Organic Clothing-the World Is Going Green

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There has been a lot of concern about ecology and our environment in the last few years in the wake of growing pollution in all spheres of life. There has been a conscious effort to adapt to a pollution free world whether it is fuel, housing, food, and even clothing. Yes, the world is going greener. Organic clothing is an endeavor to go back to clothes that are produced with organically produced material, avoiding man made materials. Some of the materials that are used for such type of clothing are wool, hemp, cotton, and bamboo. These are considered to be eco friendly as they do not cause any harm to our environment, especially the earth, air or water.

While growing materials for making organic clothing, special emphasis is laid on not using pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Instead, help of beneficial bacteria and insects such as ladybug is taken so that the material is totally safe for the environment and for use by people.

Clothing is that part of our life which remains in contact with our bodies, especially skin for majority of time in a day. Even when we go to bed we are wearing something or the other and hence it can be said safely that we remain in contact with clothes almost 24 hours a day. To prevent any harm to the people from coming in contact with clothes that are made using toxic materials, the word organic was coined and clothes were manufactured with materials produced organically. It is a fact that the first thing that comes to mind when the word organic is used is food. But certainly there are more ways to remain in touch with nature, and organic clothing is a step in that direction.

It is a fact that more pollution is caused by clothing industry than any other industry as so many harmful chemicals and substances are used in making countless varieties of apparels. All sorts of pesticides are used in growing cotton without caring about the environment. We tend to think that these pesticides do not affect us as cotton is not a food item to be taken internally but we forget that all these pollutants are thrown in water thus causing incalculable harm to our water supply. When producing materials organically, special care is taken to avoid all sorts of toxic materials and pesticides so that the material is eco friendly, and the clothes produce from it are also absolutely safe for human population. Even when dyeing these organically produced clothes, care is taken not to use any synthetic dyes and only natural plant extracts and other herbs are used to produce colorful clothing.

Today, there is a growing demand of this type of clothing in the market as people have grown conscious of the harmful effects of synthetically produced clothes as also the harm done to the environment in producing these clothes. The number of manufacturers and marketers of organic clothing is also increasing to fulfill the demands of the people. Especially for babies, people prefer to use organic clothing as their skin is soft and delicate.

Rajkumar Jonnala is a Freelance Writer who writes about how you can use Organic clothing, natural dyes.

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Green House Lemon Skunk Feminised Seeds

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Since 1985, the Green House company from Amsterdam has been providing growers with high quality seeds at highly competitive prices. The company has been ranked as the top cannabis seed provider 32 times, and their award winning seed is the Green House lemon skunk feminized seeds. This carefully constructed hybrid grows in to an incredible plant, with a huge yield (when grown correctly) and most importantly with an end product which is potent and powerful.

Ask anyone who has tried growing the Green House lemon skunk seeds, and they will surely describe just how easy it was to nurture the plant, and what a pleasure it was to receive such a large yield at the maturity.

So – what more can we say about this variety? Let’s start from the very beginning.

The Green House Lemon Skunk Feminised Seeds Breakdown

The characteristics of the Green House lemon skunk feminized seeds are unique. Take a look at the following obvious characteristics and see whether they would suit your growing operation or not:

“8 to 9 weeks to grow to maturity.
“Effect is long lasting and carries an intense citrus aroma.
“Best time to plant is August / September (northern hemisphere).
“Feminized, so excellent addition to existing garden.

Like many other Green House seeds, this variety has been custom crossed to provide the maximum benefit when it comes to fruition. Maturity is always an exciting time when you get to actually use the produce that you have been working so hard to encourage. There is nothing better than harvesting a large yield (up to 1000 grams with this plant) and knowing that you are saving a huge amount of money.

Another fantastic feature to this seed is the ease of growing. Green House has always tried to make their varieties as easy-growing as possible, and they have definitely achieved this with the Green House Lemon Skunk Feminised seeds.

