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With industrial equipment, a high powered battery is essential. Deep cycle batteries are on the market today in a wide variety of quality, shapes, and sizes to suit different types of applications. These batteries basically work by converting chemical energy into electricity.

These batteries may be referred to by different names. Sometimes known as ‘ fork lift’ batteries, as they are widely used in this specific application. Also, they are referred to as ‘traction’ or ‘stationary’ batteries because of their use in forklifts, golf cars, and as floor sweeper batteries. And lastly, as ‘deep cycle’ batteries, as they are designed to be discharged down to as low as 20% of their full charge. Batteries exhibit peak performance when they are able to transform higher levels of active materials into an alternate state during discharge.

These deep cycle batteries are made with advanced technology and are capable of withstanding rough handling and the environmental conditions that an industrial setting offers. One distinguishing factor of the industrial battery is its plate thickness. Deep cycle batteries have much thicker plates than automotive batteries. Thicker plates are directly related to extended life, so the battery with the thickest plate tends to last the longest. Auto batteries are only about .040”thick, whereas the industrial batteries plate is approximately 1/4”thick. This plate thickness is important because it is a factor in how many deep cycles a battery can handle. During discharge, the negative plate tends to expand.

Therefore, batteries are made with separators that can be compressed, such as paper or glass mat. Most industrial batteries use lead antimony plates. This is different from the lead calcium used in AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat), gel, and auto batteries. The antimony aids by increasing plate strength and adds to the lifespan of the battery. With greater plate strength, the batteries are more able to withstand vibration and shock. They are also made with a strong cover, which is constructed using a heat seal. This helps prevent leakages. Industrial batteries are rechargeable and will need charging periodically. Once the battery power falls below optimum level, it should be recharged. These batteries are recharged in different ways, based on the individual construction. Whether you are looking for an industrial battery, a scrubber battery, or a marine battery, make sure it is a top quality battery from a company that guarantees service after the sale. James ‘Scooter’ Anderson, President Battery Sales and Services

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