Colorados Leading Cannabis Business Experts, Clover Leaf Consulting Hosted A64 Only Cannabis Video Symposium Series Third Event Thursday January 17th 2013.

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Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) January 19, 2013

On November 6th, Colorado passed Amendment 64 being the first U.S. state to regulate recreational cannabis in history. The passing of Amendment 64 has raised hopes of expanding marijuana business opportunities and tax revenues. In fact, the first forty million dollars annually will go to fund education. This historic event has generated excitement across the country, but also holds many questions on the implementation of a substance transitioning out of prohibition. This has a direct impact on current and future cannabis business owners.

The Cannabis Industry’s projected value is between $ 3 – $ 4 billion with an influx of “Ganjapreneurs” and investors seeking to capitalize on this major opportunity. Due to the fact that it is a black market legitimizing itself out of prohibition, the industry’s growth could be exponential with the passing of national legalization and implementation in the coming years. This does not take into account the ample business opportunities being developed for industrial hemp. “Colorado’s Cannabis Community has not only helped educate patients and validate the efficacy of medical cannabis, but it also created and stabilized a medical cannabis business model as well,” says Villano. “I believe HB1284 & Amendment 64 will eventually find common ground for regulation, offering tremendous business opportunities, investments, educational programs, job training and generate large economic stimulation in Colorado.”

The A64 Symposium will be highlighted into two segments.

“THC DUI” 7:00-7:45 pm

Since Colorado’s historic vote to legalize the regulation of recreational cannabis we have been unsure of the repercussions that would come from first time system errors, and miseducation for our leaders. We have fought this unreasonable bill tooth and nail and guess what…its back. Join Clover Leaf’s CEO Chloe Villano along with Mike Elliott, Esq., Sean McAllister Esq., Anne Toney P.C., Professor Daniel Rees, and The Colorado Department of Transportation as we discuss the THC DUI.

“Regulated Rules Task Force Update” 8:10 pm – 9:00 pm

The “Rule making” Govoner’s Task Force has been meeting all week long. We have been uncertain of our transitioning process as we expand the Cannabis Industry in Colorado, open more businesses, and make changes to our existing systems and procedures. What can we expect? What can we do? Join Clover Leaf’s Chloe Villano, along with our diverse panel of experts from the leading industry groups as we discuss the task force update and first draft development of the rule making process for Colorado’s regulated marijuana laws. Speakers include Bob Dill, Warren Edson, Robert Corry Jr, Meg Sanders, and Mike Elliott.

With the current legislative rules in flux, its important to get all the latest facts, figures as well as network with fellow industry professionals. Therefore Cloverleaf Consulting has provided the Industry manditory Information by hosting the following Amendment 64 Cannabis Business Symposium event series. This is the third event in the series. Clover Leaf will hold the Cannabis Business Symposiums the third thursday of every month at Casselmans. Future Symposium dates include: February 21, March 21, April 18, May 23, and June 20, 2013.

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Global Hemp Group Announces Consulting Agreement with Green Dot Consulting, Inc.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) February 07, 2015

GLOBAL HEMP GROUP INC. is pleased to announce it has entered into a mutual consulting agreement with Green Dot Consulting, Inc. (“GDC”), of Burbank, California, an experienced leader in cannabis industry education; data analytics; legislation; product & business development; extractions, genetics and more. The GDC team has a long and successful track record building brands like Cannabis Career InstituteTM, CannaTrendsTM, CannaJobsTM and many others.

The agreement calls for Green Dot to consult with GHG on the expansion of its business model into the medical cannabis industry and associated projects. Similarly, GHG will consult with Green Dot on its expansion into the hemp industry and associated projects.

Initially GHG will consult for Cannabis Career Institute (“CCI”) on expanding curriculum to include coursework on hemp economics, business opportunities; building materials, food & nutrition, cultivation, genetics, processing, bio-composites, etc. GHG staff will be hired to speak at CCI classes on the business of hemp and the entrepreneurial opportunities available in the hemp industry. In addition, Green Dot is gearing up for several cultivation facility construction projects that they intend to build with hemp materials. GHG will consult on the design, materials selection and sourcing, construction, automation, optimization and management of these facilities.

Global Hemp Group has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries regarding consulting on medical cannabis related projects as the industry continues to rapidly expand. With this agreement in place, the Company now has a strong partner in Green Dot Consulting that enables it to pursue a wide range of projects in the medical cannabis spectrum.

Robert Calkin, CEO of Green Dot, Inc. stated: “One the major concerns surrounding the cannabis industry is that indoor production of marijuana already has an enormous carbon footprint and we’re just getting started. We are proud to partner with a company whose main focus is to reduce the amount of energy used in the cultivation and extraction process. The cost per gram of cannabis nationwide will be directly impacted by the choices we make now in these crucial areas of savings. Whole markets will fall in the future if these concerns aren’t addressed.”

“To partner with a strong, experienced company like Green Dot, led by cannabis industry pioneer Bob Calkin, is a privilege and holds tremendous value for our Company,” said Charles Larsen, CEO of Global Hemp Group. We are looking forward to getting started on projects that both companies already have queued up that will provide a consistent stream of revenues for both parties as GHG expands its business model. The relationship with CCI will produce a steady flow of new business consulting projects from the entrepreneurs that attend CCI classes to educate themselves before launching their own canna-business.”

About Green Dot Consulting, Inc.

Green Dot is a multi-faceted company with a vast national network that includes cannabis scientists, medical specialists, new-product developers, cultivation and cannabis-industry experts, labor management consultants and more. Green Dot offers a complete solution, providing consistent access to hybridized cannabis strains, customized specific cannabinoid products to the cannabis business industry while maintaining highly experienced, trained industry experts, detailed cannabis data management, labor force management and highly sensitive formulations from high performance labs and grow facilities.

About Global Hemp Group Inc.

Global Hemp Group, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company founded in 2012. It is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada with base operations in Southern California and South Africa. The Company is acquiring and/or joint venturing with companies across all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industries in an effort to build a “soil-to-shelf” portfolio of complimentary companies that will enable GHG to capture cash flow, revenues and value from its acquisitions and establish a far greater collective valuation than GHG or the individual companies would have on their own. The Company performs comprehensive research and analysis on companies in these industries, both public and private, seeking acquisition and joint venture opportunities with experienced experts in the industry. GHG portfolio companies operate synergistically, enabling greater efficiencies, profitability and value through the economies of scale created from operating as a cohesive group. The Company also provides consulting services, from agronomics and technology to product development and distribution. In addition, GHG provides brokerage services to hemp and cannabis producers, processors, manufacturers and distributors.

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