Oaksterdam University Presents Todd McCormicks Grow Medicine to provide marijuana education at the Rhode Island Convention Center in August

Oakland, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2014

Oaksterdam University and Todd McCormick are offering three one-day presentations, best taken together. The event will be held in Todd’s hometown, at the Rhode Island Convention Center together August 15, 16 and 17.

Friday, August 15: Part 1 – Personal Cultivation Seminar

From Seed to Sale – An Overview of Cannabis and the Growing Opportunity

Saturday, August 16: Part 2 – Advanced and Commercial Cultivation Seminar

Dutch Method: Secrets of Cannabis Cultivation from Amsterdam to California

Sunday, August 17: Part 3 – Everything Extracts Seminar

Hashish: From Dry Sieve to Modern Gas Extraction & Terpenes

“People are seeking information they can trust from reliable sources with demonstrable backgrounds in the cannabis industry. Participants in professional cannabis education are quickly becoming the leaders in this emerging industry,” explained Todd McCormick, when asked why it was important to attend. Todd started growing marijuana in 1984 to combat the side effects of cancer treatments. Between the ages of two and ten, Todd underwent long-term chemotherapy & radiotherapy treatments, as well as nine major operations in his fight against a rare disease called Histiocytosis X. When his mother feared that he would not survive a new tumour in soft tissue next to his heart, she decided to give him some marijuana medicinally. Todd was nine years old at the time and his mother’s decision saved and changed his life.    

Since 1994, Todd has been an activist, publicist and researcher of Cannabis. He collaborated with Jack Herer on the ground-breaking book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. In the mid-90s he lived in Amsterdam, where he became one of the first 10 patients in the Netherlands to receive a prescription for medicinal marijuana. Best-selling author Peter McWilliams brought McCormick back to California in 1997 in order to write his first book: How to Grow Medical Marijuana. That summer, the DEA raided Todd’s Bel Air home and destroyed all the legal plants on the premises; years of work and rare genetics were lost forever. After a three-year long legal battle, Todd would be denied a medical necessity defense in federal court and imprisoned for five years. His only crime was growing and studying the medicine that had saved his life.

In addition to being an uncommonly dedicated activist and expert on the Cannabis plant, Todd continues the fight to rehabilitate the image of the hemp plant as the owner of HEMP.xxx, an online magazine and community, and producer of the THC EXPO at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Todd was featured in the award winning Canadian documentary “THE UNION: The Business Behind Getting High” and is an executive producer on the currently in-production follow-up film: “THE CULTURE HIGH”. In 2012, along with Sir Richard Branson, Todd was awarded the Cannabis Culture Award for a lifetime of dedication to Cannabis legalization. His next book, titled “GrowMEDICINE” will be released this summer.

America’s first cannabis college was founded to provide students with the highest quality training. Oaksterdam University became the first institution to address the growing needs of the marijuana movement, from patients to regulators. The faculty is comprised professionals, academics and many of the most recognized names in the cannabis industry. Oaksterdam launched the Prop 19 campaign, the blueprint campaign for legalizing Cannabis for adult consumption. The Oakland campus is located across from the historic FOX Theater in revitalized downtown Oakland, California.

Since 2007,Oaksterdam University has provided quality training about Cannabis and marijuana policy reform for over 17,000 students at several campuses in the United States. “The institution offers the chance to learn about this controversial plant, and creates an interesting blend of individuals and opportunity,” said Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor. “OU welcomes diverse students who are looking to change careers; some simply want to brush up on their horticulture skills. OU also attracts business owners who want to train their staff, folks who want to open their own business, and patients simply trying to understand the law and their rights. More and more baby boomers are discovering they would rather smoke pot than reach for pharmaceuticals.”

The Rhode Island Convention Center (RICC) is one of New England’s premier meeting and exhibition facilities. Located in the heart of downtown Providence, the RICC is within walking distance to restaurants, hotels, shops, art galleries, nightclubs, museums and a superb in-house catering team.

To schedule an interview with Todd McCormick or Dale Sky Jones, please contact (510) 251-1544 or email events(at)oaksterdamuniversity(dot)com.

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