Texas Legislation Offers Incentives for Renewable Energies

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In an effort to continue with the push to live a greener lifestyle, renewable energy legislation in Texas offers many incentives for property owners and residents to establish processes to engage in methods to become more energy efficient. These renewable options can be implemented at both homes and businesses, and can also help people to reduce their monthly utility bills, in addition to saving the environment.


Solar and wind technologies are the future of being energy efficient, and Texas is home to abundant amounts of sun and strong winds. Renewable energy legislation in Texas is based on the understanding of the benefits of these options, and it encourages residents to educate themselves on the incentives offered. In fact, there are a number of tax and other monetary incentives that can even make using renewable energy lucrative for home and business owners throughout the state.


Currently, companies and business owners may deduct 10 percent of the total cost of the renewable energy system from their franchise tax. Renewable energy legislation in Texas also offers the possibility for corporations involved with the construction and selling of energy efficient equipment to be exempt from the franchise tax completely. This is an effort to attract the necessary equipment and businesses to expand renewable energy sources throughout the state of Texas.


Wind and solar energies are compatible with the incentives offered by the renewable energy legislation in Texas if these items are installed to store energy that supports heating and cooling for a property. If a business installs solar panels on the roof of its building, for example, it may be eligible. The same is true if an organization implements wind turbines on its property.


To apply for the incentives provided by recent renewable energy legislation in Texas, one must apply using Form 50-123, called “Exemption Application for Solar or Wind-Powered Energy Devices.” This form can be found on the state government’s website.


Besides incentives offered by the latest renewable energy legislation in Texas, solar and wind powered energy offers a sustainable way to power a property with minimal costs. Local government also offers credits and rebates that can be applied towards the price of installation. Simply put, engaging in renewable and more efficient energy not only helps you to preserve the environment, but it also gives you the opportunity to reduce your energy costs on a monthly basis.


With a variety of incentives, Texas is urging corporations and property owners to live a greener and more sustainable lifestyle for the long term.

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