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Cisco has been the pinnacle of many big and small firms’ communication means. They have the source of connecting the firms together with branches in different parts of the world. But such expertise does not come easy. The Cisco has certified its usage to only qualified personnel. Their qualification will be based on examination undertaken by the Pearson VUE. Based on the qualifications, the candidates are classified into five categories:


Based on these five levels, there are seven other fields a person can work in and gain more experience. The fields include: Routing & Switching, Design, Network security, Service provider, Storage network, Voice and Wireless. Qualifications available, mostly at professional level include: CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice, CCVP, CIPT1, CIPT2, ICOMM, CVOICE, TVOICE, and CAPPS. Their certified jobs can be described as follows:

CCNA voice: it means Cisco certified network associate. The CCENT is the first step towards the CCNA certification. The CCNA is one of the most popular certifications in the Cisco system. In the associate level this covers the basics and few advanced steps in administering and handling a Cisco communication networks. It has several forms like the CCNA voice, security wireless and others. The CCNA voice mainly covers vice administration and voice of network engineering.
CCNP voice: the CCNP professional has the ability to maintain and administer wide and local area networks with as many as 500 devices at the end point. This would enable the certificate holder to maintain converged Cisco systems and administer security issues. The certification was updated on 31st July, 2010.
CCVP: it is the skill that enables the qualified professional to determine the sort of Cisco equipment and communicative peripherals required by a business. Depending on the size of the firm and the communicative requirements, a Cisco certified Voice Professional should be able to implant and maintain wide variety of Cisco engineered systems.
CAPPS: Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening system is perhaps one of the most important counter-terrorism monitoring system placed in the US air travels. It detects and records any passenger information based on their baggage checking and handling issues. It detects any pre-screened passenger willing to buy an air ticket. The CAPPS has many uses which are mainly security structure based.
CVOICE/TVOICE: the CVOICE is a retired program but the TVOICE is still active which involves the troubleshooting of unified Cisco communicative voice peripherals.

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