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In an age of mass consumption, US Hemp Co stands as a hopeful vision of what is possible when we view ourselves as citizens instead of consumers. We are focused on a single goal: to focus on cooperation and community instead of competition and profits.

We are determined to help lay a foundation for a better more sustainable future for our children, grandchildren, and beyond. A return to natural resources is a return to community based economies, non-toxic, biodegradable products, closed loop carbon cycles, and a brighter tomorrow.

A hemp economy is a local economy. A local economy is sustainable, strong, and secure. The future has begun.

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Hemp Museum


US Hemp Co began and remains primarily an educational non profit company dedicated to starting ripples that may become waves. To fulfill our mission we opened a Hemp Museum in the heart of Santa Cruz across from the famous clock tower.

We have started and supported many projects aimed at showing the reality of using hemp instead of synthetics to produce superior and eco freindly products.

We are a community of surfers of all types who ride the waves of change. Some of us surf the web, some of us surf water, land, and air. . . We all contribute in shifting our collective consciousness through our art, music, and action.

We have now moved online to take advantage of the communication and collaboration which is changing the world. Become part of the change by starting a blog and sowing some seeds

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Hemp Future


Many new and exciting ways to use hemp emerged out of the Hemp Musuem and the Hemp Horizons gift shop. We attracted folks from all walks who were wanting and willing to help get a sustainble future started. We were able to develop some wonderful products as a result of community involvement.

The hemp surfboard, hemp bike, hemp furniture, hemp artists canvas, and hemp band T's are the just the beginning. By spreading the word we have been able to sow many seeds that just need your imagination and efforts to become reality. We have put on a very small display of what is possible.

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The Future of Hemp Has Begun


From hemp seeds, hemp wood, hemp fibers, hemp oil, and more hemp seeds… industrial hemp is here. Cannabis for food, medicine and industrial materials is just the beginning. A new era is upon us that will lead to a wider use of Cannabis for hemp home building, hemp plastics, hemp clothing, hemp composites, and more. Many products are already gaining popularity, like raw hulled hemp seeds, hemp milk, hemp granola and hemp beer. 


It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.” – Voltaire


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Illnesses That Can Be Cured by Sacramento Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis is known to help cure various health disorders and it was proven safe and effective by medical experts to heal even deadly diseases such as cancer and AIDS. There are several testimonies circulating over the internet for several years now about the effectiveness of this medical cannabis to one’s health. But the sad news is there are people trying to oppose the idea of legalizing the use of medical marijuana even for health purposes.

Just to give you a short explanation on the benefit of this cannabis, even in South Asia, this plant is being used as pain reliever for pregnant women, specially during child delivery. Women would smoke dried buds to lessen the pain they feel during delivery period. Apart from that, old people in that part of the world eat cannabis buds to cure symptoms caused by headache and stomach problems. They are doing this for hundreds of years now but the government is still hindering the idea of legalizing it in full even for medical purposes.
There are medical patients who are rallying behind the total legalization of this medical cannabis, they are seeking for possible legislation from congressmen to fully legalize this so called, alternative medicine. These patients are now becoming aware of the benefits that can be gotten from using this medicinal marijuana. They would run into dispensaries just to be able to purchase and cultivate this inexpensive but effective alternative cure for so many ailments.
Let’s take a peek on ailments that can been cured by cannabis
AIDS – There are testimonies of positive HIV cases in Sacramento that has been resolved just by continues drinking of cannabis herbs.
Cancer – According to medical research, this cannabis has a certain substance that helps in blocking bad cancer cells to spread all over the body, thus, preventing it to become malignant. This case is proven even by medical experts, they have found this out during a patient’s chemotherapy session, they saw that this substance found in cannabis fights bad cancer cells until it stop spreading in the body.
Leukemia – Medical doctors proved that cannabis can be of great help in balancing the circulation of blood inside our body.
These are some of the illnesses that can be healed or can be lessen just by using this alternative medicine called, cannabis. But it is very important to consult your medical doctor before attempting to use cannabis to avoid complications in the long run.

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National Association of Professional Women Announces Vicki Eberhart, Founder and President of Montague Farm LLC and Bunny Gold LLC, as VIP Woman of the Year

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

Vicki Eberhart is the Founder and President of Montague Farm LLC and Bunny Gold LLC, which specializes in manufacturing angora wool angora products, yarn, batting and natural fertilizer. Ms. Eberhart has attained the highest level of membership to the National Association of Professional Women as a VIP Woman of the Year and has been recognized for outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession.

