Engineers' startup weaves hemp, natural fibers

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Engineers' startup weaves hemp, natural fibers
Kentucky's foray into industrial hemp has fueled a Louisville startup which is betting that natural fibers someday will become a key ingredient in hundreds of American-made products – furnace filters, kayaks, skis, even coffee mugs. Sunstrand was …
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Hemp Research Bill Gains Momentum in Pennsylvania
Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of the species Cannabis sativa. Though hemp has only scant amounts of THC, marijuana's high-inducing chemical, both varieties have been illegal to grow since the federal Controlled Substances Act was passed …
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Bio-Based Hemp Plastics are Gaining Momentum
Australia is manufacturing plastics made from hemp and China is following suit. Based on the positive reactions, it's starting to look like hemp could be the answer to the global plastic pollution problem. Why Can't the Plastics of Today be Made …
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Newborn presents using the ease of an all natural distinction!

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Buying infant presents to have an anticipating mom sometimes is definitely a mind-boggling as well as struggle, particularly if a person haven’t experienced a young child prior to. The choices with regard to newborn presents tend to be limitless as well as there isn’t any solitary ideal infant present, however there are a number associated with infant presents that may completely satisfy the requirements from the infant or even his/her loved ones. The next list may show you within choosing the perfect infant presents.

Whenever choosing exactly what infant presents to obtain with regard to brand new or even anticipating mother and father for his or her infant, you have to very first consider the requirements from the infant as well as wants from the mother and father. Among this really is in the event that mother and father wish to increase their own infant inside a environment, think about buying items which are organic, environmentally friendly, ecofriendly, as well as natural. Think about newborn presents such as clothes, covers, shower cleaning soap, or even playthings which are manufactured from natural and organic elements such as bamboo bedding, hemp, or even Pima 100 % cotton. These types of supplies are manufactured from nontoxic chemical dyes and therefore are not really handled along with chlorine or even formaldehyde whitens, producing all of them really secure to make use of.


If you’re nevertheless overcome through the choices associated with infant presents available, or even the duty associated with likely to the actual retail center or even shop shops to locate precisely what you are searching for, think about purchasing infant presents on the internet. Should you can’t discover individuals natural items, which baby stroller for your beautiful group of twin babies or even individuals playthings which boost the developing in shops, there are many infant presents on the internet offered through web merchants that offer precisely what you are searching for from aggressive costs that deliver around the globe.

If you wish to customize your child present along with an accumulation of significant, hands chosen products, think about purchasing an infant present container. Infant present containers tend to be excellent since it provides a lot more than only one present, and you will obtain precisely what you are searching for with no trouble associated with caught city in order to several shops accumulating this particular by yourself. Infant present container businesses may customize the actual presents for example covers, clothing, publications, playthings, plus much more. You may also purchase infant present containers on the internet. Infant present containers help to make distinctive infant presents simply because they deliver the actual information that you simply treatment.


With regard to natural, organic, environmentally friendly, ecofriendly as well as reasonable industry infant presents, turn to Normally Talented. Normally talented is really an organization that provides newborn presents on the internet as well as infant present containers having significant information for that baby and also the atmosphere.

Naturallygifted delivers beautiful range of online christmas gifts, christmas gifts sydney and Sydney christmas gifts in Australia wordwide.

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Art Meets Nature – Opening of The Riverside Gallery and Natural Clothing Co. store in Snohomish, WA

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Snohomish, WA (PRWEB) September 29, 2011

What do a first generation American and a Polish immigrant have in common? Spending their early years in Chicago is a one thread but more important is a belief in the American Dream. “If anywhere there is still a place that small people can build successful companies, its here, [in America],” says Alina, owner of Natural Clothing Co. “These might be the hardest times in the last 30 years I’ve lived in U.S. but if anybody can make things go right, it is right here.”

And there’s no more beautiful place in America than here in Washington State, especially in Snohomish, with its snow capped mountains, rivers and farms. “We believe we found the most beautiful spot in the state, right on the Snohomish River. It’s so appropriate, that we opened our store here. An art gallery and natural clothing display – art meets nature”, says Elaine, an owner of The Riverside Gallery.

Alina and Elaine met at the class on raising chickens that Elaine was teaching through Sky Valley Education extension in Monroe. Soon they found they had more in common than the joy of chickens. For Alina, an architect by trade and Elaine, a former CPA and teacher, a concern about the environment and the well being of the future generations is a passion. They began collaborating together on several projects, art shows and online. When the opportunity presented itself to create a beautiful showplace which allows promotion of art and raising awareness of dangers of the conventional textile industry, the two motivated women took it.

Alina, bursting with energy when preparing her displays speaks of her beginnings in the business. She started Natural Clothing Company after learning that the conventional cotton crop is one of the biggest consumers of cancer producing insecticides and pesticides, polluting soil, waters, and damaging cotton workers’ health. Today, many people with sensitive skin purchase from the Natural Clothing Co.’s online store, seeking those soft bamboo and cotton fabric. The majority though are the people who want fewer chemicals to be used in our lives – the planting fields and their skin safe, as well as they want to look beautiful.

