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US Hemp Co stands as a hopeful vision of what is possible when we view ourselves as citizens instead of consumers. We focus on cooperation and community instead of competition and profits.

We are determined to help lay a foundation for a better more sustainable future for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.

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We are ready for hemp

We are ready to help make hemp a reality in the USA by spreading the word about all the great benefits hemp could bring to our country.

A return to natural resources is a return to community based economies, non-toxic, biodegradable products, closed loop carbon cycles, and a brighter tomorrow. A hemp economy is a local economy. A local economy is sustainable, strong, and secure. The future has begun.

The world is ready for Cannabis

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Hemp Future

Hemp Innovations

We have been at work developing some wonderful products as a result of community involvement.

The hemp surfboard, hemp bike, hemp furniture, hemp artists canvas, and hemp band T's are the just the beginning. By spreading the word we have been able to sow many seeds that just need your imagination and efforts to become reality. We have put on a very small display of what is possible.

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The Future of Hemp Has Begun


From hemp seeds, hemp wood, hemp fibers, hemp oil, and more hemp seeds… industrial hemp is here. Cannabis for food, medicine and industrial materials is just the beginning. A new era is upon us that will lead to a wider use of Cannabis for hemp home building, hemp plastics, hemp clothing, hemp composites, and more. Many products are already gaining popularity, like raw hulled hemp seeds, hemp milk, hemp granola and hemp beer. 


It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.” – Voltaire


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Revelation from United States environmental legislation

by Internet Archive Book Images   America’s environmental laws have influenced the development of green legislation abroad: China’s Environmental Impact Assessment Law, for example, reflects study of the United States’ National Environmental Policy Act, while Beijing’s recent laws and regulations on public disclosure of information show an understanding of the US Freedom of Information Act. Mongolia developed its national environmental laws with the help of American lawyers. There are dozens of other such examples. But what about environmental case law in the United States? Are there lessons to be drawn from the wins and the losses for counterparts in the environmental law profession and their colleagues abroad? At a recent roundtable with Chinese environmental law professionals in San Francisco, a lively discussion developed on the issue of lawyers’ fees and court fees. On first blush, this might seem a minor issue compared to the ...
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Paradise Seeds

by Mishimoto There has been a lot written about the paradise seed variety lately, especially considering that the price of cannabis seeds continues to skyrocket. Because paradise seeds are offered both in masculine and feminized forms, it makes sense to consider this variety if you are looking to start home growing your cannabis. One of the key questions when it comes to paradise seeds is whether or not you should grow them indoors. Again, a lot has been published about this, but all too often we simply see contradictory advice from people who have tried to grow paradise seeds and failed. Ultimately, failure only occurs in 5% of growing cases (if you do everything right) so we figure that people are simply not educating themselves on the proper growing techniques for this amazing range of seeds. That's exactly what we are going to offer ...
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Industrial Filters

by Internet Archive Book Images Industrial Filters are made to remove the hazardous foreign elements and provide protection against damages and risk of nation. Industrial Filters and Industrial Strainers are used extensively throughout Major Pipelines, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Pulp and Paper Plants, Chemical Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Gas Transmission Companies, Gas Distribution Companies, Utility Companies, and some of the Process Industries. The most popular applications are Boiler feed water, Condensate service, Cooling water, Lubricating, Fuel, Hydraulic & Transformer oil, Naphtha, Water for fire protection system, Compressed air & gases, Steam and many other process Fluid. Filters are designed with extra care using best suitable material for the process fluid, including low as well as high temperature services and sour services etc. Housings are designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div.I, IBR, and other national & international codes on request. Visual or Audible warning system ...
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Industrial Furniture

by ukagriculture Love the look of Industrial Furniture? Are you inspired by vintage steel desks, saw-cut coffee tables and cocktail bars made from aeroplane parts? Want to know where the best supplier of Industrial Furniture can be found? Look online at a UK store that specialises in vintage, retro and Industrial Furniture and you'll find a comprehensive collection of Industrial Vintage Furniture at the best possible prices. Fancy furnishing your new apartment with a few funky features?  Look for inspiration amongst the Industrial Furniture.  Stock can be viewed online at anytime and there's always plenty of choice available.  Accessorise your home or your work setting with Industrial Furniture and provide the interior with a unique sense of appeal. Browse current collections See the massive range of Industrial Furniture ready for immediate delivery.  This isn't like anything else that you'll find through retail furniture stores.  ...
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Industrial Hose Pipe

