Diversity Matters: The Marijuana Industrys New Recruiting Firm, THC Staffing Group

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 18, 2015

A new staffing firm is currently accepting applications from candidates at all levels interested in a career in the marijuana industry.

THC Staffing Group is a business endeavor started by two seasoned activists, Danielle Schumacher and Shaleen Title, dedicated to smart drug policy and the development of a diverse, robust and legal marijuana industry. Working together in this venture, their focus is on finding qualified candidates for America’s fast growing marijuana industry that are not only the right fit professionally and personally, but also represent a wide and diverse cross-section of America’s population.

Designed to assist employers with their staffing needs, THC Staffing Group is poised to grow with the new (diverse) marijuana industry. With national media openly reviewing marijuana’s changing roles, as in 60 Minutes’ recent Colorado story, The Marijuana Effect (11 January 2015), and ABC News reporting a Federal Judge Weighs Marijuana’s Classification (12 January 2015), legalizing marijuana not only changes our laws – it changes our economy.

“It’s no secret that the medical and adult-use marijuana industries are highly regulated and scrutinized,” said Shaleen Title, an attorney who worked on Amendment 64, Colorado’s historic legalization initiative. “This scrutiny extends to the diversity of the staff of prospective businesses. Several of the most recent states to create a competitive marijuana dispensary application process have requested information about the diversity of the applicants.”

“We can help find candidates,” continued Title, “that are aware of and sensitive to the diversity among customers and stakeholders. With our help, you can build your brand as one of the rare marijuana businesses to connect across communities.”

“Most importantly,” Danielle Schumacher added, “a team with diverse backgrounds will be ready to creatively and effectively handle the ever changing – and growing – marijuana industry.”

Based in Boston, Shaleen Title is an attorney with more than ten years of experience helping others start new careers in marijuana business and policy. As the Speakers Bureau Director for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Title recruited judges and law enforcement officials to speak out in favor of legalization.

Danielle Schumacher is a seasoned activist with experience running marijuana businesses across the country. As the first chancellor of Oaksterdam University, Schumacher worked with Richard Lee to establish America’s first cannabis college. Originally from Illinois, in 2005 Schumacher moved to California to head the Cannabis Action Network.

THC Staffing Group is currently developing a tool to begin collecting industry salary information in spring 2015.

“Diversity is far more than just a moral issue,” Schumacher noted. “In the 21st century, it’s a business and economic necessity.”

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