Atlanta City Council Votes Unanimously to Decriminalize Marijuana, Heads to Mayor’s Desk

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Atlanta City Council Votes Unanimously to Decriminalize Marijuana, Heads to Mayor’s Desk | Drug Policy Alliance

ATLANTA, GA — Monday afternoon, after two hours of debate amongst the city council members, the Atlanta city council voted unanimously 15-0 to pass Ordinance 17-O-1152. This legislation makes the possession of marijuana under one ounce a non-arrestable offense and lowers the fine to a maximum ticket of $ 75. The mayor has eight days to decide […]

Atlanta City Council Votes Unanimously to Decriminalize Marijuana, Heads to Mayor’s Desk | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

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New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession | Marijuana Policy Project

CONCORD, NH — The New Hampshire state Senate passed a bill Thursday (17-6) that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana in New Hampshire. House Bill 640 will now head back to the House of Representatives, which overwhelmingly approved the original version in February (318-36) and is expected to concur with the Senate-approved version soon. […]

New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Voters in Kansas City, MO Decriminalize Marijuana in Blowout Victory

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Voters in Kansas City, MO Decriminalize Marijuana in Blowout Victory | Justin Strekal

KANSAS CITY, MO — In a blowout victory for sensible criminal justice policy, the voters of Kansas City, Missouri have decided to approve Question 5 and decriminalize marijuana to direct their law enforcement officers to no longer target citizens for possession of the plant and would replace current criminal penalties with just a civil fine. The […]

Voters in Kansas City, MO Decriminalize Marijuana in Blowout Victory | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Israel Could Soon Decriminalize Personal Marijuana Use

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Israel Could Soon Decriminalize Personal Marijuana Use | HWN

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — Israel could soon decriminalize personal use and possession of marijuana, a leading government official said Thursday. Speaking at a news conference in Tel Aviv, Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan said if the government approves his policy suggestion, those caught possessing or smoking small amounts of marijuana would face fines instead of arrested […]

Israel Could Soon Decriminalize Personal Marijuana Use | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Global Hemp Revolution – Decriminalize Cannabis Marijuana Industrial Hemp for Victory!

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“The Union crew has decided to place a high quality version of The Union on-line for those who are unable to afford the film, as it is our belief that everyone should have the right to view it regardless of their financial situation. For those who would like to support the film, we have provided the link below to give the ability to do so. We would like to express a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has stood behind the movie and its message, whether through purchasing a copy, sharing with friends, creating blogs or just commenting on Youtube. We are truly indebted to you all!

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When Freedom Radiates & Truth Resonates, Tyranny Falls.

Big Brother Surveillance Society is NOT there to “protect” you, but to protect the NWO Mafia, they know YOU gonna be -Mad as Hell- about their abuse of power !

Hijacked Governments Legalize Corporate Crimes & Criminalizing Real Solutions: Suppressed inventions & Alternative Cures, google “When Healing Becomes a Crime” & “Hemp Revolution”

“corporatism” = police enforcing more & more totally insane unconstitutional laws & regulations

Nobody knows what all know together THAT is why we need to consider all options. Those who silence or downplay messengers are not part of the Spiritual rEvolution.


Hemp for Victory (1943)

An government informational film produced to encourage farmers to grow hemp for the war effort during WW2. The film details the many industrial uses of hemp, including cloth and cordage, as well as a detailed history of the plant’s use.
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Welcome to the Hemp Farm

Join us at Australia’s only public hemp farm and learn all you can about the hemp seed, hemp oil, hemp protein and other hemp foods. Hemp plastic, biofuel, building and more are also featured here.
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Will Obama, Romney Clarify Their Positions on Medical Marijuana in Colorado Election Debate?

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On Wednesday, President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney will face off on live television in the first of several debates that could shape the upcoming election.

Medical marijuana professionals should tune in: The candidates will most certainly field questions about MMJ and cannabis legalization in general, given that the debate will be held in Denver.

Colorado has one of the largest medical marijuana industry’s in the country, home to more than 1,000 dispensaries, grow sites and infused-product manufacturers.  It also has a measure on the ballot this November asking voters to legalize the general use of marijuana.

Additionally, the debate is focused on domestic policy and will be held at a university, so you can bet that medical cannabis will be a particularly big topic.

The biggest question going into the debates, however, is will either candidate actually shed any new light on their vague positions regarding medical marijuana and cannabis legalization?

It’s possible but doubtful. Both Obama and Romney have been asked countless times about MMJ, and in most cases they sidestep the question or offer vague answers. In an interview Monday with the Denver Post, Romney said he opposes “marijuana being used for recreational purposes and I believe the federal law should prohibit the recreational use of marijuana.” But he didn’t directly address medical marijuana, though a campaign spokesman told the Washington Post today that Romney is against MMJ legalization.

Obama has been similarly vague about medical marijuana in recent interviews, and the current MMJ crackdown under his administration is uneven and unpredictable.

Both presidents, however, seem to be against the idea of general marijuana legalization. Romney has made it crystal clear that he would not allow that to happen under his watch. Obama, while less assertive on the issue, has indicated he doesn’t think it’s the proper path for the country to take. It unclear how the presidents would respond if an individual states such as Colorado legalizes cannabis use.

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