The Award Winning Seed

As we already touched on a few times, the Lemon Skunk is one of the most popular seeds from Green House. This is because it is an award winning plant which was placed 1st in the 2007 cannabis cup in Amsterdam.

This is no easy feat. For such a seed, you would probably be expected to pay upwards of $ 200. However, because the company is now producing more varieties and even better 1st place winners (they had the best seeds in 2008 and 2009 also) – the price for the Green House Lemon Skunk Feminised seeds has fallen recently to the lowest price in a long time.

How much could you be expected to pay for a pack of seeds? Well, depending on which retailer you buy them from, you might be paying anything from $ 30 to $ 50. If you buy from the Green House company itself, the prices could be a little steeper (as they still believe that the product is worth it’s premium price tag).

Visit to get the cream of Green House Lemon Skunk Feminised Seeds, Green House Cannabis Seeds and Single Green House Seeds at dirt cheap prices. Make the most of discount coupons on offer for pocket-friendly deals this summer.

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Colorado Cannabis Business Expands its Recycling Initiative, to Encourage Marijuana Retailers to Keep Their Businesses Green

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Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

DENVER (May 26, 2015) – As the nation’s legal cannabis industry expands and evolves, it is also experiencing many of the growing pains felt by other start-up businesses. And like their mainstream counterparts, one major issue that cannabis companies now have to grapple with is how to recycle the tons of paper and plastic that marijuana growers, dispensaries and consumers go through each year.

“Where others see waste we see the opportunity to enhance our environment for the benefit of our community, our retailers and our customers,” says Ryan Fox, founder and CEO of Kindman: one of the largest growers and distributors of legal recreational cannabis in Colorado.

Fox says Kindman is now expanding its own recycling initiative to its marijuana industry partners in Colorado – by encouraging those retailers to make sure Kindman packaging ends up in recycling bins, and not as discarded waste.

“Since opening our doors in 2009, we have actively practiced a 100 percent recycling effort,” he notes, “and as a result, we can proudly say that more than half of our waste is recycled in bins that get taken to Waste Management through their Think Green program. The other half that goes to the landfill, we make sure it’s compostable.”

By state law, all marijuana products in Colorado must be sold in tamper-proof, child-resistant and opaque containers. Those rules make the products safer and easier for regulators to monitor, but they also create the need for making our own packaging recyclable, says Fox.

With those environmental concerns in mind, Fox pioneered Kindman’s pre-packaged, pre-weighed and easily identifiable cannabis brands – and made sure all that packaging material was recyclable.

He took the extra steps to have his company use Plastic #2 – HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) bottles that are much safer for the environment, have a lower risk of leaching and are widely accepted by curbside recycling programs. Plastic #2 is often recycled into pens, recycling containers, picnic tables, lumber, benches, fencing and detergent bottles, to name just a few items.

The rest of the Kindman’s packaging, including its distinctive, forest-green boxes, are made from cardboard and paper that’s accepted by mainstream recycling companies. Fox notes that, even if his retailers don’t have ready access to the usual recycling receptacles, they can encourage consumers to place Kindman packaging in standard, curbside recycling bins.

“We excited about being part of a recycling system here in Colorado with Waste Management, that takes our recycled boxes and bottles and converts them into energy,” he continues.

“Additionally, we have a sense of pride here at Kindman, knowing that our extra efforts play a part in Waste Management’s ongoing initiative to convert our local landfills into wildlife habitats… something that’s very important here in Colorado.”

Recycling is an important part of keeping overall business costs down, but Fox says it’s also part of being an answerable partner in the Colorado communities where Kindman works and its employees live. The company also uses paperless documentation, and its daily tech operations include efforts to further shrink the consumption of paper, plastic and ink used in the state’s legal cannabis industry.

“We have taken on a role as recycling consultants, to make sure our industry goes green and stays green,” he says, “by encouraging our Kindman retailers to follow in our footsteps, and to help their own stores shrink their carbon footprints.”


