so Please don’t
    get shocked if you lose a few viewers because your True Blue Viewers will
    all be here! and excited to here and learn from you my man. Great job John!

  8. MindOverEverything
    | Reply

    Seems like there are a lot of haters in the comments, but really, it’s
    probably only the 40 people who have downvoted the video. A LOT of people
    make a CRIMINAL amount of money on cannabis prohibition, so they are just
    protecting their cash cow as long as they can. Sorry fascists, but it’s
    time to get on the right side of nature, and the right side of what is good
    for humanity. Legalize it everywhere. Period.

  9. Tommyr
    | Reply

    Look at all the crap they buy to grow this stuff. Once again, BUY, BUY,
    BUY! Push the products! You do not need all that shit. All you need is
    COMPOST which you can make for FREE. I used to really like John’s videos,
    now it’s all about pushing products. “But all this stuff!” NO. it’s not
    needed. Add compost to your soil, do a PH test every fall and if your PH is
    between 5.5 and 6.5 you’re good to go. If not you add the lime or soil
    acidifier to put it back in range. It’s not rocket science.

  10. TheLastLogicalOne
    | Reply

    One thing about growing indoors is it’s very energy intensive. It’s may be
    economical but also very unsustainable.

  11. John Strangis
    | Reply

    I applaud you for finally making videos speaking about this wonderful
    plant, John! 

  12. CrashTestFetus
    | Reply

    Is this guy dumb lol?? Juicing leaves has no noticeable effect on the body.
    There is barely any active Thc or Cbd in the leaves. Why cant people like
    you understand the high isn’t a negative side effect its a benefit of using
    the plant. Try to find and even strain if your just starting.

  13. Keepskatin
    | Reply

    I see those capitalist potheads have been watching your videos for growing
    Cannabis.I also see you are cautioned to promote this outside of a business
    in a non pothead state.Hey it gets you views to pay the bills,milk the
    P.s. Why do non Black people always try to complicate things? I’ve grown
    bigger than that all organic with cheap ingredients,etc.,but I’m not giving
    these potheads and pot dealers any tips.All those fertilizers,fans,air
    conditioners,high wattage lights,lol.You Capitalist non Blacks.

  14. Andrew Jucutan
    | Reply

    maybe if you taught them how to grow organic beer indoors they would be
    more accepting.. Ignorant morons.

  15. Dan Workname
    | Reply

    Didn’t I offer to send you cannabis seeds to grow? And you said ‘No’ to

  16. Candy Rayne
    | Reply

    Having a cannabis smoking license does not give you a growing privlidges
    and I don’t think you can grow for your own medicinal I think you have to
    grow for other patients.

  17. Murray Hunt
    | Reply

    Not a big fan of the weed thing. Like the home grown veggies. I did learn a
    few things about the whole weed thing that I did not know about the medical
    use of weed. I won’t let my personal feelings about weed get in the way of
    enjoying your videos. Keep up the good work and let’s learn a little more
    about growing superfoods!!!!!

  18. ashtweth
    | Reply

    MEDICINAL food ON THE PLANET, By 2050 the cancer figures are going double,
    if you juice the plant now , THCAcid its acts as a preventative and is
    more powerful than THC (which gets you high) THE MOST HEALING CANNABIS CAN
    DO IS IN ITS RAW PREVENTATIVE FORM. now stop giving him crap, you look like

  19. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens
    | Reply
  20. souks phommathep
    | Reply

    I love your organic videos and now cannabis! I Love it. I hate it how
    people don’t understand the plant. If the plant was discovered today, it
    would be a medical discovery. However, because of its history and how the
    government told people that this plant was bad without providing any debate
    or scientific research, this plant is today laughed and frowned upon.
    People are ignorant either for political reason or what they were just
    told. Another thing, most political figure make this a Republican or
    liberal issue, but cannabis is just a flower. Leave the plant alone. We all
    know both presidents from both side tried cannabis during their college

  21. skateking303
    | Reply

    some people are so unaware that we are made out of drugs and the fact that
    these plants make psychedelics that work symbiotically with our mind is the
    work of gods.
    mushrooms and dmt containing plants are gateways to the idea of

  22. Jeff Barr
    | Reply

    Lots of angry, hateful and irrational comments here. People freaking over
    Weed, yet we have troops protecting Poppy fields in afghanistan for the
    Heroin crops. Question the propaganda you have been fed for years by
    Government. Is weed really that bad? Worse than Alcohol? At a lower level
    people suck down coffee all day long and get addicted. I don’t use weed
    myself but I see no real issue with those who do. People are killed every
    day by drunk drivers. If your against weed I would ask you to question why?
    Don’t regurgitate the lies you have been told and research for yourself. 

  23. Brownbear
    | Reply

    Every time I looked at a cannabis documentary, or research, it seemed to
    always point to the same thing: CBD’s. Luckily in WA I was able to test a
    strain called harlequin. It actually helped me in my day to day living. I
    was able to do simple things like yard work, and wrenching on my car that I
    put off because of the pain from disc disease and arthritis. I was getting
    muscle relaxers-no pain meds from the doctors that left me unproductive,
    moody, lethargic, and nauseous. And I would still be in pain! So cannabis
    actually upped the quality of life that I had without all the side effects.
    Now that i’m in a state where its not legal, i’m looking to alternatives
    like John mentions in his medicinal and herbal garden videos. What other
    medicinal herbs do you guys recommend for pain relief?

  24. karen mcardle
    | Reply

    Thanks for doing the vids =). I am in Scotland & guess its illeagal 🙂 on
    the laws side of the fence . Not my side =)((☆))TY

  25. Elijah Pitts
    | Reply

    hanging plants upside down is only because it is easier, you cannot make it
    better hanging it. NO nutrients flow into the bud, water only. Does not
    raise THC levels.

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