Canna Advisors Finds the Perfect Fit for New Director of Operations Position

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Boulder, CO (PRWEB) May 11, 2015

Canna Advisors is pleased to announce that they have added a new member to their expanding team. Starting May 1, 2015, Melody Moyer was brought on as Director of Operations for the Boulder, CO, cannabis business consulting firm, a new position that the company created to meet the increasing demands in the industry.

Diane Czarkowski, owner and managing partner of Canna Advisors, explained that as the cannabis industry grows, the company has more and more clients reaching out to Czarkowski and her team. Hiring Ms. Moyer as Director of Operations will help Canna Advisors with day-to-day operations, Czarkowski said, and she will also handle some project management work with facility development for the company’s nationwide client base.

Ms. Moyer has two decades worth of credentials working with small businesses and startups. Her skill span includes everything from office operations and digital marketing to community outreach in the nutraceutical, public health, and environmental areas; Moyer’s experiences in digital marketing and public health will also be valuable as the company develops medical marijuana marketing strategies for clients.

“Melody’s well-rounded experience with dealing with startups and small businesses, her understanding of large construction projects and their environmental impact as well as her understanding of medicinal herbs is very compatible with the content and the issues that we deal with in developing the foundation for the cannabis industry,” Czarkowski commented.

In addition to her work experience, Ms. Moyer also holds a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the University of Colorado in Denver. She also has certification in botanicals and experience with essential oils and medicinal herbs.

Czarkowski added that Ms. Moyer also has an interest in cannabinoids, pain management, and women’s health and wellness, all of which contributed to the decision to add her to the Canna Advisors team.

About Canna Advisors

Canna Advisors is a Boulder, Colorado based company that has direct experience winning licenses, designing facilities and managing operations in the cannabis industry since 2009. Canna Advisors has designed facilities and developed procedures for the most regulated markets across the nation, winning licenses in every state engaged. For more information, please visit

Upper Valley Native Finds No Shortage of Roles

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Image from page 548 of “Commercial statistics. A digest of the productive resources, commercial legislation, customs tariffs … of all nations. Including all British commercial treaties with foreign states ..” (1850)
Hemp Legislation
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: commercialstatis02macg
Title: Commercial statistics. A digest of the productive resources, commercial legislation, customs tariffs … of all nations. Including all British commercial treaties with foreign states ..
Year: 1850 (1850s)
Authors: Macgregor, John, 1797-1857
Subjects: Commercial statistics Tariff Commercial law Maritime law
Publisher: London, Whittaker and co.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Smithsonian Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ue of Gold and Silver imported in 1803 == 1,007,510 roubles. in 1804 152,310 „ TRADE OF ST. PETERSBURG. 531 n «* © <* as as c 3J OJ *f <tf •-) »t * n t CO »H mwt-ro©co» —»_ CS OS 00 N> CO cot- a* — «w oooa cs10 «r -r © as („ O — ofi-rco « mo t»o cf « o -<o •o © CS © ftaMiaioeinai NOooova © r- i v^ tS^N N M f< O^O O O O X^Wroxffl- = – •© m bD B o Pi !©ps–;0?*©r»tO *f o <n ^ IS O W » rt e* —■ ^r © i< — NOO*«raocot~n © co ® so © ® s e* »«. co ©O ^WHW f-T of 00* SO iff i— ©*« oT oo wT 1 C. J- © — i— i O i-c TT SO rfi fffroo n r: o »i 0^(0 0 0 so imoT TMSfflM j) w-oteoi . «fi tfS CO >»N CO — CO Tj« co p-i t- © *r *» CS — f- to © *-■ OS N. «n CN — © I CC CS <# — © lO —. CO : M- oin^ON CS rf © ©© t» — 00 I r» I CO fff ^sNsf 3 5oo6oo66od66?oooSoo6ooiooSoSooJooo • & .-g, • • p. • • •

