New Evidence Cannabis Kills & Cures Cancer, Not Seen On The News

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New Evidence Cannabis Kills & Cures Cancer, Not Seen On The News

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Listed in Order of Appearance:

Jeffrey Hergenrather M.D.
President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians

Dr. Robert Melamed Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Biology Chairman in the Biology Department at the University of Colorado and of Cannabis Science

Dr. Manuel Guzman
Professor of Biochemistry – University of Madrid

Paul Armentano
Deputy Director NORML

Prakash Nagarkatti, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research University of South Carolina Columbia
Distinguished Professor

Dr. Donald Tashkin M.D.
Professor of Pulmonary Medicine, UCLA

Video of Cannabis Killing Cancer Cells

These videos clips are from the following documentaries:

Len Richmond’s ” What if Cannabis Cures Cancer ”

PBS Montana ” Clearing the Smoke – Science of Cannabis ”

Medical Cannabis and its Impact on Human Health

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11 Responses

  1. Ole Toddster
    | Reply

    We as a nation need to start getting more involved in our political laws
    and making all new or old laws only voted by the people and for the people
    and vote out political parties out of our government system forever for a
    new future for everyone! 

  2. Ole Toddster
    | Reply

    Legalize it now!

  3. Ole Toddster
    | Reply


    | Reply

    FDA ha ha ha – The most corrupted organization on Earth! The
    illuminates’ looks angels in comparison to the Food and Drug

    | Reply

    This is true! The government does not want to cure Cancer and Cannabis
    daily use protects you from Cancer. It has been known for a while that
    Hashish Oil cures skin cancer – Basil Carcinoma not Melanoma. But maybe
    if you smoke daily you will never get Melanoma,,,

  6. Armando Herrera
    | Reply

    It also cures ulcerative colitis I recently was diagnosed with colitis and
    was prescribed on about 4 different pills after don’t research I found out
    that the canabanoids kill the bacteria in ulcers and even heal the ulcers
    back up there is study and research to back this up because of marijuana
    I’m healing up faster and now I only take one pill instead of 4 costly pill
    canabis will heal the nations legalize it! 

  7. KAOS Smith
    | Reply

    Sorry I meant to type old toddster 🙂 my bad bra 

  8. KAOS Smith
    | Reply

    Yea it also KILLS the brain cells!!!! I used to be a pot head since I was
    11yrs of age, and now that I’m 30 goin on 31? It has done a lot of damage
    to my memory and my way of thinking!!! But now haven’t had a cone for over
    6mths and still going strong 🙂 NO TURNING BACK NOW :)

  9. Dionysos S.
    | Reply

    i hav 2 freinds that wur cured of cancer n 1 other that doesnt hav the AIDS
    virus anymore n i hav less seizures becuz i ingest n smoke cannabis 

  10. Chris Williams
    | Reply

    Wars on drugs create great opportunities for organised crime to exploit
    people, organised crime took over the banks decades ago, the banks own your
    government so how likely is it that the wars on drugs will be ended?

  11. KAOS Smith
    | Reply

    But thanks oletoddler, I like your videos and have subscribed :)

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