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Our boards and clothing are Built To Last, thus you will need to buy less in your lifetime.  This is less profitable in the short term, but is good for everyone in the long term.  Buy less , Surf more.  This is good for the planet and future generations.

Hemp Surf Board-Cross-Section

SKIN: 100% Hemp fiber.  Stronger and better flex than fiber glass.  Available in naturally bleached fibers. Sustainable and non -toxic.

RESIN: Epoxy resin and Bio resin used.  Artistic pigmented designs available also.
CORE:  EPS Standard. Eco Options available: Biofoam:  A true bio based product from renewable agricultural resources.  Life cycle analysis indicates 30% less global warming emissions, 61% reduction in energy use, and a 23% reduction in total energy demand. Tan colored core.
ICE 9: Surgar cand based core also available.  White color core.


In an age of mass consumption, United Surfers stands as a hopeful vision of what is possible when we view ourselves as citizens instead of consumers.  We are focused on a single goal:   to focus on cooperation and community instead of competition and profits.

 We understand that making a lasting product decreases the burden on our eco systems.  Our team is absolutely determined to help lay a foundation for a better more sustainable future for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.
A return to natural resources is a return to community based economies, non-toxic, biodegradable products, closed loop carbon cycles, and a brighter tomorrow.

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