Leafly Evolves Beyond Cannabis Strain Reviews

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Leafly Evolves Beyond Cannabis Strain Reviews
Leafly, one of the three core holdings of Privateer Holdings, has moved forward since the departure of founder Cy Scott, who left last year to form Headset. At the recent Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland, Paul Campbell, who is Vice …
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Cannabis Entrepreneurs Are Guinea Pigs in Colorado Pesticide Crisis
Newsweek has published another special edition focused on cannabis, and it tackles one of the most vexing challenges for the industry, the lack of regulatory oversight with respect to the use of pesticides. The crux of the problem is that the …
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The Future of Cannabis Safety Evolves Stashlogix Debuts the First Portable Cannabis Safe

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Boulder, CO (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

With marijuana legal in 23 states, and more legalization on the way, one issue that arises repeatedly is child safety. Trips to the emergency room for accidental ingestion of edible marijuana in the form of candies, cookies and brownies among kids is on the rise. And when juveniles experiment with the high-potency pot they find in a parent’s bureau drawer, the experience can be disorienting and even dangerous.

Stashlogix (stashlogix.com) wants to help keep marijuana where it belongs — in the hands of responsible adults.

With a unique integrated combination lock, and strong odor barriers, Stashlogix prevents kids from stumbling across a cannabis-infused hard candy that dad uses to ease his back pain, or to stop a teenager from not only finding the stash of Maui Waui, but smoking it.

This simple solution to a serious problem pulls it off in style, too. These are not bags emblazoned with pot leaves and Rastafarian colors. Instead, Stashlogix line of three containers look more like cases for high-end camera equipment, or smartphone accessories.

“As a family man, I hunted for a container that could hold cannabis products discretely, and that would stop my kids from ever gaining access to it,” said Stashlogix founder Skip Stone. “But I could not find anything that was lightweight, lockable and portable. Most of the products were heavy boxes. The others were gaudy with nods and winks to stoner culture. Neither of these options appealed to me. So I designed Stashlogix.”

Stashlogix offers three sizes, from a highly-portable container that could easily clip to a backpack or slip into a messenger bag, to a much larger option that can house a wide variety of marijuana-related products. All of them come fitted with adjustable compartments for pipes, lighters and more, as well as clear jars with dry-erase marker lids — perfect for labeling the strains or edible products in the jars. Need to charge a vaporizer? With Stashlogix, you can keep the vaporizer in the locked bag while running the charge cord through a small hole.

This is the stash container of the future. As so many products, from the marijuana itself to the vaporizers, pipes and grinders, have grown increasingly sophisticated, the containers too often remain baggies. It is time to ditch the baggies.

Stashlogix products will be available shortly after the company completes its IndieGoGo financing effort, in early June. Pledge money now, to receive discount pricing and first dibs on a product that will revolutionize marijuana storage. Either way, look for Stashlogix products online and in stores this summer.