Many musicians are drawn towards Cannabis and so naturally came forward to support our wave of change. Hemp My Band was developed to promote the use of organic hemp blend band t-shirts instead of the traditional toxic cotton T's.  We continue to promote the use of Hemp T-shirts along with everything else hemp. Look for us at your local show or contact us to join us.

The following are some of the musicians that agreed to support us in our mission. Many of the musicians were led to us by our dear departed friend Damien Russell founder of Bearijuana Republic and D.R.A.W.  Damien's life was blessed with adventure and many good friends along the way.  We were honored to have his influence in developing this branch of US Hemp Co.

Toots & the Maytals  We are very thankful that Toots and the Maytals are with us  in inspiring the Human Revolution.  We are invigorated by such significant  support from the Roots of Reggae.

Black Juddah


Black Judah is the product of two esteemed artists, Sugar Black and Dylan Judah, who have combined their extraordinary talents to create a fresh new sound and positive message for music fans of the world.

The duo’s breakout single “Mercy Please” featuring Warrior King spent three weeks at 1 on the HOT 102 Jamaican Reggae Chart. They were also featured on two of the top annual reggae festivals in the US: Reggae Rising and Seabreeze Festival in California in August 2008. Currently they have are rising up the good vibes with their new release California Green.


Side Street RenyLil BellSide Street Reny Reny and Bell (together for 14 years) blend bluesy/funky finger-style and slide on National Resonator guitar, original poignant songwriting and solid straight forward grooves. Drawing mostly from pre-war blues, roots and folk music with a little old school rap, calypso and dancehall reggae, SSR manage to forge their own sound and push musical boundaries in an era when many other musicians strive to sound the same.
The result of their efforts is a seemingly organic blend of the elements, sewing 100 plus years of American music into a rich tapestry of eclectic yet somehow familiar sounds all their own… Like everything, and nothing you've ever heard, all at once.    


Human Lab  The five-piece Huntington Beach, California-based band is amped on love in all its phases – whether bleeding from a broken heart, or tapping into it as a renewable resource – in a way that is neither suffocating nor invasive. Their sound is the equivalent of whatever the hell Cupid’s got on the tip of his arrow, almost intoxicating with oft-expressions of the most basic however complex human desires.
 By Lindsey Darden


Slacktone is widely recognized as America's best surf instrumental band. Their sound is a hyper-kinetic mix of melody, speed and jaw dropping technical skill. Formed in Los Angeles in 1995 from a group of surf band veterans, they have since released four albums and toured Europe six time.

Slacktone's music is featured in TV shows like the WB's Summerland, MTV Real People, Fox Sports Network, Boardwild, and they were the house band for the MTV's "Rock N Jock Superbowl Party". They wrote and produced music for 5 Slim Jim extreme sports commercials, and also worked with Subaru for the release of their new sports vehicle, Baja. They have played at numerous outdoor sporting events including the US Open and OP Pro surfing events, NORBA mountain bike races, and several snowboarding events.


Carlos Cardona


Carlos Cardona A native of  Kentucky hemp country,  Cardona has traveled worldwide sharing his music.  After years of performances in the bowels of New Orleans, the beaches of Kuaii, Seatle's Hempfest,  and jamming at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam,  Carlos is still riding the wave of change strong.


Rob Fahey  Do you remember – "Fast Times At Ridgemont High?" There was a great song on that CD called "Raised On The Radio" by none other than(The Ravyns) Rob Fahey. That was an awesome song and his new CD – "Trust Me, I Do This All The Time" – is a MUST have for your music collection. This CD is like listening to a greatest hits album! Every song is a tremendous lyrical story. Rob has a powerful voice that will show you he is at the very top of the music game. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed when you buy this CD. Matter of fact, you'll soon recommend it to all your friends.  



Patience  Born in Kentucky with deep roots in Hawaii, NorCal and New Orleans Patience has truly done his homework when it comes to being an understudy in the field of music. After spending years as Bassist for THE OMEGA PROJECT, Patience has branched off from his Jam band friends and is establishing himself as an M C in is first solo venture. Teaming up with BULA and his fresh and hip NY sound expect these guys to blow some roofs off in 2009. With a complete CD on the way filled with a unique sound, built from the bottom up in the OVEN by BULA and Patience and a fresh and evolving LYRIC custom created by Patience you can expect to see these guys popping their heads up on stages all over California in the near future.



Jason Wrobel
Jason Wrobel is a Motown native, born to a feminist vegan Mother and
gregarious Hollywood Father. An on-stage performer and actor since age five, he is currently performing and recording as an independent artist. Over the past decade, he has served as the lead singer, rhythm guitarist or backup vocalist for multiple bands from Detroit to Los Angeles, including The Big Four, Queen Bee, The Bellicose Butchers and Samantha Tobey.                  


The Samples The Samples Long before the rise of O.A.R. and the Dave Matthews Band, The Samples had cornered the market on the sort of feel-good, world beat-infused pop that initially had been popularized by Sting and The Police. Indeed, throughout its career, The Samples never strayed far from its effective, if not exactly groundbreaking, formula of whipping its fusion of folk, rock, and reggae sounds into an lush, but airy confection that exuded a pleasantly joyful optimism.  



KK_Pre_Approved_Denied Kevin Kinney "We've spent the better part of the last five years criss crossing the deepest dirtiest beautiful American South. We are here to entertain. In the bars, so filled with smoke you could hardly recognize a true fire. People have come to see what you got. We show up for the show and wade through a crowd as diverse as the music we're gonna play tonight. There's a girl with a tattoo of Dale Earnharts number 3 on her neck. Drifters, grifters, gonna be's and has beens. Country folk. City folk. Workin' folk. 'Remember you can't be a folk singer if you got no folks to sing to.' I said that… And these folks expect music all night long… three sets… and requests…
This is where you learn your 'chops'… tried true and set. It's where the legends begin. Jimi Hendrix with Little Richard at the Royal Peacock on sweet Auburn Avenue, the Allman Brothers in underground Atlanta, The Satellites at Hedgens. And if you want it, there it is, go get it and you play all night till you can hardly breathe and fingers hurt and you can hardly think through the heat and the there's ten drunk people talkin' at you at the same time. Your grace is tested. But there's always too, that couple in the back sitting quietly at a booth and you can tell from their glances toward you they get it. This is where this album comes from. And I love it. One of the easiest records I ever made, just doing what you do. When in doubt just be yourself.


us hemp bandUS Hemp  The band with the collest name for sure.  “Who Are These Polecats Polling?”  released in 2009. Everyone should be sick of these fake political polls by now and this Polecat Album will make a great Christmas present and topic of conversation over the holidays. The first 1,000 copies have an original U.S. Hemp Leaf Button setting in the center of the jewel case. These old hemp leaf buttons have a remarkable history, as do the vintage guitars that U.S. Hemp used to create this album.