Established in 2009, Kindman provides customers with an unmatched cannabis product – grown in Colorado state-regulated facilities at indoor locations, using a customized process that combines food-grade nutrients and a unique soil mix that brings out the plant’s best features. Close attention is paid to product cleanliness, quality, curing and processing.

Since the January 1, 2014 start of legalized sales of recreational cannabis to adults in Colorado, Kindman has provided high-quality marijuana flowers to tens of thousands of customers from over 100 countries.

For more information, visit:

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Feminised Green House Seeds: Revealed

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Greenhouse is widely known as one of the most successful cannabis seed businesses in the world. It also has the distinction of being a leader of cannabis genetics in the world of pot. Moreover, the company has won several awards for its excellent selections of feminized seeds. Heres more.

Feminised seeds from Greenhouse are considered to be some of the best in the world. The company has spent a lot of time and resources into developing the finest strains for the wide community of marijuana smokers and growers. They have also conducted unique lab tests to determine the cannabinoids, DNA profiles and terpens of each individual strain to ensure perfect yield.

Moreover, the company has recently launched color coded seeds that allow growers to try five strains at minimum cost. These seeds have been created with the single aim of allowing choosers to select the perfect seed genetics, based on location, logistics and personal requirements. Greenhouse is committed to preserving the best landraces and deriving the perfect genetics from each individual strain.

The feminised seeds from Greenhouse have won several accolades including the High Times Cannabis Cup and Highlife Cups as well as various other awards from international cannabis foundations. Most of the strains on offer have high medicinal as well as recreational value. The specifically designed terpene profiles of the seeds, also guarantees exclusive aromas and tastes.

Greenhouse feminised seeds are available in two variations- indoor and outdoor. The characteristics of a particular strain determine whether it is better suited for outdoor or indoor growth. They may be chosen for either personal or commercial purposes as well. One of the best options from the outdoor growth variety include the Himalaya gold seed which is highly recommended for its natural resistance to altitudinal issues, cold nights, diseases and pests.

Of the indoor feminised varieties offered by Greenhouse, the Great White Shark and White Rhino, really standout as top quality seeds. They are characterized by massive bud and resin yields. The White Rhino also has proven medical properties that may be used to treat patient suffering from chronic pain.

Certain feminised seeds offered by Greenhouse can be grown both indoors and outdoors equally conveniently. In most cases, these seeds perform well in both locations with slight differences in development or yields.

The basic genetics of the marijuana seed remains the main factor that determines the success of the plant. Greenhouse offers seeds that possess the best genes and offer the highest yield and flavors. However, smokers and growers are advised to look up information on the seeds of their choice before settling on any particular one.

Cannabis enthusiasts in Amsterdam have the option of visiting Greenhouse stores and looking through a seeds catalogue. You may even ask the attendants for advice on the selections that are most suited for your personal requirements. These feminised seeds may also be purchased over the internet from Greenhouses online store.

So, if youre looking for a world class selection of cannabis seeds, look no further than the award winning seed collection of Greenhouse to find your perfect smoking match. brings forth an array of seed varieties at prices that do not create a hole in your pocket. From Ferminised Green House Seeds and Green House Seeds to Pick N Mix Green House Seeds, you get them all here at unbeatable prices.

Green Hemp Protein Smoothie | Green Kitchen Stories

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Green Hemp Protein Smoothie
Serves 2

2 large handfuls kale or other leafy greens, rinsed and stems removed
2 cups / 500 ml almond milk or plant milk of your choice, more if needed
4 tbsp hemp protein powder (you can also use pea protein, brown rice protein or a sprouted protein blend)
2 ripe bananas, peeled
1 mango, peeled and stone removed (or use thawed frozen)
1 lime, juice

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix until smooth. Add more plant milk or water if needed. Serve in a glass.