by Jeff1961 An industrial hose is any hose designed specifically to safely withstand the extreme pressures or temperatures and resist the attacks of caustic or abrasive chemicals associated with industrial processes. Industrial hoses may consist of loose lengths or prefabricated modular units, which include application specific fittings. These hoses are typically constructed with a flexible outer sheath of chemical, heat, and lubricant resistant rubber reinforced at various points with a textile or metal braided sheath. The union between the hose and fittings are also designed to carry high pressures, and the fittings themselves are typically robust, heavy-duty variants. Industrial hoses are generally used in hydraulic, pneumatic, high-pressure lubrication, and chemical process systems. Hoses destined for use in industrial processes generally have to contend with four factors, which the common garden hose doesn't. These are high pressure, temperature extremes, mechanical stress, and chemical attack. Some ...
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Newborn baby merchandise when using the ease of a drug free main difference

by J. Tewell Seeking out the baby merchandise for the thinking woman now and then are an difficult together with difficult task, especially if everyone haven’t have kids earlier than. The opportunity meant for newborn baby merchandise happen to be infinite together with there isn't simple wonderful the baby treasure, however, there are a number for the baby merchandise which can wonderfully fulfill the necessities within the baby or simply his/her friends and family. This particular check list could assist you during deciding upon the proper the baby merchandise.   Anytime deciding upon what precisely the baby merchandise to build meant for different or simply thinking father and mother thus to their baby, you ought to earliest factor in the wants within the baby together with chooses within the father and mother. A good example of its whenever father and mother choose to lift ...
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Newborn presents using the ease of an all natural distinction!

by Thomas Hawk Buying infant presents to have an anticipating mom sometimes is definitely a mind-boggling as well as struggle, particularly if a person haven’t experienced a young child prior to. The choices with regard to newborn presents tend to be limitless as well as there isn't any solitary ideal infant present, however there are a number associated with infant presents that may completely satisfy the requirements from the infant or even his/her loved ones. The next list may show you within choosing the perfect infant presents. Whenever choosing exactly what infant presents to obtain with regard to brand new or even anticipating mother and father for his or her infant, you have to very first consider the requirements from the infant as well as wants from the mother and father. Among this really is in the event that mother and father wish to ...
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Evade Financial Hurdles with the Disguised Remuneration Legislation

by afagen If reports are to be believed, there is a change in the format of disguised remuneration with the inclusion of third party arrangements in which any employee is privileged to avail the benefit of the amount paid or asset provided. The purpose of introducing new law in the process of disguised remuneration is to managing the third party arrangements. There is no denying the fact that the new legislation has put forth a wide range of benefits including employee's employment and an income tax charge hiked by the employer. In reality, the new legistation in disguised remuneration has proved to be beneficial for companies, small and big. The influence of the change is undoubtedly seen in Exchequer. Exchequer can take up the receipts with a good amount. The legislation is passed to provide escort to such kind of tax avoidance arrangements, not ...
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Latest Cannabis Science News

Image from page 72 of "Chemistry of pulp and paper making" (1920) Image by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: chemistryofpulpp00suteuoft Title: Chemistry of pulp and paper making Year: 1920 (1920s) Authors: Sutermeister, Edwin, b. 1876 Subjects: Paper making and trade Wood-pulp Publisher: New York Wiley Contributing Library: Earth Sciences - University of Toronto Digitizing Sponsor: MSN View Book Page: Book Viewer About This Book: Catalog Entry View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Before Image: Plate 2 Linen {Linum usitatissimum) Magnification 100 diameters. Photographed by-Bureau of Standards. Text Appearing After Image: ^ Plate 3 Hemp {Cannabis saliva) Magnification 100 diameters. Photographed by Bureau of Standards. Note About Images Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have ...
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Learning to grow

by Internet Archive Book Images Cisco has been the pinnacle of many big and small firms' communication means. They have the source of connecting the firms together with branches in different parts of the world. But such expertise does not come easy. The Cisco has certified its usage to only qualified personnel. Their qualification will be based on examination undertaken by the Pearson VUE. Based on the qualifications, the candidates are classified into five categories: Entry Associate Professional Expert Architect Based on these five levels, there are seven other fields a person can work in and gain more experience. The fields include: Routing & Switching, Design, Network security, Service provider, Storage network, Voice and Wireless. Qualifications available, mostly at professional level include: CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice, CCVP, CIPT1, CIPT2, ICOMM, CVOICE, TVOICE, and CAPPS. Their certified jobs can be described as follows: CCNA voice: ...
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Buy Hemp Protein UK ? Agreeable Protein Source for Vegetarians?

