November/December Issue of Eucalyptus Magazine Now Available

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Los Gatos, CA (PRWEB) October 28, 2011

Eucalyptus magazine, the only lifestyle magazine that focuses exclusively on health, wellness and green living in the San Francisco Bay Area, has just released its November/December 2011 issue. Feature stories include pieces on eco-apparel, eco-cleaning for the holidays, and the annual Eucalyptus Gift Guide. The Grown Local department profiles the Straus Family Creamery. The Green Tips section gives suggestions on going green for the holidays. The new issue of Eucalyptus is now online at and available from over 350 Bay Area merchants.

“From all of us at Eucalyptus magazine, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season,” said Michaela Marek, publisher and founder of Eucalyptus.

Clothing is a popular holiday gift, but the manufacturing process can have significant social and environmental costs. For people looking to support responsibly made eco-apparel, the issue features an article on businesses devoted combining style with sustainability. Amour Vert makes garments from “peace silk,” which, unlike traditional silk manufacturing, does not kill silkworms. Athletes will want to check out Greenlight Apparel, which makes fair-trade-certified athletic clothes from recycled polyester and organic cotton, and Good Gear, which uses renewable, chemical-free bamboo to make its running shorts and tees. Other featured eco chic companies use beneficial fibers like hemp and organic cotton, and even create new garments out of Goodwill finds.

People expecting company for the holidays will want to make sure their homes are spic and span. But on top of all the other stress and headaches of the season, who has time to do a deep clean? Eucalyptus offers a handy guide to Bay Area eco-cleaning companies that can clean up a house without dirtying the environment. While traditional carpet cleaning involves heavy chemicals and a lot of water, several local companies offer greener alternatives, such as natural enzymes, lower amounts of water, or hypoallergenic cleansers with no VOCs. Featured house cleaning companies are responding to consumers’ concerns about safety and environmental issues by using nothing but nontoxic, green-certified cleaning products; mapping out cleaning routes to minimize driving; and using carbon offsets for miles driven.

The holiday issue wouldn’t be complete without the Eucalyptus Gift Guide, a collection of gifts everyone can feel good about giving. Kids will love a huggable plush sea otter holding a sea star, and the proceeds benefit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. For stunning and unique jewelry gifts, Third Eye Pinecones creates pendants from cross-sections of conifer pinecones, inlaid with gems, crystals, shells, and fossils. Smartphone cases by Pong Research not only protect phones when they’re dropped, they also redirect cell phone radiation away from the head without interfering with signal levels.

“I love the annual gift guide; last year I took the recommendations and purchased several gifts for my friends. I am looking forward to it again,” said reader Monika Cervena.

Elsewhere in the new issue, a profile of the Strauss Family Creamery in coastal Marin County, the first certified organic dairy in western US, proves that California does have some happy cows. These bovines are fed grass or organic vegetarian feed and raised without hormones or antibiotics. Some of their waste funneled into a methane digester that powers the farm, some is composted. The milk and cream is all organic and non-GMO certified.

The issue also offers Green Tips on the holiday season, including giving time instead of presents, wrapping gifts with materials already found in the house, and using seasonal spices and oils to scent the house. Green Tips also air on two radio stations: MIX 106.5 and 94.5 KBAY.

In honor of the November/December 2011 issue, Eucalyptus is offering a subscription sale: 50% off a one-year subscription. Subscribers can get 6 issues for only $ 12. More info at

For more information about the November/December issue of Eucalyptus, or for information about any of Eucalyptus magazine’s products or services, call them at (408) 335-4983 or view them on the web at

About Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is the San Francisco Bay Area’s resource for green and health-conscious lifestyles. Through the print publication, website and networking events, Eucalyptus shares knowledge and inspires readers to celebrate their health, support local businesses and surrounding communities, and protect the environment. Since its first publication in 2009, Eucalyptus has been well-received by the health-conscious and green living community and industry. Eucalyptus is the winner of the 2010 Apex Awards for Publication Excellence for green publications and the 2010 Gold MarCom Award for green publications. The magazine is available at over 350 locations in the Bay Area and online at


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Apple Accepts Cannabis Now Magazine Into the App Store

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Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

Cannabis Now Magazine recently became the only cannabis magazine available on iTunes, significant because of Apple’s famously “family-friendly” attitude towards the items in its store. Its historic inclusion is proof of the magazine’s success in bringing responsible dialogue to the public. With the passage of legislation in two states and more on the horizon, cannabis and the issues surrounding its legalization and decriminalization have taken the nation by storm. Founded in in 2010, the magazine now has the opportunity to reach a global audience.