“We carry hemp, certified organic cotton, linen and bamboo. The fibers are made from plants grown organically without use of pesticides. The Natural Clothing Co.’s fabrics are plant, not oil derived resources, such as polyesters and nylons, so you can compost them once worn out” Alina, an avid gardener, says with a smile. “People don’t need tons of new clothing. But if you do buy something, buy quality; invest in timeless beauty and safety of natural fibers and help the planet. Our organic clothing is Nature approved!”

Alina’s counterpart, Elaine, the owner of The Riverside Gallery, is comfortably friendly as she walks people around the gallery at preview explaining the pieces on exhibit. “We have our current art on display and more coming in for exhibits. The works are by local and national artists. Our art is accomplished by old fashion methods without the use of projectors, Photoshop and other technological advances, except for the limited edition prints.There is a place for those tools in the art world but our goal is to promote art created with the feel of the old masters. Maybe with a nouveau twist. That’s how we envision our gallery.”

Elaine has been a professional artist earning money in the field at age 15. She won ribbons and awards by 18 taking her out of the amateur status at an early age. She worked for an advertising paper in Chicago, has been published in Melbourne, Fl, and is on permanent exhibit in public and private collections throughout the country.

The Riverside Gallery is a place for many visitors with lively activities. There is a gift shop in a making for those searching for a more unusual gift. There are also classes offered as well from degreed instructors with over 10 years experience in teaching. “Art exercises our minds in observation, science, geography and culture. Anyone can benefit from a session of classes.” For a little fun and mild exercise after a good meal, The Riverside Gallery will have weekend Ghost Tours on Foot that will feature the history of this quaint antique logging town intertwined with artfully done ghost stories.

How do they feel about sharing this space? “Wonderful,” says Elaine. “I love the fashion right next door, especially the relaxing beauty of natural clothing. I own quite a few pieces in my wardrobe. And it just fits with the space. Look out the window and you see the river with the fish jumping and the Natural Clothing Co. and The Riverside art gallery, it’s just a good fit… like a natural glove.”

“Walking through the gallery to get to my organic clothing store is uplifting” is Alina’s reply. “The art is different, some colorful, some poignant. It’s not the cookie cutter art we see so often now. It gets the creative energy flowing. So it sets my mood for the day and that’s good for me and my customers.”

The Riverside Gallery and Natural Clothing Co. are right below Todo Mexico, a beautiful restaurant with a genuine feel of old Mexico. With a deck outside and picture windows inside overlooking the Snohomish River, it is a relaxing spot for lunch or dinner. You can also grab a cappuccino at Java Inn at the front of the building to bring with you for your viewing of the gallery at the lower level.

There is no doubt that one can enjoy their time in this building alone. It’s a great place to bring your out-of-town guests, spend a day with friends or just passing your afternoon enjoyably in Snohomish.

The Riverside Gallery and Natural Clothing Company are located at 1101 First St in Snohomish, WA 98290. A Grand Opening is scheduled for Oct 1st and 2nd (Sat and Sun) from 11am till 8pm. After that store hours are 12 pm till 7 pm Thursday till Sun or by appointment.

You can reach Elaine at 813-943-7838 or TheRiversideGallery(at)email(dot)com, and Alina at 877-800-8878,


Quit Smoking – Home Remedies and Natural Treatment

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Smoking is the practice of tasting or inhaling the vapor given out by substances like tobacco, opium or cannabis when burnt. Combustion of these substances release nicotine that is absorbed into the lungs. Smoking is actually a recreational drug use and a tobacco addict does enough harm to his or her health. Smoking, in other words, is a deadly habit. It increases the risk of lung cancer, oral cancer, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, heart attack, COPD, erectile dysfunction, birth defects etc. Cigarette is the most common smoking tool. Some people also use loose tobacco and rolling paper to make hand rolled cigarettes. The other smoking tools are pipes, bongs, hookahs, cigars, bidis and vaporizers.

Smokers can be of 2 types: active smokers and passive smokers. People who are addicted to smoking are active smokers. Passive smokers are people who do not smoke but breathe in the air or vapor exhaled by the person who is smoking. Both are equally harmed. People are slowly becoming aware of the hazardous effect of smoking on health and are trying desperately to curb smoking. The efforts to quit smoking often become useless because of withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, increased pulse rate, irritability etc. Here are some quit smoking home remedies to combat withdrawal symptoms and help people out.

Home Remedies

1. Take 1 teaspoon honey twice daily. It helps to get rid of tobacco addiction

2. Take grape seed extracts in ample amount daily. This repairs the lung damage caused by smoking.

3. Mix two tablespoon baking soda in a glass of water and sip the solution with every meal. This will help you quit smoking

4. Chew licorice stick if you feel the urge to smoke.

5. Drink glassful orange juice twice daily. Its acidic nature helps to fight nicotine addiction

6. Extract juice of grated radish, mix with 2 teaspoon honey and take. This is an effective quit smoking home remedy.

7. Drinking of glassful grape juice helps you to give up smoking.

8. Chew on a clove after smoking. This will stop you from lighting up another.

9. Eating a carrot would help you check the cravings for smoking.

10. Drink valerian tea or passion flower tea to get rid of the habit of smoking

11. Slowly chew the chopped dried root of sweet flag. This helps you to manage withdrawal symptoms and makes quitting easier.

