Victoria could allow 'edibles' at cannabis dispensaries

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Victoria could allow 'edibles' at cannabis dispensaries
The City of Victoria is considering rules for its illegal cannabis dispensaries that would be more permissive than Vancouver's landmark bylaw, permitting the sale of controversial “edibles” and allowing pot shops to be located closer to schools …
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Ex-policeman David Lister fronts court on ice trafficking, cannabis growing
North West Regional Crime Squad detectives say they have dismantled the cartel, which is linked to shootings and cannabis crop run-throughs in Melbourne's western suburbs, after Monday's raids and the charging of eight alleged key syndicate members, …
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What is Decarboxylation, and Why Does Your Cannabis Need It?
Here's a scenario we have all seen in film before: Somebody consumes an entire bag of raw cannabis in order to avoid getting caught with it. Eyes pop wide open and gasps ensue. “You just ate that whole bag!” somebody shouts. However, the aftermath of …
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