Stylish Organics Announces Winner of Their Organic Harvest Month Give-Away Contest

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Stanton, New Jersey (PRWEB) October 04, 2013

Offering the chance for consumers to support organic agriculture, Stylish Organics ran a month long contest during the month of September – Organic Harvest Month. Entrants were encouraged to think about the value of organic and write a short sentence about their favorite organic product. By also asking entrants to then share this information, it was hoped that others were made aware of the large selection of organic products that are available and the benefits to the environment. Congratulations to Amy Harman, winner of the Stylish Organics’ contest and supporter of organic. See the post on their home page at

Having a low carbon footprint, the range of organic products offered makes it easy to lead a green lifestyle. Anything from food, clothing, and skin care; to pet treats and grooming products, they avoid use of toxic chemicals in the growing and manufacturing process. Organic growing methods offer a purer product with no residual chemicals in foods, produce or on fibers used for fabric. Sustainable farming of fibers such as hemp and bamboo, avoid depletion of natural resources and actually add nutrients back into the soil. Green manufacturing eliminates the contamination of air, surrounding soil and groundwater in product production including dyeing processes. “No longer are organic or eco-friendly products blah and boring”, commented owner of the on-line boutique, Lynn Lavanga. “With chic fashions and home decor items; lush natural skin care for the entire family; and unique jewelry and gifts; offered on our site, it is easy and time efficient to be environmentally friendly.”

About Stylish Organics

Stylish Organics is an e-commerce boutique offering a collection of products selected for earth friendly properties from environmentally responsible manufacturers. The company’s easy to shop, one-stop-shopping, venue enables those committed to green living to combine savvy styling with earth friendly thinking. Many of their products are made in the USA or are ethically sourced from organizations that globally support women. The boutique is based in Stanton, New Jersey and is available to consumers on-line with shipping provided to locations in the United States and Canada. They can be reached via their website, email – contactus(at)stylishorganics(dot)com or by calling 800.581.6417.

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John Deree 9680 wts Harvest Hemp

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John Deree 9680 wts Harvest Hemp

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2013 Hemp Fiber & Hurd Harvest – The Hemp Farm New Zealand Ltd | TrollsNeedHugs

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2013 Hemp Fiber & Hurd Harvest - The Hemp Farm New Zealand Ltd | TrollsNeedHugs The Hemp Farm New Zealand Ltd’s 2013 fiber & hurd crop. This crop has produced the strongest hemp fiber recorded so far. The fiber has been strength tested and it is officially the strongest plant fiber in the world!

Music credits: “HOEDOWN” (by Jason Shaw)
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Kentucky Hemp Harvest

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Kentucky Hemp Harvest

Lexington, Ky.
University of Kentucky researchers harvested the university’s first hemp crop in decades today.

“It was a good growing season for many crops, not just hemp,” said David Williams, UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment agronomist and co-project lead. “Precipitation was excellent this year and more than adequate for growth. The only downside to the growing season was that we planted a little bit late, but I don’t think that had much effect on the crop.”

UK’s research plot, planted May 27, was one of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s pilot studies to reintroduce hemp production in Kentucky. UK’s study was conducted in conjunction with Eastern Kentucky University and Kentucky State University.

“Congratulations to the University of Kentucky and all of our partners in the hemp pilot projects on the first hemp crop in Kentucky in almost 70 years,” said Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, who has championed the cause of returning hemp production to the commonwealth. “This crop will yield significant data about production techniques, which varieties do best in Kentucky and which of the many uses of hemp are most likely to succeed here.”

Kentucky was a national leader in hemp production before the crop was outlawed in the United States due to its similarity to marijuana. Many agricultural advances have occurred since then, so research trials were necessary to determine the crop’s viability in an ever-changing agricultural economy.

UK researchers used a sickle bar mower to harvest the crop in the same manner that hay is harvested.

“Our plan was to simply lay the crop on the ground where the elements will begin to break down or ‘ret’ the hemp,” said Rich Mundell, co-project lead and an agronomist in the Kentucky Tobacco Research Development Center. “Because the hemp was very tall (about 10 feet) we felt the sickle bar mower would do a better job than a more commonly used disc mower.”

UK’s research project included 13 different varieties managed for either fiber production or seed production.

After the harvest, researchers will analyze and compare the different varieties to find one that’s best suited for the state and then present the results to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. -Katie Pratt

Produced by The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. For additional questions or for more information on this story, please contact: David Williams, 859-257-2715; Rich Mundell, 859-257-6339

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Industrial hemp harvest

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Industrial hemp harvest

Hemp fibers with a length up to 80 cm.
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Pecha Kucha Louisville - Moseley Putney -

PechaKucha Night is a worldwide event intended for young designers, artists, and others to meet, network, and show their work in public. PechaKucha employs a 20×20 format that allows each presenter to show a sequence of 20 images for 20 seconds each. In this installment of a recent Louisville event, Moseley Putney proposes the positive impact of the introduction of an industrial hemp market in Kentucky.
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