US Hemp Co focused much attention on Medical Cannabis over the last few years.  The recent attention on the emerging medicinal collcectives gave great opportunities to promote the many virtues of Cannabis.  We partnered with many friends and family to form ideas and organizations to help build the Cannabis Community into a more tightly supported network.  Here are a few of the ventures that evolved:


Root Tribe


This was a Community and Review site developed on a Joomla platform. It  is currently not active. Plans for an improved version are in the works.

Root Tribe includes complete Social and Review integration of community posts that include anything from links, videos, photos, polls, live chat, video chat, and maps that automatically capture location.

Check out what looked like:








In 2011 we developed this Group On for the Cannabis industry in the Bay Area of Northern California. This site was built on WordPress using a fully automatic post system that mimicked the dynamic pricing functions of  the most popular group buying websites.

You can see from the chart that a sustained campaign rsulted in noticeable spikes in user visits and member registration. Unfortunately the campaigns were ended after the political climate changed and the project was ended.

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Come Out of the Grow Closet


We began our community greenhouses with the help of many members, patients, activists, and of course our netowrk of experienced cultivators.  MDCannabis has gained the reputation of deliverying high quality organic medicines at a low cost.  We focused much of our attention on creating a system that completely complies with the law while tracking everything online with digital records.  This means no paper and the certainty of proper tracking and quality control. We created a sophisticated plant to patient batching system mirrored after pharmaceutical standards.

 [break] [break] [break] Cannabis Union

Cannabis Union


We created Cannabis Union as a means to unite and protect members of the Medicinal movement.  Many cultivators, collectives, and patients support this idea that has yet to be put into action.

Cannabis Union represents the legal, financial, and labor interests of grower and patient collectives and caregivers.  Strength through Solidarity  

The manner in which the Cannabis industry operates today, will determine the structure of it’s future existence as the nation moves towards full legalization.  As separate individual collectives, “law” enforcement can easily disrupt and delay our progress – ignoring the will of the people.  Many legal operations are dismantled nearly every day.  We are creating a unified front that will establish industry standards and legal protection for us all.  United We Stand.