Recycling Super Soil When Growing Cannabis & more Gardening Q&A

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John from answers your organic gardening questions.

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After watching this episode, you will learn John’s answers to these questions, and probably learn a few things along the way as well.

03:13 You Don’t cover your gardens, Do you encounter many problems with bugs?
07:15 Recycling and Reusing Supersoil Mix when growing Cannabis?
10:16 How Do you add Nutrients Back into the Soil after every growing season if you cant add more compost?
12:59 Do I add coconut coir back to my beds after each growing season?
13:43 Have you ever tried growing Spirulina? What would greens Would you grow for high nutrients?
15:15 What is the best place in the continental United States to grow fruits and vegetables?
17:16 Should I pay 00 to remove trees to plant a garden or Grow a garden in my front yard?
19:21 Is Stone Dust the same as rock dust?
20:50 What do you do with the Soil at the end of the season when growing in a container?
23:09 How well does the tumbling 55 gallon drum barrel composter work?

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This is a public panel about medical marijuana reform for the state of Ohio through the Ohio Medical Compassion Act. This footage was filmed at Kent State University on April 3rd, 2012.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

28 Responses

  1. Max Harry Johnson
    | Reply

    Lol, John I totally agree when you shook your head while mentioning Florida
    people. I don’t recommend anyone to move to this state.

    I don’t believe in the ideal place to grow, and while I’m new at gardening,
    I don’t believe there is an ideal way to grow either. The earth doesn’t
    work that way. Different plants adapt to different climate so you just have
    to find the crop that suit your location.

  2. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens
    | Reply
  3. Ruffys OrganicGarden
    | Reply

    a lot of people grow without soil when growing cannabis, but a lot also
    grow in organic amended soils and reamend them every time and let the
    soils cook for a month. pls do your research before you start to talk about
    cannabis. there is a lot of bs out there already. I never throw out my
    soil. I reuse for 3 yrs then throw in garden and remix a yard of soil

  4. Martin Lawrence
    | Reply

    “Very simple, and very easy”!

  5. Clyde Cash
    | Reply

    South Florida isn’t that bad . lol. Way better than oakland or compton

  6. Joe Feser
    | Reply

    Cool Video John. First!

  7. Krestian Kvart
    | Reply

    you don’t realy need all these fancy soils and chemicals, or even store
    bought organic soil. just throw a large plastic bag in your backpack and
    pack some lunch and go for a hike. when you find a dead rotten tree,
    hopefully with some blackness on it, which means its far into the
    decomposing process, take back as much of the soil underneath it as you can
    and use that, its realy good stuff and the plants will love it.
    just make sure its not full of clay tho, the roots will have a hard time
    penetrating it.

  8. Clark Koehn
    | Reply

    Please make a spirulina video

  9. Gyva02
    | Reply

    Cannabis is the #1 green :)

  10. Clyde Cash
    | Reply

    Buildup of salts? lol. Just flush it with tons of water

  11. Michael Gutierrez
    | Reply

    Where do you buy the seeds isn’t that illegal?

  12. pat murphy
    | Reply

    john, ty for the video, i transplanted a wisteria from one house to
    another/hubby tore it out;cleaning; i replanted immediately & it didn’t
    bloom for four years, finally started blooming-yes, it ‘was’ stressed. It’s
    doing great now!! I always throw my old soil from pots into the garden
    area. Yes, you are right!!

  13. Poppy B.
    | Reply

    John didn’t touch on the super soil very much. You can absolutely re-use a
    thermophyllic “super” soil many times. Any heavy feeding annual, including
    cannabis, will use a great deal of the surplus nutrients up in the 1st run,
    then the soil can be repurposed as a base soil or as an garden soil
    amendment. The one rule of thumb is not to use as a seedling starter since
    they are more sensitive to high N.

  14. TwisterChrisable
    | Reply

    I would trim the trees up and put the branches in the bottom of the raised
    bed. Not to mention that the leaves are an excellent nitrogen source. What
    I like to do is mow the leaves into tiny pieces and then mix it into your
    garden so while in the winter your soil can absorb the nutrients. Granted
    I am in a colder climate that drops below freezing a lot.

  15. Medaka350
    | Reply

    Nice, I have no frost date in my area :)))

  16. Some Guy
    | Reply

    I love your videos, this is probably the 5th or 6th one i have watched just
    from searching for questions Ive had. Im a total noob at gardening in
    general and really trying to get my organic knowledge going. thank you for
    the videos!

  17. chainsawmajini
    | Reply

    How to get rid of cockroaches organically ?

  18. Gardening Tips With Phil
    | Reply

    The soil health is really really important.

  19. BadBrainPrepp
    | Reply

    John is so stoned right now :)

  20. Nicholas Brown
    | Reply

    You can also talk to farmers that live in your area and they’ll be more
    than happy to let you use some of their land that’s not being used to grow
    some veggies ect and in turn all they ask for is some veggies that you do
    grow which is a great trade off! I know a lot of people that do this
    around South Dakota. I’m sure you can do it just about anywhere in the US!

  21. Rory Cybin
    | Reply

    Ron Finley was just on the Joe Rogan Experience. John needs to get on
    there too. 

  22. The Dude
    | Reply

    I use a super soil mix for first time and am wondering if u are able to
    flush still do castings and nutrients in soil goaway by the time it is to

  23. Chad Ridge
    | Reply

    Nice video. I don’t throw out soil, just mix with my compost and reuse. 

  24. Puff Puff Plant
    | Reply

    OMG great question to answer! You should totally recycle nitrogen-rich
    cannabis soil. Just rotate in 1-2 veggies grown in full sun, reuse same
    soil for cannabis a few seasons later

  25. c032970
    | Reply

    I’m of voting age on 4 20 april 20th 🙂 I WILL VOTE YES 😀

  26. Kim Hershiser
    | Reply

    i second that my friend,

  27. Kim Yoe
    | Reply

    I ‘m 54 and was diagnosed with M.S in 1988. I’ve taken 4 different M.S
    injectable betaseron drugs and slowly my balance worsened over the years. I
    had to stop giving myself shots because my liver enzymes skyrocketed to
    dangerous levels. I live in Michigan and started medical marijuana. Low and
    behold I no longer need a cane and have felt better than ever. I’m not
    saying it cured me but it sure helped !

  28. LordZacknafien
    | Reply


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