The magazine itself has faced setbacks associated with the cannabis movement. After putting out its first two issues in Montana, the medical marijuana laws in the state became vastly restrictive preventing, among other things, advertising of any kind. After losing most of its advertising base virtually overnight, the magazine changed its headquarters and expanded to Berkeley, Calif. This choice proved to be fruitful as the publication was able to expand to bi-monthly print issues and partner with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Harborside Health Center, Oaksterdam University and the Northwest Patient Resource Center.

Angela Bacca, a Bay Area-based journalist who continues to work closely with the Guru of Ganja, Ed Rosenthal, recently joined the Cannabis Now Team. Bacca works as the managing editor and brings a wealth of knowledge, with a specialty in investigative journalism and legal issues surrounding medical marijuana cases.

The magazine has been widely praised by industry professionals including Harborside co-founder and Executive Director Steve DeAngelo who thanked the publication for its “good work bringing the truth about cannabis.” In addition, a recent article featuring Jamen Shively, the Seattle-based entrepreneur who hopes to open a national chain of marijuana dispensaries, resulted in Shively working closing with the magazine to ensure the issues reached those in his wide cannabis network.

Cannabis Now Magazine is set to release its ninth issue at the end of this month. The print edition is available online as well as in Barnes & Noble, 7-Eleven, dispensaries, head shops, smoke shops, bookstores and numerous other outlets around the country. The magazine will also be distributed at HempCon in San Jose, Calif. on Jan 17 – 19, Champs in Las Vegas Jan. 21 – 23 and the BIG Industry 2014 Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colo. April 16 – 20.

About the Company:

By including only responsible content, Cannabis Now Magazine’s publishers hope to enlighten and educate the public on the legitimate and beneficial side of cannabis. The magazine focuses on the latest news, politics, horticultural advancements, social change, economic trends and medical information.

Cannabis Now Magazine Celebrates the Return of American Hemp

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Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) June 03, 2014

Cannabis Now Magazine featured the historic first hemp crop grown in the U.S. in decades on the cover of its latest issue. Photographer Kim Sidwell’s cover image, showcased in the publication driven to enlighten and educate the public on the legitimate and beneficial side of cannabis, demonstrates a celebration of cannabis’ long demonized cousin and a return of the industrial hemp industry in America.

“It’s all about job creation, that’s the whole point of this industry,” Colorado hemp cultivator Ryan Loflin said. “To get small town America back to having jobs that are profitable. The end result in rural America is going to be pretty outstanding. It has so many uses … everything except glass can be made from hemp, it’s a special crop.”

The latest issue of Cannabis Now also includes an article on hemp plastics and the future of the hemp marketplace in areas such as fashion, topical creams, nutrition and building materials.

During World War II American farmers harvested more than 150,000 acres of hemp promoted by the USDA’s Hemp for Victory propaganda film. Growing hemp was banned in the U.S. in 1957; however, non-psychoactive hemp products have remained available domestically, as the industrial hemp itself is grown and imported from countries where it is legal. A provision included in the passage of this year’s Farm Bill now allows colleges and state agencies to grow hemp for research purposes.

Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Growers Handbook clarifies that while hemp is a common name for plants in the entire genus of cannabis, the word typically refers to cannabis strains cultivated for industrial (non-drug) use as they contain minimal amounts of THC.

“Featuring hemp on our cover showcases the return of a fiber truly engrained in fabric of America’s history,” Production Manager Ellen Holland said. “At Cannabis Now Magazine, we promote every aspect of the plant including cannabis as a medicine and hemp for oil and fiber. We push for a full understanding of the cannabis plant.”

Cannabis Now supports Hemp History Week‘s efforts to advocate for further federal policy change and supports their 2014 campaign “Hemp: It’s Time to Grow.”

Cannabis Now Magazine is the only cannabis magazine available in iTunes. The bi-monthly print edition is also nationally distributed in Barnes & Noble, 7-Eleven, dispensaries, head shops, smoke shops, bookstores, and numerous other newsstand outlets including the U.K. and Canada. For breaking news, please visit

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