For as far back as she could remember, Ms. Eberhart had a reverence for life that led her to live a life in accord with nature. Her love of animals and talent for finance and fashion became the inspiration for starting her business. Bunny Gold LLC is a successful farm where Angora rabbits are raised for their valuable fur. Unlike some rabbit farms, Bunny Gold’s Angora rabbits are raised in a completely sustainable “no kill” environment. Ms. Eberhart uses beautiful Angora rabbit fur to make unique fashion garments for which she is famous. Her one-of-a-kind designed pieces include designer wool and yarns in a wide range of mixes and colors. She also takes special orders from clients who provide their own original designs.

Although Ms. Eberhart is known primarily for manufacturing Angora wool and yarns, she also works with cotton, wool and the more exotic fibers such as silk alpaca, yak and musk ox. She also has a fondness for natural alternative mixes such as bamboo, hemp and recycled fibers.

Ms. Eberhart has received awards from American Cormo Sheep Association. She is a member of Washington Toxics Coalition, Food Democracy, The Society of American Angora Rabbit Breeders and the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is a dynamic business network where nearly 500,000 accomplished, professional women come together to interact, exchange ideas and empower themselves. Through the extensive network of close to 400 NAPW Local Chapters nationwide, like-minded members make use of online networking, educational tools and many other valuable privileges of NAPW membership.

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How to Sell and Cultivate Sacramento Medical Marijuana

Sacramento Medical Cannabis is highly regared as an alternative medicine to cure various medical condition. There are numerous medical research done by medical experts proving the benefits of medicinal cannabis to one’s life. It could help cure AIDS, Lung and Brain Cancer, Glaucoma, Parkinson’s Disease, Gastro intestinal problems, Headache, Cold, Fever, Sinuses and many more.

But you cannot just purchase this alternative medicine anywhere. You have to have the proper documentation in getting this medical cannabis for your diseases. First step in doing so, get a recommendation letter from your local medical doctor, your doctor have to explain in a letter why you need to use this alternative medicine called, cannabis. Once you have the letter, you have to go to your local Registry office to get a medical ID card. Show the letter to the Registry officer and then provide two valid ID with your latest photo attached on it, after that, pay the medical ID fee amounting to $ 150.

When you have the ID card, go to your nearby dispensary and then start purchasing medical cannabis for medical purposes. Buy any product through the help of local dispensary caregivers that can be found in any dispensary. But if you would really like to sell, cultivate and purchase this alternative medicine without being penalized by the law, might as well get accreditation by the state law by applying to become a dispensary caregiver. Check out state law’s steps on how to become a legal and certified dispensary caregiver.

Just keep in mind that the federal government is still against the idea of legalizing this alternative medicine, so purchasing medical marijuana above the allowable grams are considered punishable by the law. If you would like to know more about marijuana laws in the whole of Sacramento region, you may consider studying it through becoming a dispensary caregiver. Your local registry office can also give you tips on how to become caregivers.

Be better and get healed through medical marijuana but always keep in mind the laws about this alternative medicine. Cannabis are great for one’s health but if you don’t really understand the ins and outs of this medical cannabis, might as well consult a doctor to know the real score about this alternative medicine. Medical dispensary caregivers are also great personnel to be asked in finding the best possible cannabis products for your medical condition. For more details about caregivers, go to your nearest dispensary.

Looking for Sacramento Medical Marijuana products? Check us out at! We offer very affordable Sacramento Medical Marijuana products! Visit us now!

