Legalised Cannabis’s Corporate Takeover

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Cannabis Inc. – Is the Cannabis industry about to become the new Big Tobacco?

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Today Washington State becomes the second state to fully legalise marijuana. As the change in law approaches, a new wave of slick entrepreneurs are set to cash in on a post-prohibition boom.

“For so long the branding and marketing in this space has been all about using the colour green and putting pot leaves on everything”, bemoans Michael Blue, one third of private equity firm Privateer Holdings. “No one is looking at this and treating it like a professional industry.” But all that is about to change. As Seattle prepares to embrace State legislation that will make it part of America’s biggest social experiment since it banned the purveyance of alcohol in the 1920s, the young and market-savvy are busy polishing sales strategies and coining new brands for retail release. Unlike the folkloric pot dealers of the past, however, they’ve ditched the hippie clothes, rasta plaits and ponytails for thousand-dollar suits, business plans, and MBAs. “This industry is not about singing Kumbaya in a drum circle and smoking a few joints”, claims Dr. Kevin Sabet, former drug policy adviser to President Obama. “It’s about businessmen in suits making billions.” He worries that beneath the appetising flow of cannabis tax dollars to under-funded public schools and hospitals, a new Big Tobacco is being created. With exclusive access to his campaign, this report looks at whether the move is an expression of civil liberty, or if the system is slowly going to pot.

ABC Australia – Ref. 6168

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16 Responses

  1. IronicallyVague
    | Reply

    Like I tried to explain to the stoned morons who were prancing around
    screaming legalize marihuana?

    It would soon become so expensive it will make cigarettes look cheap. It
    will be taxed, regulated, federalized & eventually used against you if you
    purchase it in either minor cases in the court room or at work.

    But most importantly it would remove the last and only form of capitalism
    left in the USA, ask yourself how many family’s depend on small sales to
    support themselves?.

    You really want to give the Government complete control? that’s idiocy

  2. Ashley Grant
    | Reply

    it’s only a matter of time before the corporations lobby to have growing
    your own marijuana illegal. and then it’s back to kicking in doors.

  3. 1gotgoodz
    | Reply

    When I was 13 the doctors treated me with clinical depression. Put me on
    Zoloft, Prozac etc… Then my mind became so screwed after taking the pills
    then I stared thinking about suicide. My friend got me to smoke cannabis,
    afterwards my life was changed. I don’t do other substances, I just smoke
    and have been fine since. Lying ass professor walker. Trying to take
    medicine from people is horrible but this is what we leave our children.

  4. HaxMe?HaxYOU!
    | Reply

    It’s a damn shame you use Kenedy for so long. Guys an idiot, the direct
    competition to the dangerous drugs he was using is Cannabis. A safe
    non-toxic alternative, to the mind twisting dangerously addictive hard core
    drugs. If Cannabis were legal he most likely would have never went through
    what he did. Now he doesn’t even understand the difference, dumb enough to
    go by the federal scheduling. Obviously he thinks POT is an even harder
    core more dangerous drug than the pills and coke he was sniffing…..
    Soooooo wrong. Cannabis is safe and very mild if handled properly. In the
    hands of the black market though, where he wants to keep it, makes it
    unsafe, and hands it straight to the kids he wants to protect. Maybe if we
    got Kennedy into a Cannabis treatment program we could restore some of the
    brain cells and intelligence that he lost… not likely, more likely is
    that he will go out like Regan with brain rot from his abuses to his body.

  5. Chuffererd
    | Reply

    Could you reup this with the volume normalized? unwatchable. you can’t hear
    half of it with the other half so loud.

  6. Michael Johnson
    | Reply

    To bad Patrick Kennedy did not overdose and die. The world would be better
    if he did. One of the worst hypocrites of all time.

  7. jim bob
    | Reply

    poor mr kenedy! cant think for himself, oh it was the drugs that made me do
    it. What a load of shit. People should think twice about taking advice from
    someone who makes such bad decisions and then blames everything and anyone
    but himself. I guess them opiates and cocaine just magically got into his
    body because by his logic he would not have did something like take drugs
    if he was sober. Tosser

  8. Mary Microgram
    | Reply

    I feel for addicts who can’t control their drug use. But that’s a separate
    issue from legalization.

    Would you rather have cartels, gangsters, smugglers and crooked cops
    profiting off drugs, or government-regulated corporations? Would you
    rather have age restrictions on a pure product, or have shady dealers
    selling potentially impure drugs to any kid with money? Those are the only
    two options.

    There is no such thing as a “Drug-Free America.” Never was; never will
    be. The only choice we have is who profits off America’s insatiable
    appetite for drugs.

    Prohibition kills. Just ask any Mexican cartel victim. 

  9. tubester92
    | Reply

    its always ex-addicts that cant handle their shit who want to ruin it all
    for everyone. Patrick Kennedy didn’t get addicted to marijuana he got
    addicted to pain pill opiates. what a shill.

  10. craig packard
    | Reply

    Patrick Kennedy is hemps enemy stop fucking with us mr drug addict himself
    judges us fuck u Kennedy

  11. Julianne DeAngelis
    | Reply

    Inhaling smoke of any kind is NOT healthy – tobacco, marijuana or an
    innocent camp fire. This is like deja vu of the early days of the tobacco

  12. Onward Legions!
    | Reply

    I’m worried about this being taken over by the corporations. Like pretty
    much everything else. 

  13. Hippie Chick
    | Reply

    +Jen Ayres 

  14. matthew durbin
    | Reply

    leslie is wrong about the industries wanting youth to consume or smoke,
    that is why you must be 21 or older to purchase it LEGALLY. the drug
    dealers will be the ones still selling to underage because they need money
    not regulation. it just so happens when you regulate (legalize) you
    generate more money because it’s a better system. 

  15. TorontoLibertarian
    | Reply

    I had to skip the parts with the lying retards.

  16. AnonMarijuana
    | Reply

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