by J. Tewell One of the first-class sources of protein is Hemp, yet individuals might wonder whether or not spending money on this great protein is worth it. In order to assist your decision to purchase the Hemp protein, this article will advise you on the benefits of the protein, and whether it indeed will be a good health investment in the long run.Why Hemp? Your body needs essential fatty acids in order to stay in good health, yet the body cannot create them naturally, and needs to acquire them from other food components. The Hemp protein includes Omega-3 and 6, as well as all eight essential fatty acids. Walnuts are known to be one of the greatest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and it is great to know that the Hemp protein contains much more. The Hemp protein is very easy to use ...
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Latest How To Grow Hemp News

Image from page 70 of "The standard cyclopedia of horticulture; a discussion, for the amateur, and the professional and commercial grower, of the kinds, characteristics and methods of cultivation of the species of plants grown in the regions of the United Image by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: standardcycloped02bail Title: The standard cyclopedia of horticulture; a discussion, for the amateur, and the professional and commercial grower, of the kinds, characteristics and methods of cultivation of the species of plants grown in the regions of the United States and Canada for ornament, for fancy, for fruit and for vegetables; with keys to the natural families and genera, descriptions of the horticultural capabilities of the states and provinces and dependent islands, and sketches of eminent horticulturists Year: 1916 (1910s) Authors: Bailey, L. H. (Liberty Hyde), 1858-1954 Subjects: Gardening Publisher: New York, The Macmillan Co. [etc., etc.] ...
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Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Brings CS-TATI-1 To The US FDA

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Brings CS-TATI-1 To The US FDA Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) a company into the development of cannabis-based consulting, reported a major Collaborative Drug Development agreement with IGXBio and its GenePro®, which is a DNA-based immunotherapeutic. The company's ... Read more on Journal Transcript Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Stock in Focus Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) was one of the original pot stocks that lit up the bb's and made spectacular gains for investors. Since those heady days however the stock continues to be in steep decline recently dropping below $ 0.05 support. Read more on MicroCap Daily ...
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Latest Cannabis Science News

Oregon congressman: Pot 'should not be categorized as a Schedule I drug' As marijuana legalization continues its march forward, and as American power-brokers and politicians have come around to say that cannabis isn't as dangerous as they once said it was, the maze that is the federal government's pot policy is going from ... Read more on The Cannabist Shakespeare was Probably a Pothead, Says Science The study was set to look at what people were smoking back in the day in England, taking pipes from Shakespeare's garden to run gas chromatography mass spectrometry, which is a very fancy pants, science way of saying they found cannabis on four ... Read more on The Blemish 6 Reasons Why We Need to Support the Scientific Investigation of Medical Cannabis Nowadays, the only way to determine if medical marijuana will relieve your symptoms is to try it. And ...
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Latest Hemp News

Woody Harrelson - Hemp Rocks Image by Erik R. Bishoff Decked head to toe in hemp cloting, including a stocking cap embroidered with a marijuana leaf and the words "Hemp Rocks" hollywood celebrity Woody Harrelson visited the University campus to promote his new documentary "Go Further". Harrelson spoke to a crowd of hundreds of students at the EMU Ampitheater where he promoted marijuana and hemp legalization, OSPIRG, environmental protection issues. Although it was supposed to be a non-partisan event, Harrelson discouraged students from voting for President George W. Bush ...
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Latest Hemp News News

