Survey: More Than One in Five Military Vets Uses Marijuana Medicinally

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Survey: More Than One in Five Military Vets Uses Marijuana Medicinally | NORML

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — More than one in five military veterans engage in the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, according to nationwide survey data conducted on behalf of The American Legion. The American Legion is the largest veterans’ advocacy organization in the United States. Twenty-two percent of respondents said they “use cannabis to treat a mental or physical condition.” Thirty-nine […]

Survey: More Than One in Five Military Vets Uses Marijuana Medicinally | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Five Reasons Trump Needs to Think Twice Before Waging War on Weed

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Five Reasons Trump Needs to Think Twice Before Waging War on Weed | Phillip Smith

White House press secretary Sean Spicer‘s comment last week that we “will see greater enforcement” of federal marijuana prohibition has set off tremors in the pot industry, but it should be setting off warning bells at the White House itself. Any move against marijuana would be politically fraught, economically foolish, and counter to some of […]

Five Reasons Trump Needs to Think Twice Before Waging War on Weed | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Younger Push Mayor & Youngor Hemp Family And Other Five Brands – Younger, Men – Clothing

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This year’s China International Clothing Apparel Fair (CHIC2010), the Chinese garment industry leader Younger move unexpectedly, suddenly launched a five brands: MAYOR & YOUNGOR, YOUNGORCEO, GY, “Hemp Family” and HartSchaffner Marx.

This is that adhere to national brand Youngor it? If you answered “YES”, the answer correct; If the answer is “NO”, the answer is not bad. This is the puzzled people of “Younger brands art.”

Younger has not changed. MAYOR & YOUNGOR, YOUNGORCEO, GY comes from the breakdown of existing Younger brands were for public servants, business people, young and trendy crowd, aim to further the brand positioning, style and content to create a distinct personality; and “Hemp Family” is a self-developed green Younger Environmental protection New products, representing more emphasis on originality, focus on the “China element” Younger. WU Hai-known fashion designer explains: “Han, on behalf of our Chinese original; Ma, on behalf of natural pollution-free green products; family, on behalf of Younger dedicated to the world a harmonious, warm, sustainable development home. “

Younger changed. Conquer the world one of the original brand, has now become a multi-brand, more surprising is that the introduction of the letter of the foreign Youngor brand HartSchaffner Marx (Hart? Max), belonging to the United States Men The leader and the flagship brand.

It is understood that this new brand strategy Youngor behind the brand is the five independent studio. Younger road to explore the brand, from its business philosophy: first to make a brand strong, thick trunk, deep roots, to Cha and more; trunk is not rough, the brand has become diversified risky. Younger public statement is: “30 years, despite the Younger’s brand has been only one, but the company has been doing for the brand a solid foundation for the diversification of the work. Youngor do first Shirt , Followed suit to do, they have to do the first comprehensive market share. Men are installed to establish significant market advantage, the Younger further market segments, extending product lines, we have introduced T shirt , Sweaters trousers, coats, ties, sportswear and other men’s fashions. Today the brand unveiled the five years is actually hard work of Accumulate. “

In fact, the head of Li Rucheng Youngor is no longer confined to such diversity of thinking. “We are now considering a higher level of industrial upgrading, from technology-intensive enterprises turned to the creative arts.” To this end, the establishment of 5 million yuan investment professionals Younger Education Fund, dedicated to training outstanding designers, while with the People’s University, Donghua University and other colleges and enterprises Cooperation Personnel training program is under way. Li Rucheng said that 10 years Younger to train 100 excellent, professional and creative design talent, the Younger from the world’s largest factories into a creative world of art creation.

To really go to the world, we must have global culture of thinking, it appears Li Rucheng have to understand this truth. So he said, China to the world, do the brand a century, to do an international brand, not only the issue of capital, but also have a common culture, and complex culture of China to integrate into the world, we must integrate into the world culture, so can Youngor the world and become global brands.

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