12. Take the herb oat straw. It works amazingly as a quit smoking remedy.

13. Use vinegar as a room freshener. Spray it in your room to expel the scent of smoke. This will stop you from wishing to smoke.

14. Suck 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper slowly. This will reduce your urge to smoke.

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Jhon Napier

The Best Natural Resource on Earth ? Hemp

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Few men and women right now know in the energy of hemp. Hemp is rather possibly the most precious normal resource on earth right now, yet it remains unused simply because from the hypocrisy of your majority of governments from the earth.

Hemp comes from the Cannabis plant. This material is identified to have far more separate and diverse uses than any other material in the world. It might be utilised to create paper, clothing, food, cosmetics, fabric, textiles, rope, plastic alternatives, constructing supplies, and also the list goes on. The American constitution was written on hemp paper. Those prior to us have been fully conscious of just how beneficial hemp genuinely is. George Washington, one particular of the founding fathers from the United States, grew fields of Hashish plants himself. At one point in particular states of your US, it was illegal not to grow hemp. That is how priceless this useful resource was when considered.

As time handed on and we started to use other resources much more like oil, we started to forget about hemp. Laws have been passed that allowed people to legally not must develop hemp. Then when individuals began understanding how useful it was as soon as again around 1930, it was taken out with the light by a greedy man. This man’s name was William Randolph Hearst, and he owned the vast majority with the newspapers within the United States. When he heard of this new phenomenon of hemp, he was not happy. This was simply because he had all of his newspaper mills already set up as tree paper. Since he didn’t wish to cope with the costs of establishing a new set of hemp mills, he began publishing false stories all throughout his newspapers across the countries associating hemp with marijuana as if it were an evil drug. His propaganda nevertheless works on a lot of people these days. As a result of his propaganda prohibition on cannabis began in 1937 and from that level forward far more and more propaganda was used to curb the minds of citizens.

Today, hemp is linked with marijuana and isn’t allowed to be grown basically due to the fact it comes from the identical plant as cannabis. The reality is cannabis could be the female cannabis plant whilst hemp could be the male hashish plant, and they aren’t connected at all. Hemp doesn’t include any THC, the chemical that gets folks high. Nevertheless as a result of conservative politicians these days, many people nonetheless ignore the worth of hemp as a pure source that could potentially solve our power and useful resource crisis.

Hemp Information and Facts

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Bluegrass Natural Remedies is Proud to Announce Exciting New Partnership with the Dixie Botanicals Brand

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Grand Rapids (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

Bluegrass Natural Remedies, a subsidiary of Grand Rapids Compounding & Recycling has forged a relationship with Dixie Botanicals, a company that offers innovative hemp oil products to health conscious consumers. Bluegrass Natural Remedies has negotiated a distribution contract for Dixie Botanicals health and wellness lines of products. The company will sell these non-psychotropic hemp oil based products to retail stores throughout Michigan and Kentucky.

“Dixie Botanicals brings the power of hemp to health-conscious consumers through their line of innovative products,” said Joe Brown, a cannabis thought leader and owner of Grand Rapids Compounding and Recycling. “Dixie Botanicals offers legal products with naturally occurring Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp. These products provide overwhelming evidence of significant health and wellness benefits.”

There is a growing population across the United States who rely heavily on botanical herbs and supplements to provide them with support for their overall wellness. These individuals turn to hemp oil based supplements and remedies because the side effects associated with prescription pain killers or opiates are too much for them to handle and can cause further complications. “Dixie Botanicals will be a great support to the marijuana community, health and wellness aficionados and naturopathic and homeopathic practitioners in their production of botanical supplements,” noted Joe Brown.

Dixie Botanicals manufactures its over-the-counter wellness products using naturally-occurring Cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp. The hemp oil is derived from the stalk of a specific cultivar of the plant. Consumer benefits from Dixie Botanicals include: promoting overall wellness, easing anxiety due to stress and supporting muscle relief.

Bluegrass Natural Remedies is pleased to offer hemp oil wellness products in the state of Kentucky and intends to promote the restoration of Louisville, Kentucky as the hemp capital of the country. After Kentucky Senate Bill 50, a recent piece of hemp legislation endorsed by Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell was passed, industrial hemp is now legal at the state level.

With aspirations of fifty vendors in Michigan and fifty vendors in Kentucky, Bluegrass Natural Remedies is pushing for medicine that has historically rich roots. “After all, it’s what the ancients trusted,” said Brown. Bluegrass Natural Remedies will also offer a variety of natural holistic herbal remedies.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Disclosure

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Corporate Contact: Director, Joe Brown (616) 337-0238,     Your title, Joe Brown and contact phone and website URL.

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