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Hemp Farm
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An agricultural space colony bot after harvesting some Europan Ganja gigantus.

Judge schedules arguments in Menominee hemp suit
Arguments will be heard by a federal judge next month on the Menominee Indian Tribe's lawsuit against the federal government over a hemp-growing operation. Court records indicate that oral arguments are scheduled for May 13 before Judge William …
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Hemp: marijuana's cousin, the plant with '2500 uses'
Omaha entrepreneur John Lupien is pictured with a bundle unprocessed hemp stalks (bottom) and the more refined bast fiber (top), both sitting on an early prototype of a "decorticator" machine that strips out the fibers and inner core of a hemp stalk …
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Unraveling Hemp: The Road to Legalization Part Four
Pennsylvania's history rich in hemp production, even townships named after it, is just part of the reason Democratic Senator Judy Schwank and Republican State Representative Russ Diamond believe Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned to play a key role in …
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Wheat, corn, cannabis? Farmers eye next cash crop
After spending decades in darkened basements and secreted away on small parcels of land, growers are commercializing once-illegal plant varieties: industrial hemp, recreational marijuana and medical cannabis. As more states legalize the growth of …

Latest Marijuana Legalization News

Marijuana Legalization
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On 4/20, marijuana legalization headed for California ballot
Happy 4/20, the unofficial holiday of cannabis enthusiasts, and those who occasionally indulge a craving. Wednesday's celebration may be especially promising for California marijuana users given the improving prospect that they'll have another chance …
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Pot-Prohibitionists' Poll Shows Legalization Could Fail In Arizona
Colorado's been doing fine since legalizing marijuana for adult use in 2012. So have other recreational-use states and Washington D.C. A CBS News poll released on Wednesday revealed that support of legalization of marijuana has reached an all-time high.
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More and more doctors want to make marijuana legal
The group — which is announcing its formation Monday, under the name Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR) — is endorsing the legalization of marijuana for adult recreational use, a break from the position of the American Medical Association, the …
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Hemp Fest attendees lined up for 'edibles'
About 50 people stood in line around 11 a.m. Saturday at Hemp Fest in Moscow's East City Park waiting to buy what one called "dessert" and another labeled "edibles." The seller's handprinted menu, passed up and down the line, was offering – for $ 6 each …
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Cannabis Movement plans a “Freedom Festival”
Speakers will talk about benefits they experienced from using medicinal cannabis when Buffalo Cannabis Movement holds a Freedom Festival in the Hoyt Lake area of Delaware Park from 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday. The program also will highlight the problems …
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Letter: Legalize medical cannabis in Iowa
I completely agree with The Gazette's April 8 editorial “Don't delay expansion of medical cannabis” favoring the legalization of medical cannabis. As well as lessening the pains and suffering from cancers and epileptic seizures, I'm betting it will be …
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Cannabis Rally Held In Scranton
(WBRE/WYOU) LACKAWANNA COUNTY – At the same time that the medical marijuana bill was being signed, local cannabis advocates were gathering for a rally in Lackawanna County. Supporters of the bill held a cannabis rally which featured live music, …
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Hemp: marijuana's cousin, the plant with '2500 uses'
Omaha entrepreneur John Lupien is pictured with a bundle unprocessed hemp stalks (bottom) and the more refined bast fiber (top), both sitting on an early prototype of a "decorticator" machine that strips out the fibers and inner core of a hemp stalk …
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NDLEA parades over 135 drug dealers with 160 bags of Indian hemp
The drug sellers were apprehended on Monday with no fewer than 160 bags of Indian hemp. The state commander of the agency, Frank Hannachor disclosed that operatives of the agency responded to information from insiders of the two communities of …
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Forum editorial: ND hemp will make history
North Dakota, which has one of the most diversified crop bases in the nation, will further diversify this spring with the introduction of an industrial hemp crop on small acreages managed by five growers. It's a first for the state, and it's historic …
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Hemp Makes Landmark Strides In White Plume Case, Market Growth And
industrial hemp farming bill obama The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and Vote Hemp have announced the dates for the 7th annual Hemp History Week, to be held June 6-12, 2016. This year promises to be an historic time in the movement to legalize …
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Tennessee lawmaker says growing hemp will get easier
Tennessee legislator Jeremy Faison is working to make Tennessee a hemp state. He has two bills in the works that he said would make it easier for Tennessee farmers to access seeds, and sell their product. The first, HB2032, would allow Tennessee to …
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City's hemp company deal paused
The federal Food and Drug Administration is tightening its oversight of the hemp oil industry and that prompted City Council to approve a four-month “timeout” in its agreement with CBD Biosciences, the new hemp oil venture that is occupying the old …
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Hemp industry to get down to business at weekend expo
Movers and shakers in the hemp industry will drive home the versatility of the plant, make pitches to investors and display a multitude of wares to consumers – all while pounding home the mantra that hemp isn't pot, it won't get you high, but it could …
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Unraveling Hemp: The Road to Legalization Part Two
Two centuries ago there were over 100 water-powered mills for processing hemp fiber in Lancaster County alone, with more throughout the state. Industrial hemp dominated Pennsylvania's agricultural landscape so much so that Hempfield Township was …
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Unraveling Hemp: The Road to Legalization Part One
The Hemp Industry Association reports that total retail value of hemp products nationwide now is estimated at over $ 600 Million in 2014, with uses that range from food to body care products to clothing, auto parts, building materials and various other …
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Latest Marijuana Legalization News

Weed Legalization 2016: New Political Party Legal Marijuana Now Nebraska Backs
Cannabis A cannabis plant is pictured at a "Weed the People" event celebrating the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in Portland, Oregon, July 3, 2015. Marijuana legalization supporters are attempting to form a political party in Nebraska.
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What A Trump Presidency Would Mean for Marijuana Law Reform: Worry
Last night's string of electoral primary victories for Republican candidate Donald Trump could go down as a pivotal point in US history. Like the 2000 Republican primaries that gave us George W. Bush, and his subsequent invasion of Iraq, the …
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Marijuana Legalization 2016 In California: Cannabis Oil Plant Proposed At
The company, which would sell the oil wholesale to dispensaries, would also bring 100 full-time jobs — a figure that could double should California make recreational pot use legal this year. Coalinga, a town that historically relied on crude oil and …
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Latest Marijuana Legalization News

Senate backers of medical marijuana cite flaws in Pa. House bill
Senate backers of medical marijuana cite flaws in Pa. House bill. Some Senate backers of medical marijuana legalization are raising the possibility of a delay in getting the drug into the hands of Pennsylvania patients suffering from conditions like …
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Legal marijuana is finally doing what the drug war couldn't
Legal marijuana may be doing at least one thing that a decades-long drug war couldn't: taking a bite out of Mexican drug cartels' profits. The latest data from the U.S. Border Patrol shows that last year, marijuana seizures along the southwest border …
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Medical marijuana overdue, recreational legalization next
The move to legalize medical marijuana will make Pennsylvania the 24th state in the union to do so, but getting to this point was no simple feat. The journey to medical marijuana legalization was one that required patients and their families to take …
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