Stylish Organics Announces Winner of Their Organic Harvest Month Give-Away Contest

Stanton, New Jersey (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

Offering the chance for consumers to support organic agriculture, Stylish Organics ran a month long contest during the month of September – Organic Harvest Month. Entrants were encouraged to think about the value of organic and write a short sentence about their favorite organic product. By also asking entrants to then share this information, it was hoped that others were made aware of the large selection of organic products that are available and the benefits to the environment. Congratulations to Amy Harman, winner of the Stylish Organics’ contest and supporter of organic. See the post on their home page at

Having a low carbon footprint, the range of organic products offered makes it easy to lead a green lifestyle. Anything from food, clothing, and skin care; to pet treats and grooming products, they avoid use of toxic chemicals in the growing and manufacturing process. Organic growing methods offer a purer product with no residual chemicals in foods, produce or on fibers used for fabric. Sustainable farming of fibers such as hemp and bamboo, avoid depletion of natural resources and actually add nutrients back into the soil. Green manufacturing eliminates the contamination of air, surrounding soil and groundwater in product production including dyeing processes. “No longer are organic or eco-friendly products blah and boring”, commented owner of the on-line boutique, Lynn Lavanga. “With chic fashions and home decor items; lush natural skin care for the entire family; and unique jewelry and gifts; offered on our site, it is easy and time efficient to be environmentally friendly.”

About Stylish Organics

Stylish Organics is an e-commerce boutique offering a collection of products selected for earth friendly properties from environmentally responsible manufacturers. The company’s easy to shop, one-stop-shopping, venue enables those committed to green living to combine savvy styling with earth friendly thinking. Many of their products are made in the USA or are ethically sourced from organizations that globally support women. The boutique is based in Stanton, New Jersey and is available to consumers on-line with shipping provided to locations in the United States and Canada. They can be reached via their website, email – contactus(at)stylishorganics(dot)com or by calling 800.581.6417.

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mCig, Inc. Extraction Division Update: Southern Colorado Extraction and …

mCig, Inc. Extraction Division Update: Southern Colorado Extraction and …
The mCig CBD Hemp Oil Division houses the growing Chill product line and related nutraceuticals based on natural compounds found in Cannabis and Hemp plants. The mCig Extractions Division builds Co2 extractors at a best-in-class quality and …
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Middle-class food crisis: can you live without olive oil and almond milk?
And since avocados need so much water to grow, mass production is draining California of its water. The Golden State is currently experiencing severe drought – so avocado production is seriously under threat. It's not a short-term problem, either. A …

Industrial Relations

The 20th and 21st centuries have faced tremendous changes in the business world following the aspects of civilization, industrialization, globalization as well as liberalization of markets. These phenomenon have led to increased attention on the industrial processes and more so the issue of human resources management. With regards to the concept of globalization and liberalization of markets, there has been increased interaction among the world population thus leading to intensive business activities. This has in turn led to tremendous competition in the business world. In response to the high competition in the business world, human resources management has been the only option to enhance business survival and success. For this reason, business organizations have been forced to adopt the most efficient management strategies that enhance full satisfaction and motivation of employees. As a result of human resources management concern in the business world, the concept of industrial relations has come to play. In this case, industrial relations is a modern phenomenon explaining the relationships between management and employees. From another perspective, industrial relations may be identified as a multidisciplinary field of study pertaining employment relationship. This has been a very vital concept in the modern world, based on the increased competition in the business sector as well as the need for protection of human rights. This paper will provide an explicit discussion and analysis of the concept of industrial relations.

According to Bay, Waring & Cooper, (2009), industrial relations is a broad field of study that explains the whole phenomenon of employee and management relationships within an organizational setting. Arthur (2010) indicates that, the field focuses on the relationships of workers and management and more so groups of workers represented by a union. It is important to note that industrial relations entail the interactions between workers, employers as well as the government. The organizations, institution as well as the associations entailing the different stakeholders in the industrial or corporate sector are also addressed by the concept of industrial relations. Bae et al. (2010) postulated that industrial relations is aimed at instilling harmony and a state of understanding between employees and their employers. The issue of mutual interests between the various parties in the industrial or corporate world is adequately addressed by industrial relations.

Bay, Waring & Cooper, (2009) indicated that industrial relations covers the entire aspect of employment relationships and more so the issue of human resources management. Union or labour management is also addressed in industrial relations. In recent world, the concept of industrial relations has transformed from human resources management and employment relations to the study of labour management, trade unionism and collective bargaining. In this case, industrial relations has distinguished itself from HRM (Bae et al, 2010).  In this case, industrial relations deal with employees in trade unions, while HRM entails non-union employment relationships. It should be observed that HRM pertains policies and personnel practices of employers within the organizational settings. As postulated by Arthur (2010), industrial relations is a wide field that addresses all relationships in and out of the workplace, which may include relationships between individual workers or workers and their employers. The relationships between employers are also addressed in industrial relations. It is important to note that, the concepts of conflict resolution as well as welfare management are highly considered in industrial relations.