For more FoodClub:
Mail: [email protected]

Instruction on how to tie a Square Knot for you to make a hemp anklet, bracelet, choker, or necklace.

IBS – Crohns & Cannabis – Using the Green Stuff :)

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Just my understanding on using cannabis re alleviating the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. I escaped with it for years, and there’s the key – the word ‘escape’. Eventually I worked out that what I needed to look at, was whatever it was that I was trying to escape from. My mind 🙂 Dulling it down worked, for a while, but it never stopped the flare-ups in high stress situations. Using something for pleasure out of choice is one thing, but needing to use something to escape something else, never sets you free.
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With a name like Susun *WEED* you might assume that she is some big cannabis connoisseur, activist, or pot smoker, but no, that’s not who she is at all. Susun is actually an incredibly Wise Woman knowledgeable about herbs, not just “the herb”. She is probably the most famous herbalist around today, and Googling for even a minute or two about herbs will likely result in you stumbling across one of her websites, or others referencing her. Many herbalists today have learned from Susun (via her books or online), including Bobby (founder of this Summit), and she is certainly worthy of our respect & admiration. We invited Susun to introduce the world of herbs to those of you who use “the herb” for medicinal purposes. The world is full of powerful medicinal herbs, and chances are that the ailments you are dealing with may be helped by appropriate use of natures’ pharmacy. Towards the end of the interview she touches upon some herbs that may be of benefit to many of you to nurture & support your health, though it would be well worth your efforts to study herbs in far greater depth to learn how to help yourself with your specific needs. Susun’s websites and books are good places to start with that journey. Susun also shares some thoughts about how to use cannabis medicinally, and I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by some of her answers (not what I expected at all). We also asked Susun to share some spiritual insights regarding working with Cannabis, and she indulged us with a wealth of inspiring thoughts. Ironically, the entire interview went completely backwards from what was intended, as though we were working through the prepared list of questions backwards, and somehow it just worked out better that way. The main topic intended to be discussed, introducing other healing herbs, is towards the end of the call. The call was perfect for what it was, and simply put this interview is rich with Wisdom to be appreciated in several ways. Hopefully, after listening to this call, you will come to appreciate all herbs, including cannabis, with a deeper respect, and perhaps you’ll devote some of your time broadening your understanding of how to work with our green allies for better health.

Cannabis executive to launch Green Beach Ventures

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Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

Michael Herron has stepped down from his role as Chief Business Development Officer at a cannabis technology firm to lead his new own company at Green Beach Ventures LLC as their new Chief Executive Officer.

Green Beach Ventures LLC (‘GBV’) is a Nevada limited liability corporation with offices in California formed to lead a multi-tiered platform of cannabis-related businesses. The areas of focus include technology, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

“The cannabis industry over recent years has been growing by leaps and bounds. Many professional industry participants recognize that while the green rush may now be in full swing, it can’t last forever, and as such, the window of opportunity to stake one’s claim can quickly shut just as fast as it opened,” stated Michael Herron, founder of Green Beach Ventures.

According to ArcView Research in its “The State of Legal Marijuana Markets, 3rd Edition” report, the U.S. cannabis industry in 2014 grew by 74% up to $ 2.7 billion, up from $ 1.5 billion in 2013.

“Green Beach Ventures has been crafted similarly as a mutual fund portfolio manager would approach managing risk, through diversification between industries, company focuses, time and expected cash flow. By using a centralized management approach coupled with our combined experience in the investment, technology and cannabis industries, we believe we will improve operational efficiency, communications, and cost in order to maximize shareholder value through scalability throughout our brands,” said Herron.

Global Hemp Group Announces Consulting Agreement with Green Dot Consulting, Inc.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) February 07, 2015

GLOBAL HEMP GROUP INC. is pleased to announce it has entered into a mutual consulting agreement with Green Dot Consulting, Inc. (“GDC”), of Burbank, California, an experienced leader in cannabis industry education; data analytics; legislation; product & business development; extractions, genetics and more. The GDC team has a long and successful track record building brands like Cannabis Career InstituteTM, CannaTrendsTM, CannaJobsTM and many others.