Image from page 444 of "Agricultural news" (1903) Image by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: agriculturalnews17grea Title: Agricultural news Year: 1903 (1900s) Authors: Great Britain. Imperial Dept. of Agriculture for the West Indies Subjects: Agriculture -- West Indies Plant diseases -- West Indies Publisher: Bridgetown, Barbados, Bowen & sons Contributing Library: The LuEsther T Mertz Library, the New York Botanical Garden Digitizing Sponsor: The LuEsther T Mertz Library, the New York Botanical Garden View Book Page: Book Viewer About This Book: Catalog Entry View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Before Image: 1). HonilersiMi .t Co.. Kii)gst..ii. Uniw of South Africa, Northern Rhodesia, Braiil, Basutoland, (JRKN.MiA; Thoi„Mm. llanKrv .v C„. I BAllBATXiS: ]l:nlKKU>3 Co-.>|Kriitiv<- Cntton < o., Ltd* Nya^la-K), Swaziland. Southern Rhodesia, ...
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Science of Analytics

by Internet Archive Book Images Analytics is not just pure science; it is part art as well. Organizations that master the fine art of using analytical tools realize increased revenues and enjoy cost savings. Last week we talked broadly about ANALYTICS. This week we dive into the “SCIENCE OF ANALYTICS.” The scientific approach involves the following four key steps: 1. Observe/define the business problem: Observation is either an activity consisting of receiving knowledge, or the recording of data using scientific instruments. The term may also refer to any data collected during this activity. Analytics begins with observing the phenomenon and setting up the right business problem. It requires understanding the facts, to which you have ready access, and then drawing conclusions from it to identify the business problem which needs to be solved. For example, a manufacturing company is suffering from declining profits. By ...
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Latest Cannabis Science News

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Continues To Rake Investors' Attention Marijuana based company, Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) is looking forward to brighter days as more and more states are embracing the pot. Some of the recent developments taking place across the U.S. has helped the cannabis stocks to gain ... Read more on Journal Transcript Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Is Back Where it Began Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) is sitting just under $ 0.03 on continued excellent volume and strong support. CBIS takes advantage of its unique understanding of metabolic processes to provide novel treatment approaches to a number of illnesses ... Read more on MicroCap Daily ...
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Latest How To Grow Hemp News

Image from page 78 of "A report on the leaf fibers of the United States detailing results of recent investigations relating to Florida sisal hemp, the false sisal hemp plant of Florida, and other fiber-producing agaves; bowstring hemp, pineapple fiber, Ne Image by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: reportonleaffibe05dodg Title: A report on the leaf fibers of the United States detailing results of recent investigations relating to Florida sisal hemp, the false sisal hemp plant of Florida, and other fiber-producing agaves; bowstring hemp, pineapple fiber, New Zealand flax, and bear-grass Year: 1893 (1890s) Authors: Dodge, Charles Richards, 1847-1918 Subjects: Fibers Publisher: Washington, Govt. print. off Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library View Book Page: Book Viewer About This Book: Catalog Entry View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view ...
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Legislation Surrounding Recycling Obsolete IT Products

by afagen With technology progressing in leaps and bounds, mass production systems falling in place, and computers becoming cheaper by the day, the number of obsolete computers being discarded by people for newer ones is also on the rise. Such computers are a valuable source for some raw materials, if recycled properly. If not done in the right manner, they can be a source of toxins that would pollute the earth to a very great extent. Analysts feel the need for a legal framework and recycling system to be in place for proper handling of the recycling process. In the United States, an estimated 63 million computers have been traded for replacements as early as in 2007. For now, the numbers are likely to be much higher. Electronic wastes such as these if buried in the land, or are incinerated, can cause immense harm ...
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Tie A Bond Of Love With Hemp Friendship Bracelet

by Evelyn Parham Beautify your wrist with chic and charming bracelets. The trend of wearing and exchanging bracelet was started by Native Americans long ago. The bracelet still plays beautiful role in friendship; exchanging bracelets strengthen the bond of friendship and trust among friends, it symbolizes love, affection and sincerity. Made of precious stones, hemp, leather, clothe, wood, beads and shell this 7000 year old ornament still capture the heart of the people with its beauty and grace. The word bracelet is derived from the Latin word "brachile" meaning of "the arm", tied around the wrist it is one of the most preferred way to ornament your wrist. Teenagers and youngsters prefer wearing string bracelet, hemp bracelet and charm bracelet. Hemp bracelets are more popular, they are very trendy, stylish , captivating and best part they support a cause "Go Green", this is the ...
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Molycorp up 10 percent after congressman introduces rare earth legislation

