Drug Arrests; Marijuana Arrests Both Up Last Year, FBI Reports

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Drug Arrests; Marijuana Arrests Both Up Last Year, FBI Reports | Phillip Smith

Despite spreading marijuana legalization and despite a growing desire for new directions in drug policy, the war on drugs continues unabated. According to the FBI’s latest Uniform Crime Report, released Monday, overall drug arrests actually increased last year to 1.57 million, a jump of 5.63% over 2015. The increase includes marijuana arrests, which jumped by […]

Drug Arrests; Marijuana Arrests Both Up Last Year, FBI Reports | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Texas Advocates Make Last Minute Push for Medical Marijuana Fix

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Texas Advocates Make Last Minute Push for Medical Marijuana Fix | Marijuana Policy Project

AUSTIN, TX — A group of patients, caregivers, and advocates will gather at the Texas State Capitol today for an eleventh-hour push to keep critical medical marijuana legislation alive. The group, led by Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, will be urging members of the House Calendars Committee to schedule a vote on House Bill 2107, […]

Texas Advocates Make Last Minute Push for Medical Marijuana Fix | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Last Minute Gifts for Stoners You Can Still Get Before Christmas

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Last Minute Gifts for Stoners You Can Still Get Before Christmas | The Daily Chronic Staff

If you haven’t finished (or started) your holiday shopping yet, and are still looking for some great gift ideas for your favorite stoners and potheads, check out these great last minute stoner gift ideas.  If you hurry, there’s still time to get your gifts shipped to you before Christmas without having to pay extra for expedited shipping!

Last Minute Gifts for Stoners You Can Still Get Before Christmas | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Last Quarter Growth Curve on the Rise for Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Stocks

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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) November 29, 2012

Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) and industrial hemp veteran, whose company led the industry’s 4th quarter growth curve last, gave insight on how the last quarter in 2012 will end.

According to Bruce Perlowin, “So far, the last quarter for the Fabulous Four hemp and marijuana stocks are showing a strong growth curve as the end of the last quarter nears, as they did last year. Massive media campaigning makes people outside our industry aware of this huge industry that’s growing phenomenally. “

With marijuana legalized now, how will it benefit the American people and the economy? Industry analysts are optimistic and foresee a creation of a new and highly profitable agricultural industry, increased trade opportunities, an increase in the gross national product (GNP), improved environmental conditions, new tax resources, and reduced costs with respect to enforcement of current laws. According to http://www.govtrac.us, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2012, alone, amends “the Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marihuana, and for other purposes.” With all eyes on the industrial hemp and medical marijuana industry, coupled with the benefits of legalization, savvy investors are beginning to invest heavily.

Hemp, Inc.’s (OTC: HEMP) CEO, Bruce Perlowin, has accumulated over 500,000 shares in GreenGro Technologies, Inc.; over 5 million in Grow Life, Inc.; and, twenty-one million shares in Medical Marijuana, Inc. Even though his favorite is his own (Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP)) he has started strategically investing in other marijuana industry stocks. “I know these stocks are going to go through the roof this last quarter just as they did last year,” says Perlowin.

While the average non-investor may not have a clue, market awareness surrounding the industrial hemp and medical marijuana industries is informative and can be very persuasive. With Massachusetts legalizing medical marijuana, more people are thinking about opening dispensaries, growing medical marijuana, or getting paid better wages as trimmers. Everyone, from real estate investors to other hard-hit sectors of the economy, are sleuthing the industry.

While some are courageous enough to open dispensaries and grow, most are leaping to invest in marijuana stocks. Simply put, it is a mature and aged industry reality in the American marketplace. The publicity surrounding the marijuana industry has attracted the average American investor and newbie investors (from your auto mechanic workers to your stay-at-home moms) and foreign interests. “Everybody wants in on ‘the next big thing’. Think of it as another dot.com explosion,” says Perlowin.

He adds, “The smart investor has already started accumulating stock.” Perlowin’s investment strategy seems to be already paying off. The two million shares he bought of Grow Life, Inc. the first ten days in October increased 39.9% on October 11, 2012 (that was the date the pre-election spike started two years ago when Prop 19 in California was on the ballot). During Prop 19, the stock skyrocketed and then fell. However, this past election, the steadiness of the marijuana stocks signal the industry is here to stay.

