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7 takeaways from the special report on marijuana legalization in Massachusetts
Bill Sicard waits for his medical marijuana at the New England Treatment Access dispensary on Conz Street in Northampton. The dispensary opened on Monday, becoming the third in Massachusetts to open following legalization of medical marijuana by …

At least 20 states could vote on marijuana legalization in 2016
Marijuana initiatives are sweeping across the nation this year, and already 20 states report marijuana legalization ballot measures in the November 2016 elections, as reported by SFGate. That means 20 more states could legalize medical or recreational …
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Latest Marijuana Legalization News

Maine marijuana legalization campaign reeling after state rejection
Boxes of petition signatures for a Maine marijuana legalization initiative are delivered to state officials on Feb. 1, 2016 as protesters wave signs in Augusta, Maine. (Tom Bell, The Associated Press) …
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Pivotal Supreme Court decision on marijuana legalization delayed again
Nebraska and Oklahoma are asking SCOTUS to dismantle state-level regulations on legal pot in Colorado — and by extensions Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington DC. The neighboring states argue marijuana is leaking out of Colorado and …
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Biocatalyzed Cannabinoid Developer Secures Funding from Prominent Cannabis
CBC Biotechnologies, Inc., a Florida-based biopharmaceutical company focused on the use of synthetic biology to produce cannabinoids, has raised $ 7mm from investors that include NYC-based Tuatara Capital, which is focused on advancing the legal …
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Cannabis start-ups pave the way for the rise of a 'Spark-Up' Nation
As a researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, he was part of the team (alongside Yechiel Gaoni) responsible for the discovery of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, as well as much of the foundation research in the …
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Latest Marijuana Legalization News

Puerto Rico Could be Next to Legalize Marijuana
While we have already seen four states and D.C. legalize recreational marijuana, with more and more states gunning all the time (now that many have seen the sky won't fall) it should not be too much of a surprise to hear that the U.S. territory of …
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On DC's one-year anniversary with legalized marijuana, work remains
More than a year has passed since District voters legalized marijuana. On Feb. 26, 2015, it became legal for adults to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and cultivate up to six plants in their home. As a result, marijuana possession arrests …
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No worries! Marijuana legalization is back in Ohio: Mike Polk Jr.
Buddie, the ill-advised mascot for the pro-marijuana legalization group ResponsibleOhio, trolls for college students during a promotional tour at Miami University last October. Suspicions that ResponsibleOhio wanted to sell dope to young people may …

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Oregon lawmakers approve hemp, wetland, drought, wildfire bills
Hemp: Growers will be able to cultivate hemp in greenhouses and propagate it from cuttings under House Bill 4060, which eliminates the requirement that the crop be directly seeded in fields of at least 2.5 acres. The changes are aimed at providing …
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The State of the Leaf: Maine Falls Short and Washington Sets Hemp Free
Here's the news that's fit to print: Hawaii is stepping up its legislation game with the introduction of four new bills aimed at regulating the new medical marijuana dispensary program, Maine's legalization bid failed to make the ballot, Maryland can't …
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Store, the first in the state, sells hemp/cannabidiol products
While CBDRx specializes in the development, cultivation, processing and wholesale distribution of hemp-based CBD products, Herbal Extracts bills itself as a “leader in the emerging market for dietary and nutritional supplements derived from certified …
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NM falling behind other states on hemp
According to the National Conference of State Legislators, at least 27 states have enacted some sort of law regarding industrial hemp production since 2014, when federal legislation allowed states to enact such laws. One person familiar with the …
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200 acres of Indian hemp destroyed
Over 200 acres of Indian hemp were destroyed by the police between 2014 and 2015, while 50 tonnes were also impounded. About 81 wee traffickers were also arrested, 36 convicted, two acquitted and 43 pending trial in various courts. The Director-General …
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Top 6 industries fighting marijuana legalization
If online users browse the websites of just about any anti-marijuana or anti-drug group, they'll likely notice a very clear health and safety angle to the arguments being made against marijuana legalization. While these arguments are largely …
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Tommy Chong on California Marijuana Legalization: 1 Ounce, 6 Plants, It Doesn
My conversation with Tommy Chong at the International Cannabis Business Conference began with his thoughts on the candidacy of Donald Trump, who Chong believes “personifies the Republican Party.” In Part 2 of our interview, Chong talks about how rich …
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Legalizing Weed: 3 Facts About North Dakota's Legalization of Industrial Hemp
One state that almost definitely will not be legalizing recreational weed, but has legalized industrial hemp farming, is the state of North Dakota. In fact, AlterNet named North Dakota one of "The 9 States Where Marijuana Will Be Legalized Last." There …
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Menominee want summary judgement in hemp case
The Menominee Tribe is asking a federal court for a summary judgement to declare its industrial hemp growing operation legal. The request comes in response to the federal government's motion seeking the lawsuit from the tribe to be tossed. Last …
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US Cannabis Cup coming to Pueblo County
I didn't have any problem with it, I enjoy music, but this is the first I've heard of it," he tells News 5 of the US Cannabis Cup. Usually one of many locals to skip town during Bands in the Backyard, Mead says he does not feel as comfortable leaving …
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Ex-Googler says 'marijuana is the next Internet'
“I believe cannabis is the next Internet – an immense and untrammelled new market opportunity – and Tokyo Smoke is gearing up to take advantage of it. At least 10 per cent of North Americans consume cannabis on a regular basis and consumer product …
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Cannabis News Roundup: 02.19.16

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Cannabis News Roundup: 02.19.16
Who will be responsible for plant tracking? // “California's new medical cannabis law will put the state in charge of tracking each marijuana plant from 'seed to sale.' But the Brown administration and the state's independent tax board are …
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Medical marijuana bill stymied
TALLAHASSEE — More than 20 revisions filed to a medical marijuana bill giving terminally ill individuals access to cannabis caused the legislation to be temporarily postponed in a busy Senate session Tuesday. While SB 460 remains on the list of …
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