by Internet Archive Book Images Coffman, Republican congressman quartz crusher from Colarado, introduced legislation on Wednesday calling for a variety of measures that would better ensure that the United States has secure access to rare earth metals. Molycorp stock finished Thursday at $ 68.45. The stock's 52-week range is $ 12.10 to $ 68.79. Avalon Rare Metals, a Canadian-based exploration company also focused on rare earth metals and minerals, was up. Avalon rose 9.47% to $ 9.13 a share on Wednesday trading. Some of the provisions national key projects within Coffman's proposed legislation are the following: • Directing appropriate federal agencies to expedite the permitting process in order to increase the exploration and development of domestic rare earth elements, without waiving environmental laws, and establishing a multi-agency Task Force to carry out this process; • Setting up a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) rare earth ...
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Science Education – Making Science Fun

by Internet Archive Book Images Every school in America is required to teach science. This is because science and scientific learning is a fundamental part of our existence. Most everything that we encounter on a day-to-day basis is, in some way, related to science. Even when we are sleeping, science is there to explain why we need to sleep and what takes place while we are sleeping. Because of this, science education is essential to life as we know it. Of course there will be many people who are happy to go through life without knowing how a bird can fly. Even given this fact, there will always be something that they will need to know and understand that is grounded in science. Even if it is something as simple as 'fire is hot' or 'getting punched hurts. Science is there to explain these ...
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Colorado Cannabis Business Expands its Recycling Initiative, to Encourage Marijuana Retailers to Keep Their Businesses Green

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) May 26, 2015 DENVER (May 26, 2015) – As the nation’s legal cannabis industry expands and evolves, it is also experiencing many of the growing pains felt by other start-up businesses. And like their mainstream counterparts, one major issue that cannabis companies now have to grapple with is how to recycle the tons of paper and plastic that marijuana growers, dispensaries and consumers go through each year. “Where others see waste we see the opportunity to enhance our environment for the benefit of our community, our retailers and our customers,” says Ryan Fox, founder and CEO of Kindman: one of the largest growers and distributors of legal recreational cannabis in Colorado. Fox says Kindman is now expanding its own recycling initiative to its marijuana industry partners in Colorado – by encouraging those retailers to make sure Kindman packaging ends up in ...
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Feminized Lowlife Seeds

by Fora do Eixo Sick of paying top dollar for seeds which only produce a few hundred grams of usable product at the end of their life cycle? Maybe you have been investing in the wrong variety. Feminized lowlife seeds are an affordable way to get the same benefits from growing cannabis seeds at home, without the high set up costs. If you are a beginner grower, you don't want to be throwing your money away on expensive seeds before you get the hang of growing in your own environment. Cannabis seed growing can be difficult, and different varieties need differing amounts of attention. Thankfully, for the beginner, the lowlife seed range is a perfect starting option - as the combination of low price and low maintenance makes for trouble free long term growing. In this article, we look at the different types of ...
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Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA) Moves But Towards South On Charts …

Image from page 209 of "American journal of pharmacy" (1829) Image by Internet Archive Book Images Identifier: americanjournal33phil Title: American journal of pharmacy Year: 1829 (1820s) Authors: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science Subjects: Pharmacy Publisher: Philadelphia Contributing Library: Gerstein - University of Toronto Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto View Book Page: Book Viewer About This Book: Catalog Entry View All Images: All Images From Book Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book. Text Appearing Before Image: ater facility is given forthoroughly incorporating the medicinal substances prescribed.I have found that the best mode of making suppositories, is tohave the moulds very cold, so that on pouring the melted mix-ture into them, it becomes immediately solidified, and the sus-pended powder is thereby prevented from settling, which it isalmost certain to do, if ...
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Tommy Chong Legendary Entertainer and Comedian Signs Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Leading Online Cannabis Coupon and Deal Company

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) January 29, 2014 It was announced today that Tommy Chong comedian, movie star, entertainer and long time advocate for marijuana rights has agreed to be the celebrity spokesperson and joint venture partner for Colorado based, the leader in online cannabis coupons and deals serving the cannabis consumer. Colorado approved the use of recreational marijuana on January 1st, 2014 and other states will be following soon. The agreement includes Tommy Chong as the key spokesperson for the web platform and brand, which includes the usage of Tommy Chong merchandise and specialty lines. will be the exclusive online platform for Tommy Chong branded products and co-branded items with Canna-Saver. Brian Shapiro, President and CEO of Canna-Saver said, “ We are thrilled about our new business relationship with Tommy and are looking forward to long term success in the cannabis ...
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