Legalizing industrial hemp- Reasons why

Promo Video featuring excerpts from “Hempsters- Plant the seed”- A documentary film about the struggle to legalize industrial hemp in the US- featuring Woody Harrelson, Ralph Nader, Julia Butterfly Hill, Gatewood Galbraith, Craig Lee. Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Donna Cockrell and others. The DVD of Hempsters plant the seed will be available June 28th, 2011 at
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  1. darlene gaudas
    | Reply

    Woody, I would hope that you will support Michael Finestein for city
    council – He will be bringing up the fact that HEMP would be the cure for
    America, with the industry that is 30 Trillion dollars. It could save our
    planet and possibly we could take back our country – it will take diligence
    in that this government who is trying to kill 90% of people with Chem
    Trails, GMO’S and mind control. America is finished if we don’t have a
    revolution! Thank you, Darlene Gaudas’ Santa Monica CA 

  2. PotFund Dividend
    | Reply

    Where is Woody? Woody Harrelson… Alaska needs you now!! We vote to make
    it legal Nov 4 , if your not Woody and your reading this, keep sending it
    to someone and lets see if he gets my message … Where is Woody?

  3. lo1que2paso3paso
    | Reply

    Why the fuck do they use that enoying backgroundmusic?
    Its the most irritating thing to listen to when you are trying to
    concentrate about what they are saying. 

  4. Cato Valandra
    | Reply

    The government makes everything happy illegal

  5. John Woo Ning
    | Reply

    6 years later now 2014 legalized in Kentucky!

  6. PotFund Dividend
    | Reply

    Where is Woody? Alaska needs you!

  7. Mike Klegin
    | Reply

    Mwaaahahaha, 6:00

  8. EⒹᾦaᴚĐ Σℓℛῗς
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  9. Soror Lourdes Metz
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  10. Ilir Agaraj
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  11. TRX450rYB240
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  12. Canal M-4
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