IBS – Crohns & Cannabis – Using the Green Stuff :)

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Just my understanding on using cannabis re alleviating the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. I escaped with it for years, and there’s the key – the word ‘escape’. Eventually I worked out that what I needed to look at, was whatever it was that I was trying to escape from. My mind 🙂 Dulling it down worked, for a while, but it never stopped the flare-ups in high stress situations. Using something for pleasure out of choice is one thing, but needing to use something to escape something else, never sets you free.
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With a name like Susun *WEED* you might assume that she is some big cannabis connoisseur, activist, or pot smoker, but no, that’s not who she is at all. Susun is actually an incredibly Wise Woman knowledgeable about herbs, not just “the herb”. She is probably the most famous herbalist around today, and Googling for even a minute or two about herbs will likely result in you stumbling across one of her websites, or others referencing her. Many herbalists today have learned from Susun (via her books or online), including Bobby (founder of this Summit), and she is certainly worthy of our respect & admiration. We invited Susun to introduce the world of herbs to those of you who use “the herb” for medicinal purposes. The world is full of powerful medicinal herbs, and chances are that the ailments you are dealing with may be helped by appropriate use of natures’ pharmacy. Towards the end of the interview she touches upon some herbs that may be of benefit to many of you to nurture & support your health, though it would be well worth your efforts to study herbs in far greater depth to learn how to help yourself with your specific needs. Susun’s websites and books are good places to start with that journey. Susun also shares some thoughts about how to use cannabis medicinally, and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by some of her answers (not what I expected at all). We also asked Susun to share some spiritual insights regarding working with Cannabis, and she indulged us with a wealth of inspiring thoughts. Ironically, the entire interview went completely backwards from what was intended, as though we were working through the prepared list of questions backwards, and somehow it just worked out better that way. The main topic intended to be discussed, introducing other healing herbs, is towards the end of the call. The call was perfect for what it was, and simply put this interview is rich with Wisdom to be appreciated in several ways. Hopefully, after listening to this call, you will come to appreciate all herbs, including cannabis, with a deeper respect, and perhaps you’ll devote some of your time broadening your understanding of how to work with our green allies for better health.