According to Ben-Ner and Lluis (2010), industrial relations is comprised of three faces that include science building, problem solving and ethics. To begin with, industrial relations as a science building entail the practices of appreciating the issue of employment relationships. In this case, industrial relations are part of social sciences, whereby all the aspects of human resources and industrial sociology is addressed. In this face, the issue of rigorous and high-quality research to develop the human resources and the entire organizational operations is addressed. In the face of problem solving, industrial relations focuses on establishing institutions and policies that help in ensuring better relationships in the workplace. This is a major concern of industrial relations following the increased attention on employee welfare. The day to day conflicts and wrangles in the workplace are brought to an end by adoption of industrial relations (Ben-Ner  &  Lluis, 2010).

On the other hand, industrial relations also entail the adherence of ethics in the industrial and corporate sector. Arthur (2010) noted that industrial relations comprises of substantial normative principles and values regarding employment and workers relationships. For instance, industrial relations entails establishment of favourable working environment for employees, whereby welfare and rights of the workers is protected and promoted. The concept of ethics has been a crucial face of industrial relations in recent days, whereby it has helped in cracking down the poor management and organizational philosophies with little or no concern about the rights and welfare of employees. According to Bay, Waring & Cooper, (2009), industrial relations has transformed workplace into an ethical environment whereby protection of human rights and welfare is highly regarded (Arthur, 2010). The exploitation of employees like machines in the workplace has been countered by the adoption of ethics. This phenomenon has helped in bettering the working environment, whereby the rights and interests of all groups are taken care of.


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Colorados Leading Cannabis Business Experts, Clover Leaf Consulting Hosted A64 Only Cannabis Video Symposium Series Third Event Thursday January 17th 2013.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) January 19, 2013

On November 6th, Colorado passed Amendment 64 being the first U.S. state to regulate recreational cannabis in history. The passing of Amendment 64 has raised hopes of expanding marijuana business opportunities and tax revenues. In fact, the first forty million dollars annually will go to fund education. This historic event has generated excitement across the country, but also holds many questions on the implementation of a substance transitioning out of prohibition. This has a direct impact on current and future cannabis business owners.

The Cannabis Industry’s projected value is between $ 3 – $ 4 billion with an influx of “Ganjapreneurs” and investors seeking to capitalize on this major opportunity. Due to the fact that it is a black market legitimizing itself out of prohibition, the industry’s growth could be exponential with the passing of national legalization and implementation in the coming years. This does not take into account the ample business opportunities being developed for industrial hemp. “Colorado’s Cannabis Community has not only helped educate patients and validate the efficacy of medical cannabis, but it also created and stabilized a medical cannabis business model as well,” says Villano. “I believe HB1284 & Amendment 64 will eventually find common ground for regulation, offering tremendous business opportunities, investments, educational programs, job training and generate large economic stimulation in Colorado.”

The A64 Symposium will be highlighted into two segments.

“THC DUI” 7:00-7:45 pm

Since Colorado’s historic vote to legalize the regulation of recreational cannabis we have been unsure of the repercussions that would come from first time system errors, and miseducation for our leaders. We have fought this unreasonable bill tooth and nail and guess what…its back. Join Clover Leaf’s CEO Chloe Villano along with Mike Elliott, Esq., Sean McAllister Esq., Anne Toney P.C., Professor Daniel Rees, and The Colorado Department of Transportation as we discuss the THC DUI.

“Regulated Rules Task Force Update” 8:10 pm – 9:00 pm

The “Rule making” Govoner’s Task Force has been meeting all week long. We have been uncertain of our transitioning process as we expand the Cannabis Industry in Colorado, open more businesses, and make changes to our existing systems and procedures. What can we expect? What can we do? Join Clover Leaf’s Chloe Villano, along with our diverse panel of experts from the leading industry groups as we discuss the task force update and first draft development of the rule making process for Colorado’s regulated marijuana laws. Speakers include Bob Dill, Warren Edson, Robert Corry Jr, Meg Sanders, and Mike Elliott.

