Buy Hemp Protein UK ? Agreeable Protein Source for Vegetarians?

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One of the first-class sources of protein is Hemp, yet individuals might wonder whether or not spending money on this great protein is worth it.
In order to assist your decision to purchase the Hemp protein, this article will advise you on the benefits of the protein, and whether it indeed will be a good health investment in the long run.
Why Hemp?
Your body needs essential fatty acids in order to stay in good health, yet the body cannot create them naturally, and needs to acquire them from other food components. The Hemp protein includes Omega-3 and 6, as well as all eight essential fatty acids. Walnuts are known to be one of the greatest sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and it is great to know that the Hemp protein contains much more.
The Hemp protein is very easy to use can be purchased in either powder or seed form. The Hemp protein seeds have a great taste when chewed, or you can make delicious smoothies by adding the Hemp protein powder to it.
Because there are no animal proteins found in Hemp, it is very popular amongst vegetarians and vegans.
A myth about Hemp
Hemp is related to cannabis which contains a psychoactive chemical compound known as Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The Hemp protein DOES NOT contain any THC and therefore you will not ‘get high’ using the Hemp protein.

Hemp Decreases Fatty Food Cravings?
Individuals often experiences urges or cravings which causes them to seek fatty foods such as burgers or pizza slices. Because Hemp is a healthy source of plant fats, it will help satiate these specific urges.
For the same reasons the Hemp protein not only helps to satisfy fatty food cravings, but also decreases sugar cravings. So on top of providing your body with much-needed proteins and nutrients, it helps to decrease your appetite for unhealthy food.

Is Hemp Worth the Money?
Naturally, the Hemp protein is worth the buy but it could cost you an arm and a leg if you purchase these items from health food stores or health supplement shops. Most retail outlets do house nutritional supplements and therefore places high markups on supplements such as the Hemp protein.
It is advisable to purchase the product online as it is much more affordable, and can be distributed by the manufacturer or its affiliates directly; most of the middleman fees are therefore eliminated.
To answer your question on whether or not the Hemp protein is worth it – we can confidently say YES! It is a great and much needed supplement, and because essential fatty acids cannot be produced by your body, the investment into your health is definitely worth the cost.

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Green Hemp Protein Smoothie | Green Kitchen Stories

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Green Hemp Protein Smoothie
Serves 2

2 large handfuls kale or other leafy greens, rinsed and stems removed
2 cups / 500 ml almond milk or plant milk of your choice, more if needed
4 tbsp hemp protein powder (you can also use pea protein, brown rice protein or a sprouted protein blend)
2 ripe bananas, peeled
1 mango, peeled and stone removed (or use thawed frozen)
1 lime, juice

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and mix until smooth. Add more plant milk or water if needed. Serve in a glass.


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