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In an age of mass consumption, US Hemp Co stands as a hopeful vision of what is possible when we view ourselves as citizens instead of consumers. We are focused on a single goal: to focus on cooperation and community instead of competition and profits.

We are determined to help lay a foundation for a better more sustainable future for our children, grandchildren, and beyond. A return to natural resources is a return to community based economies, non-toxic, biodegradable products, closed loop carbon cycles, and a brighter tomorrow.

A hemp economy is a local economy. A local economy is sustainable, strong, and secure. The future has begun.

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US Hemp Co Museum

US Hemp Co began and remains primarily an educational non profit company dedicated to starting ripples that may become waves. To fulfill our mission we opened a Hemp Museum in the heart of Santa Cruz across from the famous clock tower.

We have started and supported many projects aimed at showing the reality of using hemp instead of synthetics to produce superior and eco freindly products.

We are a community of surfers of all types who ride the waves of change. Some of us surf the web, some of us surf water, land, and air. . . We all contribute in shifting our collective consciousness through our art, music, and action.

We have now moved online to take advantage of the communication and collaboration which is changing the world. Become part of the change by starting a blog and sowing some seeds

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join the human revolution

join the human revolution

Many new and exciting ways to use hemp emerged out of the Hemp Musuem and the Hemp Horizons gift shop. We attracted folks from all walks who were wanting and willing to help get a sustainble future started. We were able to develop some wonderful products as a result of community involvement.

The hemp surfboard, hemp bike, hemp furniture, hemp artists canvas, and hemp band T's are the just the beginning. By spreading the word we have been able to sow many seeds that just need your imagination and efforts to become reality. We have put on a very small display of what is possible.

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