Another City in Pennsylvania Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession

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Another City in Pennsylvania Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession | TJ Baker

YORK, PA — Another city in Pennsylvania has voted to make possession of small amounts of marijuana a fine-only offense. Earlier this week, the York City Council voted to decriminalize the possession of under 30 grams of marijuana, reducing the penalty to a maximum fine of $ 100 and no jail time for first-time offenders. A […]

Another City in Pennsylvania Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Where Will You Be Able to Buy Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania?

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Where Will You Be Able to Buy Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania? | TJ Baker

Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Department of Health awarded 27 permits for companies to operate the state’s first 52 medical marijuana dispensaries. Below is the list of dispensaries that should be operational by early 2018: Parent Business Name Business Headquarters Dispensary Name Dispensary Address Dispensary City County TerraVida Holistic Centers LLC PA TerraVida Holistic Centers 1626 Old […]

Where Will You Be Able to Buy Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania? | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Pennsylvania Governor to US Attorney General: Back Off!

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Pennsylvania Governor to US Attorney General: Back Off! | Justin Strekal

In a recent letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf wrote a pointed letter regarding the Department of Justice and it’s posturing to implement a crackdown of lawful state medical marijuana programs. The full letter: Dear Attorney General Sessions: Last year, the Pennsylvania passed bipartisan legislation to legalize Medical Marijuana that I was […]

Pennsylvania Governor to US Attorney General: Back Off! | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg Marijuana Decriminalization Measure Takes Effect

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Pennsylvania: Harrisburg Marijuana Decriminalization Measure Takes Effect | NORML

HARRISBURG, PA — Minor marijuana possession offenders are no longer subject to arrest in the city of Harrisburg under a new local ordinance that took effect last week. The municipal measure, approved by members of the City Council in July, reduces local marijuana possession penalties for first-time and second-time offenders from a criminal misdemeanor to […]

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg Marijuana Decriminalization Measure Takes Effect | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Reaches Important Milestone

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Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Reaches Important Milestone | Scott Gacek

HARRISBURG, PA — Full implementation of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program is still over a year away, but a significant milestone was reached this week when the Department of Health announced where the state’s dispensaries and cultivation facilities will be located, and that applications will be accepted starting in January. On Wednesday, Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Karen […]

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Reaches Important Milestone | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Pennsylvania Department of Health Wants Public Input on Medical Marijuana Application Process

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Pennsylvania Department of Health Wants Public Input on Medical Marijuana Application Process | Press Release

HARRISBURG, PA — Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Karen Murphy today encouraged individuals interested in applying for a medical marijuana grower/processor and/or dispensary permit to complete a brief survey on the department’s website. “One of our primary focuses as we continue to develop this program is to make sure that patients with serious medical conditions have access […]

Pennsylvania Department of Health Wants Public Input on Medical Marijuana Application Process | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Pennsylvania Senate Passes Industrial Hemp Bill

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Pennsylvania Senate Passes Industrial Hemp Bill
The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously approved a bill to start an industrial hemp farming pilot program today with a 49-0 vote. The legislation, SB50, is sponsored by Senators Judy Schwank (D. Berks) and Mike Folmer (R. Lebanon). “We hope that, once we …
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Washington House joins Senate in legalizing hemp crops
OLYMPIA — A hemp farming bill moved to the governor's desk March 1, as the state House joined the Senate in passing legislation to legalize a crop still defined by federal law as a controlled substance. “It's a bright new day for Washington,” longtime …
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Calendar: Hemp festival, 303 Day fun & 50 more events await in March 2016
There's family-friendly fun at the Second Annual Industrial Hemp Festival happening at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in the beginning of March. Intellectual stimulation can be found at Frank Talk, a cannabis science lecture on March 15. And learn …
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Marijauana School Cannabis Career Institute comes to Florida, California and Pennsylvania

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(PRWEB) December 07, 2014

The Cannabis Career Institute is teaching eager business entrepreneurs in Florida, Pennsylvania, and California. Classes will be held on December 14th in Orlando at the Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport, Philadelphia at the Clarian Hotel and Conference Center, and San Diego at the California Hampton Inn. Classes run one day from 9-7 with a one-time entry fee that grants access to all classes offered nationally.

In the 2014 fall elections Fox announced Florida missed the 60% needed to pass the medical marijuana program. This does not deter advocates from fighting for legalization nor companies using this time to become established. Pennsylvania is on the waiting list for the legislative vote for medical legalization, however a draft medical marijuana program has been created outlining the basic elements. As seen on NORML’s website California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 and looks to legalize recreational use within the next two years.

Instructors cover what it takes to run certain cannabis companies such as dispensaries, growing operations, baking edibles and more. Each class adheres to the state in which it is being taught addressing the unique laws on hemp and cannabis. Following the East Coast Cannabis Expo in New York City CCI has gained more supporters such as Governor Diane Savino who sponsored the event and spoke on the many benefits medical marijuana would provide for the country.

