Massie: US should legalize industrial hemp

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Massie: US should legalize industrial hemp
U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican, represents Kentucky's 4th District. Of all the freedom-crushing laws and regulations issued from Washington, one of the most ridiculous is the decades-long federal ban on industrial hemp. For far too long, farmers …

Hemp Expo Held In Loveland As Pot Rules Are Changing
(AP) – Once banned because it is a close cousin to marijuana, hemp is coming back in Colorado and now has its own convention, attracting international interest as a new crop for farmers struggling to find new crops to stay afloat. Hemp, which is fiber …
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North Dakota Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Industrial Hemp
HB 1436 sets up the framework for state agriculture officials to establish a hemp farming program in the state, and eliminates any need for federal approval for the program to begin. The bill reads, in part: “A license required by this section is not …
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