Jack Herer – Emperor of Hemp (Full)

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R.I.P. Jack

This documentary chronicles the life of Jack Herer and his struggle for awareness and enlightenment of cannabis sativa, a.k.a. marijuana or hemp. His research into this plant culminates in his writing The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Official Hemp Bible. He has dedicated his life to educating people about the history and many utilization’s of hemp, the conspiracy against it, and ending marijuana prohibition.
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    Just finished watching this, great info!

  2. TheScarygary420
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    update The federal government has stopped funding Department of Justice
    investigation and or prosecution of Medical Cannabis. 

  3. Canal M-4
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    I am with you JACK!

  4. Myk Muchowski
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    Neva knew of dis guy, but I now respect him and thank him for his work,
    trying to free the people and the plant.

  5. Rick Steeb
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    Cannabis shall be removed from CSA “Schedule I”, and placed in “CSA
    Subchapter I, Part A, §802. Definitions, paragraph (6)”, appended to the
    list “distilled spirits, wine, malt beverages, or tobacco”, where it will
    STILL be the least-toxic in the category [by several orders of magnitude].

    In other words, EXEMPT from CSA scheduling.

    Anything short of THAT is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

  6. Ham neggs
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    Thanks again for everything Jack.
    Love All Ways

  7. AZ4MMJ
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    @ 1:30 cop is breaking the no smoking tobacco in NYC law when he lights up.
    Office arrest that man.., which one? …,the one smoking a cigarette.Yeah
    arrest that cop he’s a criminal the crowd says .., ha ha it didn’t happen
    but would of been funny to see the look on the cops faces. When policemen
    are breaking the law what should they care if people prefer to smoke
    cannabis instead tobacco? 

  8. Linda Ann
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    I am celebrating for Jack Herer’s birthday a lil early…just incase you
    don’t know him…let me introduce to you one of the greatest, most genius
    and most courageous men who ever blessed human kind with his presence Jack
    Herer: #HappyHempHistoryWEEK #HappyEarlyBirthdayJack 

  9. Jeannie Herer
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    ▶ Jack Herer – Emperor of Hemp (Full) – YouTube
    Jack Herer – Emperor of Hemp (Full) 

  11. redlotus888
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    @21:21: Good ‘ol Reagan: “Permanent brain damage is …the result of
    marijuana…” He ended his life brain dead!!! You should be careful what
    you lie about, it may bite you in the ***##..LOL :)

  12. Cori Petersen
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    So important to know how our Cannabis Culture was shaped and who paved the
    way. Thank you for posting :)

  13. Eric Butler
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    Read the book a long time ago, this is a great docu, thanks for uploading!
    The world keeps changing back in favor of this most amazing plant, but the
    pharma/industrial/oil complex is letting us eat crumbs. I wonder if I will
    see the real uses for this plant realized in my lifetime…. I hope so,
    Herer might be right about EVERYTHING and solutions to so much is right
    under our noses and cannot be touched for the economic losses to a few, who
    withhold so much good from the many. The story of humanity…

  14. kush coast
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  15. footstomper1
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    so glad i watched this …. good man jack :0)

  16. Sara Thyberg
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    What is the song at 12:41 – 12:59 ?

  17. Jodi Sellers
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    Herer Cannabis Hemp Museum


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