The North Hollywood based Cannabis Career Institute has been teaching thousands of entrepreneurs skills needed to succeed in the marijuana industry. Facilitators with years of experience in the business will teach students the basic start up of a company including marketing, business models and relevant laws and regulations. CCI has spoken to NBC, CBS and Huffington Post among many others about how their classes have spread nationally offering the first seminars of their kind.

CCI continues to expand working with other advocacy groups offering information at classes, conventions, and online. To enroll into the institute there’s a one time all access fee of $ 299 with classes year around nationally. For more information and scheduling please call Robert Calkin 240.338.8785 or email: kimmoffattcci(at)gmail(dot)com To find out more about Cannabis Career Institute go to the website for details:

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Senator To Introduce Legislation To Legalize MJ

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If state Sen. Daylin Leach gets his way, Pennsylvania would become the next state to legalize marijuana. The Democratic senator, who represents the 17th District in suburban Philadelphia, is to introduce legislation at a press conference today in Harrisburg to decriminalize the use of marijuana for any purpose in Pennsylvania.

Leach hopes to end what he calls the “prohibition” of marijuana and treat it the same as certain types of alcohol – regulated by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and sold at Wine and Spirits Shops or by licensed beer distributors.

John Tew, Leach’s legislative director, said existing laws are not effective.

“Prohibition doesn’t make sense and hasn’t worked,” Tew said. “Most of the harm of marijuana comes from the prohibition than it does from the smoking of the plant.”

A local drug abuse counselor who supports the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes said Leach’s proposal is well-intended but worries that across-the-board legalization will harm children.

“We’ve succeeded in keeping it out of the hands of physicians, but we can’t keep it out of the hands of 12-year-olds,” said Ed Pane, executive director of Serento Gardens Alcoholism and Drug Services in Hazleton and a board member of Pennsylvanians for Medical Marijuana.

Under Leach’s plan, approved stores would sell marijuana only to people over the age of 21, who could not resell the drug or use it in public or before driving. Also, employers would be free to prohibit workers from using marijuana.

Other senators, including one serving the Hazleton area, are flatly opposed to legalizing marijuana in any form.

Sen. John Gordner, R-Berwick, said he would oppose Leach’s legislation, noting that it is not yet up for formal consideration.

“There is no support from my senatorial judiciary,” Gordner said.

Sen. John Yudichak, D-Plymouth Township, did not return calls for comment on Leach’s proposal.

Kline Township police Chief John Petrilla believes any benefits of Leach’s proposal are not worth the risk.

“It would be a mistake,” Petrilla said. “There was talk about legalization of marijuana since the 1960s. It hasn’t been done for a reason. It alters the state of mind. I believe it’s a gateway drug. I feel more people might want to try it and they may be more prone to try other things.”

However, Leach said criminalizing marijuana does far more harm than good.

“This policy destroys lives. We want to stop that from happening. We want to stop spending that money” on enforcing the current law, he said.

Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, is a retired Baltimore narcotics officer who will attend today’s press conference as an advocate for the legislation.

“Cops see the ineffectiveness and harms of marijuana prohibition up close, every day,” Franklin said. “Keeping marijuana illegal doesn’t significantly reduce use, but it does give tax-free profits to violent gangs and cartels that control the black market.”

According to Leach, Pennsylvania can not only save a significant amount of money by ending the war on marijuana but also can make money by taxing the drug.

“We have spent billions of dollars investigating, prosecuting, incarcerating and monitoring millions of our fellow citizens who have hurt nobody, damaged no property, breached no peace. Their only ‘crime’ was smoking a plant which made them feel a bit giddy,” Leach said in a memorandum to all state senators.

He said Pennsylvania can legalize and regulate marijuana in the same manner as alcohol following Prohibition during the 1920s and the 1930s.

“We already have an infrastructure. We can plug marijuana into that system,” he said.

Leach believes legalizing marijuana will aid the safety of those who choose to use the drug.

“People that want marijuana are forced to purchase it from criminals out on the street, and it can be laced with dangerous chemicals,” he said.

Pane said he favors the Gov. Raymond Shafer Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, which Leach introduced on April 25, 2001, and state Rep. Mark Cohen reintroduced on June 13, 2011. Under this bill, patients could legally use the drug with a doctor’s approval and after registering with Pennsylvania’s departments of State and Health.

Leach said he understands his legislation is a tough sell.

“The short term is a battle. Long term, it’s inevitable,” he said.

Sens. Jim Ferlo, D-Pittsburgh, and Lawrence Farnese, D-Philadelphia, will co-sponsor the legislation, Leach said.

Source: Citizens’ Voice, The (Wilkes-Barre, PA)
Author: Shawn Kellmer, Staff Writer
Published: February 11, 2013
Copyright: 2013 The Citizens’ Voice
Contact: [email protected]