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US Hemp Co started with the US Hemp Co Museum with a gift shop namedHemp Horizons. Our first container shipments came from Hungary and China and gave way to many of the items displayed at the Hemp Museum.  Most items were made from local folks who voluntered their time to help show how our future could be created using Hemp. From the local high school art teacher who created paintings on our True Canavas Art frames, to local craft upholstery of hemp furniture – the future has begun.  Santa Cruz Local Eco TV show and the Sentinel featured the Hemp Museum and helped spread the word.




Hemp MuseumMany new and exciting ways to use hemp emerged out of the Hemp Musuem and the Hemp Horizons gift shop.  We attracted folks from all walks who were wanting and willing to help get a sustainble future started. We were able to develop some wonderful products as a result of community involvement.

The hemp surfboard, hemp bike, hemp furniture, hemp artists canvas, and hemp band T’s are the just the beginning. By spreading the word we have been able to sow many seeds that just need your imagination and efforts to become reality. We have put on a very small display of what is possible. A hemp economy is a  local economy. A local economy is sustainable, strong, and secure.  The future has begun. 


twine & textiles

Our organic hemp twine from Hungary was just in time for the rising populartiy of scrapbooking. The traditional art of braiding  hemp jewelry gave way to some beautiful creations.






Hemp Art Canvas Documentation
Hemp Art Canvas Documentation




hemp bikes


Bamboo-hemp-bikeWe soon set out to find more way sto replace sythetics with hemp.  We heard from the grapevine of a bike designer named Calfee who had made a hemp bike for the 2001 Santa Cruz Hemp Expo.  We thought this would be a great idea to revive, so donated a case of premium Romanian Hemp Sliver to Calfee Design.  The result was the introduction of hemp lugs in their bamboo bike models. Calfee made some hemp fiber frames as well that tested as strong as carbon fiber but without the carbon footprint. We were thrilled to display this new hemp bike version at the US Hemp Co Musuem.

Over the years we have shared information and materials with folks of all backgrounds interested in makin hemp skis, boats, fribees and more. Stay tuned to see what is next.


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Our boards and clothing are Built To Last, thus you will need to buy less in your lifetime.  This is less profitable in the short term, but is good for everyone in the long term.  Buy less , Surf more.  This is good for the planet and future generations.

Hemp Surf Board-Cross-Section

SKIN: 100% Hemp fiber.  Stronger and better flex than fiber glass.  Available in naturally bleached fibers. Sustainable and non -toxic.

RESIN: Epoxy resin and Bio resin used.  Artistic pigmented designs available also.
CORE:  EPS Standard. Eco Options available: Biofoam:  A true bio based product from renewable agricultural resources.  Life cycle analysis indicates 30% less global warming emissions, 61% reduction in energy use, and a 23% reduction in total energy demand. Tan colored core.
ICE 9: Surgar cand based core also available.  White color core.


In an age of mass consumption, United Surfers stands as a hopeful vision of what is possible when we view ourselves as citizens instead of consumers.  We are focused on a single goal:   to focus on cooperation and community instead of competition and profits.

 We understand that making a lasting product decreases the burden on our eco systems.  Our team is absolutely determined to help lay a foundation for a better more sustainable future for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.
A return to natural resources is a return to community based economies, non-toxic, biodegradable products, closed loop carbon cycles, and a brighter tomorrow.

Shaping a Greener Future, Hemp Surfboards



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Hemp Art Boards


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WHY HEMP?     Hemp is overall, the strongest, most durable, longest lasting natural fiber on Earth.  With it’s unparalleled strength, resiliency and antimicrobrial properties, it is the finest fiber for textiles.  

    The hollow shaft structure of the fiber retain warmth in the winter and insulate the body from warm temperatures in the summer.  What’s more, it requires no synthetic pesticides or herbicides to grow, making hemp a sustainable and responsible choice.
    Among it’s many phenomenal properties, fabrics containing at least 50 percent hemp, block the sun’s ultraviolet rays more effectively than do other fabrics.  Combined with anti-microbial properties, hemp does not trap odor causing bacteria like cotton and most synthetics., making it an ideal choice for the outdoors and active lifestyles.
Our clothing lines have gone through many seasons of change. We are curretnly concentrating our efforts on spreading the word about hemp with our hemp blend t-shirts and hoodies.  We can make any custom print for your band, team, event, or organization.  Thanks for considering hemp.  
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Our catalog shows just a sample of what is possible. We would love to hear about any new ideas using hemp textiles. Hemp comes in hundreds of different weaves from heavy canvas to delicate linens.  There are also many blends such as hemp/silk, hemp/wool, hemp/recycled polyester and more. 
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Over the years many good people have come to us for help in getting their hemp line up launched.  We are always happy and willing to lend our expertise and help make some waves of change.  Check out some of the projects that we have been involved with over the years:
Cassandra Carvajal is inspired by her appreciation and respect for natures beauty and resources. Fabrics that come from renewable sources were chosen because they can be replenished by natural processes at a rate comparable to their rate of consumption. These designs avoid the use of new petroleum based products such as polyester, rayon, and acrylic that are made from non-renewable sources.
Cassandra Carvajal’s finely crafted vinatage inspired designs have been made using natures finest natural fibers, and when possible, vintage and recycled materials. They have been meticulously cut and carefully constructed to accentuate the natural curves of a woman, providing a tailor made feel.
Drape yourself in eco friendly style and allow these designs to reveal the inherent feminine beauty in you.
We were glad to work with the great guys from Local while they were developing their eco venture.  Dan Beauchene and Chad Jackson vsited us early in 2007 after hearing about our hemp surfboard project.  Chad lent his great talents and insight to make the hemp surfboards their best.  We worked together for several years in promoting the hemp surfboard and eco lifestyle. We are thankful for the many good times and memories. We are very happy and proud to see the incredible waves that Local has made in inspiring folks to get in touch with their  “alter eco.”  Here are some photos of our early adventures.     VISIT SITE
Primo Hemp Sport Fishing ApparelPrimo Hemp Apparel is inspired by the Sport Fishing culture in the Carribean.  Primo calls Puert Rico home base, but has deep California roots as well. The characteristics of hemp blend t shirts are perfect fora ny fisherman or outdorrs enthusiast.  Hemp naturally repeals UV rays and keeps steady temperature due to it’s insulating hollow shaft fibers. The natural anti-bacterial nature of hemp will allow you to stay fresh.  Breath easy in these fine hemp t-shirts especially for a seaman’s adventures.