The agreement calls for Green Dot to consult with GHG on the expansion of its business model into the medical cannabis industry and associated projects. Similarly, GHG will consult with Green Dot on its expansion into the hemp industry and associated projects.

Initially GHG will consult for Cannabis Career Institute (“CCI”) on expanding curriculum to include coursework on hemp economics, business opportunities; building materials, food & nutrition, cultivation, genetics, processing, bio-composites, etc. GHG staff will be hired to speak at CCI classes on the business of hemp and the entrepreneurial opportunities available in the hemp industry. In addition, Green Dot is gearing up for several cultivation facility construction projects that they intend to build with hemp materials. GHG will consult on the design, materials selection and sourcing, construction, automation, optimization and management of these facilities.

Global Hemp Group has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries regarding consulting on medical cannabis related projects as the industry continues to rapidly expand. With this agreement in place, the Company now has a strong partner in Green Dot Consulting that enables it to pursue a wide range of projects in the medical cannabis spectrum.

Robert Calkin, CEO of Green Dot, Inc. stated: “One the major concerns surrounding the cannabis industry is that indoor production of marijuana already has an enormous carbon footprint and we’re just getting started. We are proud to partner with a company whose main focus is to reduce the amount of energy used in the cultivation and extraction process. The cost per gram of cannabis nationwide will be directly impacted by the choices we make now in these crucial areas of savings. Whole markets will fall in the future if these concerns aren’t addressed.”

“To partner with a strong, experienced company like Green Dot, led by cannabis industry pioneer Bob Calkin, is a privilege and holds tremendous value for our Company,” said Charles Larsen, CEO of Global Hemp Group. We are looking forward to getting started on projects that both companies already have queued up that will provide a consistent stream of revenues for both parties as GHG expands its business model. The relationship with CCI will produce a steady flow of new business consulting projects from the entrepreneurs that attend CCI classes to educate themselves before launching their own canna-business.”

About Green Dot Consulting, Inc.

Green Dot is a multi-faceted company with a vast national network that includes cannabis scientists, medical specialists, new-product developers, cultivation and cannabis-industry experts, labor management consultants and more. Green Dot offers a complete solution, providing consistent access to hybridized cannabis strains, customized specific cannabinoid products to the cannabis business industry while maintaining highly experienced, trained industry experts, detailed cannabis data management, labor force management and highly sensitive formulations from high performance labs and grow facilities.

About Global Hemp Group Inc.

Global Hemp Group, Inc. is a publicly traded holding company founded in 2012. It is headquartered in British Columbia, Canada with base operations in Southern California and South Africa. The Company is acquiring and/or joint venturing with companies across all sectors of the hemp and cannabis industries in an effort to build a “soil-to-shelf” portfolio of complimentary companies that will enable GHG to capture cash flow, revenues and value from its acquisitions and establish a far greater collective valuation than GHG or the individual companies would have on their own. The Company performs comprehensive research and analysis on companies in these industries, both public and private, seeking acquisition and joint venture opportunities with experienced experts in the industry. GHG portfolio companies operate synergistically, enabling greater efficiencies, profitability and value through the economies of scale created from operating as a cohesive group. The Company also provides consulting services, from agronomics and technology to product development and distribution. In addition, GHG provides brokerage services to hemp and cannabis producers, processors, manufacturers and distributors.

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Grow Cannabis – Cannabis Expeditions The Green Giants of California – by Jorge Cervantes

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Come with Jorge Cervantes into his world of outdoor medical cannabis gardens. Nestled deep in legendary Humboldt Local’s California back country, where you will see some of the biggest cannabis plants in the world!


Questions to Jorge:






It’s been a year since Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Reg Sherren travels to Denver to see how the cannabis culture has changed.
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