The Shake: NFL Players Team Up to Study Medical Cannabis

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The Shake: NFL Players Team Up to Study Medical Cannabis
The New York Times editorial board, in a piece about “outrageous sentences for marijuana,” takes a look at Lee Carroll Booker, 75, who faces a life sentence without the possibility of parole after being caught growing 30 or more cannabis plants in 2011.
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How harmful is cannabis? – podcast
What has convinced some researchers that the risks of heavy cannabis use now warrant public health campaigns to warn people of potential harm? How real is the risk of psychosis among vulnerable users of the drug? And why has the number of young …
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Historic Cannabis Torch Passing Down East Coast Hits Concord – Photos
The torch, which looks like a big joint with real flame emanating from a gas tank it its tip, began its trip in Maine and will end in Miami. New Hampshire was its first symbolic passing, and as you'll see from the hundreds of pictures linked below …
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Health should come first with medical cannabis
Missourians suffering from cancer, seizures, ALS, Parkinson's disease, debilitating pain and many other medical conditions often find themselves waiting for new treatments to be made available in hopes of getting relief. Without action from the …
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