With the current legislative rules in flux, its important to get all the latest facts, figures as well as network with fellow industry professionals. Therefore Cloverleaf Consulting has provided the Industry manditory Information by hosting the following Amendment 64 Cannabis Business Symposium event series. This is the third event in the series. Clover Leaf will hold the Cannabis Business Symposiums the third thursday of every month at Casselmans. Future Symposium dates include: February 21, March 21, April 18, May 23, and June 20, 2013.

Previous Clover Leaf Amendment 64 Video Symposium Series can be viewed here.

Bennet, Gardner back measure to legalize medical pot to fight epilepsy

Bennet, Gardner back measure to legalize medical pot to fight epilepsy
Colorado's U.S. senators, Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner, are backing federal legislation to allow children with seizures and adults with intractable epilepsy to have access to medical marijuana. The proposed Therapeutic Hemp Medical Access Act would …
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National Access Cannabis Appoints Former Health Canada Medical Marijuana Manager, Gulwant Bajwa, as CEO

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

National Access Cannabis today announced the appointment of Gulwant Bajwa as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Bajwa brings unparalleled industry knowledge to NAC after serving in multiple senior leadership positions in Health Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Bajwa understands how the system works at every level; from compliance and enforcement (for Health Canada’s previous MMAR program) to production and supply, to establishing processes for packaging and testing of marijuana for medical and research purposes. His background makes him a firm believer in Medical Marijuana’s positive impact on patients.

“As a 29 year old in 1992 I fought cancer and experienced the horrible side effects of prescribed morphine pain medications. I couldn’t move or even communicate,” says Bajwa. “That grim time in my life convinced me that there had to be a better way,” he explains. “I know firsthand how hard it is to get effective treatment.”

During his time at Health Canada he began his serious investigation on the efficacy of cannabis by speaking with patients using medical marijuana as part of their treatment.

“I heard dozens of powerful accounts from patients who reported that they could finally sleep again – medical cannabis was the only thing that gave them the pain relief they needed,” says Bajwa. “A big plus that many shared with me was the absence of debilitating side effects.”

“Leading the NAC team I know that I will make a difference in the lives of patients going through what I suffered during my cancer fight,” he adds. “NAC is the ideal model to help Canadians understand how to get safe, informed and responsible access to the benefits of medical marijuana.”

NAC provides education on how Health Canada’s medical marijuana system works. Members are connected with a physician for a medical assessment and NAC assists with selecting a Licensed Producer and submitting the required Health Canada medical documents.

Members also receive pharmacist consultations and ongoing guidance on responsible use while NAC pharmacy software monitors safe usage. In addition, NAC members receive the National Access Cannabis Card, a secure medical marijuana card developed in consultation with law enforcement to assure police that patients are authorized to use medical marijuana.

For more information on Gulwant Bajwa see his full bio here.

To learn more about NAC visit NAC can also be found on its social channels on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

About National Access Cannabis (NAC)

NAC is devoted to improving patients’ quality of life by creating local care centres across Canada. NAC facilitates safe access to medical marijuana within the laws and guidelines of Health Canada by connecting our members with physicians, providing pharmacist consultations and pharmacy software to monitor safe usage, and giving members a medical marijuana card for proof of compliance for law enforcement.

Adherence Colorado Announces Strategic Alliance with BioTrackTHC

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) February 03, 2015

Adherence Colorado, the leading provider of compliance audits and inventory reconciliation for the cannabis industry, today announced a strategic alliance with BioTrackTHC, the industry’s top provider of seed to sale software solutions for medical and retail marijuana businesses. The agreement allows BioTrackTHC to leverage Adherence Colorado’s regulatory compliance and inventory management services to help solve issues for BioTrackTHC’s rapidly growing number of clients in Colorado.

“We’re very excited to be working with BioTrackTHC, and to be providing our auditing and inventory optimization services to help even more marijuana industry businesses in Colorado,” said Steve Owens, founder and CEO of Adherence Colorado. “Our agreement creates a one-stop shop for best-of-breed software, regulatory compliance audits, inventory process improvement and more.”

Adherence Colorado currently has more than 15 licensed and badged auditors and consultants who work on-site with licensees to correct issues related to compliance, inventory control and tracking. As part of the agreement, Adherence Colorado will provide BioTrackTHC’s clients with reduced price compliance audits for $ 500 per license through March 31, 2015.