Text Appearing After Image:
532 RUSSIA. Principal Articles exported from St. Petersburg, in 1804, to Countries not British. Ss.| Hemp. Flax. For Iron. 1st sort. 2d. 65Prassia…. 54 Lubec 43 Denmark..39 Sweden.. .. 29 France 26 Amsterdam 24 Spain 22 Portugal… 14 Rcstoc 4 Italy 331 65 poods.2.0501.470 16,254 32*837 8.3SS 16,396 6,940 18*803 poods, poods. 15,948 15,513 17.201 55.495 2,270 13.775 9,930 784 2 Sound Bremen —Philadel-phia Other ports andElsinore .. 3,150 5,110 SeveralNations…- 106,283 184,051 EnglishShips…American 3,798. 47 654 26.021 7,691 2,651 15,553 6 122 3.065 2,10S 3d. poods. 5,29375,635 5.S72 12head 9 do. 6do, Cord- 375.53S 1,093,055275,264 157,495 122,629 134,026BfjfiM poods, poods pds.604. 17 146 1,5751,909 1,2489252221017.54220,544 4^591 3,324 1,555 10,009 2.325 13,253 4*,521 2,692 955 6,523 2,254 732 125,991 47,572 217,345 270,452 340 3 -2-A 5,791 15,62115 pds. 719 20,545465 14,312 2,745 Tallow.; = pods, poods. 225.24? 3.305 44.;* 14 32J971 1,132 4,052 25,853 1.419 50,338 442 705 5,

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Upper Valley Native Finds No Shortage of Roles
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Miami, Florida (PRWEB) December 19, 2012

As the dust settles in the weeks following the Presidential Election, Americans are returning to life as usual. Gone are the political ads, debates and polls and most citizens are thankful to that end. However, the leading real estate website, is detecting a small yet increasing trend under current in the ocean of politics. There is an amplified interest in the states where medical marijuana can be used without criminal consequences.

The voters in the states of Washington and Colorado have gone a step further and given their blessing to the recreational use of marijuana. Many other states have passed similar legislation that downgrade possession of the drug to the equivalent of running a stop sign. Each state will have different ordinances as to how much you can carry without the fear of facing a judge but, that aside there is a growing trend to legalize the use of medical marijuana in the United States.

The infographic illustrates (in green) the states that have legalized or passed laws allowing either the medical or recreational use of the plant. One eye opener was the increased number of homes for sale searches in New York and Maryland on Several states saw increases in the single digits; the searches in the tiny state of Maryland swelled to a full 14% and a whopping 22% in New York.

There are no hard and fast demographics for these online queries but when most people look for a home they generally have a stable income and the financial means to make the move. Widely distributed studies would lead most to believe it is the teenagers and the early 20s network that use marijuana. For more information, see the recent study by the American Medical Association: Nevertheless, those age groups by and large, don’t have access to the cash reserves needed to make major purchases like a home.

Although the increased traffic is by no means immense yet, the percentages of increases were enough to catch more than a few eyes. Founder and CEO of, Richard Swerdlow commented on the recent findings, “The U.S. is traditionally conservative and cautious about the use of marijuana. Looking at the traffic by state breakdown paired with recent legislation on the drug suggests that citizens may want to see that changed.”

The inforgraphic clearly illustrates that the plain states, the Southeastern Seaboard and Southern states, are more conservative in their approaches to marijuana. Many citizens who are in favor of these relaxed measures are predicting it is just a matter of time before all states have some kind of legal verbiage for marijuana and its use.

For more in depth information on this subject read the full article here: Realtors in these 20+ states may want to keep their eyes on the marijuana legislation in their vicinity. When the topic is brought up in conversation; being prepared to answer client’s questions with an informed and educated voice may be an advantage.

About eReal Estate Holdings

eReal Estate Holdings LLC owns and / or operates the category-defining portals,, and These real estate portals are the world’s largest online marketplaces for real estate with more than 30 million properties for sale, rent and vacation in the United States and 70-plus countries around the world. The sites receive more than 1.5 million visitors per month, and cost-effectively deliver exposure and qualified leads to builders, real estate professionals and homeowners. In addition to property for sale and properties for rent, site visitors have access to a wide variety of real estate-related products and services, including mortgages, credit repair, home improvement, moving and more. was launched in beta in November 2012 in order to capitalize on the rapid growth of location-based advertising and search.

The privately held eReal Estate Holdings LLC is headquartered in Miami, Florida. For more information, please visit

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