Philadelphia District Attorney to Stop Prosecuting Marijuana Possession Offenders

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Philadelphia District Attorney to Stop Prosecuting Marijuana Possession Offenders | Paul Armentano

PHILADELPHIA, PA — City officials in Philadelphia have announced that they will no longer prosecute marijuana possession offenses. In October 2014, Philadelphia enacted a municipal ordinance reclassifying cases involving the possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis to a non-summary civil offense, punishable by a $ 25 fine – no arrest and no criminal record. Since that time, annual […]

Philadelphia District Attorney to Stop Prosecuting Marijuana Possession Offenders | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Philadelphia District Attorney to Drop Marijuana Possession Cases

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Philadelphia District Attorney to Drop Marijuana Possession Cases | NORML

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Newly elected District Attorney Larry Krasner has announced that his office will no longer prosecute marijuana possession offense violations. Although city policy has already decriminalized most minor marijuana possession offenses, police have continued to make several hundred possession arrests annually. Going forward, the DA’s office will drop these charges. Krasner said that the change in policy is “the […]

Philadelphia District Attorney to Drop Marijuana Possession Cases | The Daily Chronic

The Daily Chronic

Cannabis Career Institute To Conduct Seminar In Philadelphia To Promote Jobs and Business Opportunities For The Growing Industry

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Philadelphia, PA and Burbank, CA (PRWEB) January 22, 2015

This Sunday, January 25, at the Hampton Inn – Philadelphia International Airport, 8600 Bartram, Philadelphia, PA, 19153, DOUG PORTER, the Cannabis Career Institute expert in Bud-Tending, Dispensary Management, Delivery Service and Security, will conduct an all day seminar teaching budding cannabis entrepreneurs how to get started in the evolving industry.

CCI offers state-specific training courses that address a range of topics from legal requirements and regulations to basic grow techniques.

Last Fall,Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed an ordinance decriminalizing marijuana in the City of Brotherly Love, making it the largest U.S. city to have done so. However, the politicians at the state level have not so been progressive in their support of legalizing cannabis. Fortunately, that could all change soon as newly elected Governor, Tom Wolf, has displayed strong support for law reform. Lively debate is anticipated regarding emerging cannabis developments of the state.

“CCI Seminar interest from cannabis-minded businessmen and women all over the country has been tremendous,” said Porter. “As the cannabis legalization movement continues to envelope the nation, more and more people are seeing the exciting and potentially lucrative business opportunities available. Helping people understand the industry and preparing them to pursue their goals is what we do.”

“There is no other industry on the planet right now that is growing as rapidly as the cannabis business,” added Gary Lane, CCI’s Sales and Marketing Director. “If someone is looking for a career in marijuana or wants to learn how the industry works, the one day CCI workshop is an excellent primer. Not only does one receive valuable instruction and information but what also usually happens is a “class-bonding” dynamic. More often than not, students of each of the classes form their own networking and support group that turns into a valuable and life-long resource.”

Cannnabis Career Institute specializes in teaching would-be entrepreneurs how to navigate the often-murky waters of starting up a cannabis business. CCI presents students with an objective expanse of options with step-by-step instruction on the process of starting a business. Delivery, Dispensary Management, Law, Compliance, Marketing and Advertising, Cultivation, Extracts and Cooking are all discussed in detail, providing students with many choices to fit their career goals and lifestyle.

Cost for the one day seminar, that also allows for students to attend any future class for free, is $ 349 and includes a seminar manual.

As seen on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, the Huffington Post, and more, CCI was the first cannabis seminar training program ever offered and is the most successful of its kind.

If you’d like more information or to schedule Doug Porter for an interview: call Doug at 407.492.5454 or email him at satisfactual(at)hotmail(dot)com

For more information, contact:

Gary Lane



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