Forging a path in the industrial hemp industry, while educating consumers on the many uses of industrial hemp, Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) (http://www.hemp.com), is also producing hemp-based products proven to increase the body’s overall health and performance. The company boasts HerbaGenix™ nutraceuticals (http://www.herbagenix.com); BasicHemp (http://www.basichemp.com), their hemp protein shakes brand; and, custom-branded MJ Lover for Him and MJ Lover for Her (http://www.mjlover.com) and Re-Load Hemp nutraceuticals (http://www.re-load.biz) which is derived from a blend of organic nutrients, herbs, and vitamins including hemp extract (0.00% THC) and AFA blue-green algae which is known for its healthful effects.

Not only has the company been flooding the market with health products, its CEO, Bruce Perlowin is quite the philanthropist, according to inside sources. “Bruce Perlowin is an interesting character. Very philanthropic. His journey reminds me of the ‘Catch Me If You Can’ movie,” says David Tobias, President of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP).

Perlowin’s ‘people and planet before profits’ business approach and philanthropic deeds are evident. He donates to Dr. Patch Adams’ of Gesundheit! Institute who is building a 50 million dollar, free children’s hospital in West Virginia. The institute is a not-for-profit health care organization and is a project in holistic medical care based on the belief that one cannot separate the health of the individual from the health of the family, the community, the world, and the health care system itself (see PatchAdams.org). Other efforts Perlowin donates prolifically to include the Cash Hyde Foundation Fundraiser with Tommy Chong (CashHydeFoundation.com); The CanDo Kids Project (CanDokidsworld.org); C Bar J Horsehaven Rescue, in Dolan Springs, Arizona (cbarjrescue.wetpaint.com); Spread Peace USA – Feeding the Homeless (facebook.com/spreadpeaceusa); and, Keepers of the Wild, to build an 1,800 acre animal sanctuary on 4,000 acres in Dolan Springs, Arizona (KeepersOfTheWild.org).


Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) focuses on the vast market created by the quickly emerging, and growing, multibillion dollar industrial hemp industry. Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) is not involved in the cultivation or marketing of medical marijuana. It is the company’s belief that legalization of hemp in all 50 states and at the federal level will come to pass. With that in mind, the company is building infrastructure with the potential to gain substantial market share before and after industrial hemp prohibition ends. (Pending any federal licensing or other requirements, that may be enacted after hemp prohibition ends).


Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) seeks to benefit many constituencies, not exploit or endanger any group of them. Thus, the publicly-traded company believes in “upstreaming” of a portion of profit from the marketing of their finished hemp goods back to its originator, in which most cases will one day be the American farmer, cultivating natural, sustainable products. By Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) focusing on comprehensive investment results—that is, with respect to performance along the interrelated dimensions of people, planet, and profits— our triple bottom line approach can be an important tool to support sustainability goals.

CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP), Bruce Perlowin, is positioning the company as a leader in the industrial hemp industry, with a social and environmental mission at its core. In fact, he wanted to, consciously, found a business with non-financial goals that weren’t an after-thought, but are part of its DNA.


Phone:    1-877-221-8351    

Email:    info(at)hemp(dot)com

http://www.hemp.com (Hemp, Inc.)

http://www.hempincnews.com (Hemp, Inc. News)

herbagenix.com (Hemp-Based Supplements Division)

basichemp.com (Hemp Protein with Enhanced Nutritionals)

mjlover.com (MJ LOVER for Him; MJ LOVER for Her)

re-load.biz (Hemp-Based Nutraceuticals)

ecoharmonycards.com (Loyalty Card Sustainable Fundraiser for Non-Profits)

supportpatchadams.com (Hemp Gemstone Candles and Fundraiser for Patch Adams)

hempinc.tv (Media and Entertainment Division)



twitter.com/bruceperlowin (CEO Tweets)

facebook.com/bruceperlowin (CEO Fan Page)

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