“We continue to create alliances with fellow industry leaders like Adherence Colorado to benefit our customers’ operations,” said Steven Siegel, CEO, BioTrackTHC.

Adherence Colorado currently conducts compliance audits for dispensaries/stores, marijuana-infused product manufacturers (MIPs) and cultivation facilities, for both medical and retail licensees. The company’s proprietary software allows auditors to ensure that licensed marijuana businesses are in compliance with state and local laws. Adherence Colorado also works directly with Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance (METRC), the state’s mandatory marijuana inventory tracking system.

About Adherence Colorado

Compliance is science. Adherence Colorado is the market leader in automated regulatory compliance and revenue assurance services for the cannabis industry. Adherence Colorado conducts state-of-the-art, real-time compliance audits and inventory reconciliation for licensed medical and retail marijuana businesses, and the company’s proprietary software also provides valuable information for banks, investors and insurers. For more information, visit: or call: (720) 536-0667.

About BioTrackTHC

BioTrackTHC, a division of Bio-Tech Medical Software, Inc., provides effective and cutting-edge technology solutions for the emerging medical and legal marijuana industries. BioTrackTHC is the nation’s only true seed-to-sale software system with enterprise resource planning, complete inventory tracking, point-of-sale, marketing, financial reporting and regulatory compliance features. For more information, visit:

Marijuana incorporated: cannabis eases into a billion-dollar business high

Marijuana incorporated: cannabis eases into a billion-dollar business high
Stuart Tomc, vice-president of Human Nutrition at CannaVest, which develops and sells hemp-based products, offers a sample at the Expo at the Hilton Chicago. Photograph: …. “It means we need to grow it, and produce it and package it all inside each …
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Stevia Corp. Discusses Partnership Plans While Continuing to Implement a …
Although it is legal to import and sell industrial hemp products in the U.S., it is not yet legal to commercially grow industrial hemp in the U.S. The 2013 farm bill was signed into law in February 2014 and contained a hemp amendment, Sec. 7606 …
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Why can't Texans grow hemp?
Shouldn't Texas farmers be allowed to grow and sell hemp? Farmers in Colorado, and university researchers in both Kentucky and Colorado, recently harvested their first legal hemp crops, just months after Congress voted to allow hemp cultivation where …

Industrial Batteries

With industrial equipment, a high powered battery is essential. Deep cycle batteries are on the market today in a wide variety of quality, shapes, and sizes to suit different types of applications. These batteries basically work by converting chemical energy into electricity.

These batteries may be referred to by different names. Sometimes known as ‘ fork lift’ batteries, as they are widely used in this specific application. Also, they are referred to as ‘traction’ or ‘stationary’ batteries because of their use in forklifts, golf cars, and as floor sweeper batteries. And lastly, as ‘deep cycle’ batteries, as they are designed to be discharged down to as low as 20% of their full charge. Batteries exhibit peak performance when they are able to transform higher levels of active materials into an alternate state during discharge.

These deep cycle batteries are made with advanced technology and are capable of withstanding rough handling and the environmental conditions that an industrial setting offers. One distinguishing factor of the industrial battery is its plate thickness. Deep cycle batteries have much thicker plates than automotive batteries. Thicker plates are directly related to extended life, so the battery with the thickest plate tends to last the longest. Auto batteries are only about .040”thick, whereas the industrial batteries plate is approximately 1/4”thick. This plate thickness is important because it is a factor in how many deep cycles a battery can handle. During discharge, the negative plate tends to expand.

Therefore, batteries are made with separators that can be compressed, such as paper or glass mat. Most industrial batteries use lead antimony plates. This is different from the lead calcium used in AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), gel, and auto batteries. The antimony aids by increasing plate strength and adds to the lifespan of the battery. With greater plate strength, the batteries are more able to withstand vibration and shock. They are also made with a strong cover, which is constructed using a heat seal. This helps prevent leakages. Industrial batteries are rechargeable and will need charging periodically. Once the battery power falls below optimum level, it should be recharged. These batteries are recharged in different ways, based on the individual construction. Whether you are looking for an industrial battery, a scrubber battery, or a marine battery, make sure it is a top quality battery from a company that guarantees service after the sale. James ‘Scooter’ Anderson, President Battery Sales and Services

If you want to more information about Scrubber batteries and Marine Batteries Please visit here

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