Upper Valley Native Finds No Shortage of Roles

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Image from page 548 of “Commercial statistics. A digest of the productive resources, commercial legislation, customs tariffs … of all nations. Including all British commercial treaties with foreign states ..” (1850)
Hemp Legislation
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Identifier: commercialstatis02macg
Title: Commercial statistics. A digest of the productive resources, commercial legislation, customs tariffs … of all nations. Including all British commercial treaties with foreign states ..
Year: 1850 (1850s)
Authors: Macgregor, John, 1797-1857
Subjects: Commercial statistics Tariff Commercial law Maritime law
Publisher: London, Whittaker and co.
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
ue of Gold and Silver imported in 1803 == 1,007,510 roubles. in 1804 152,310 „ TRADE OF ST. PETERSBURG. 531 n «* © <* as as c 3J OJ *f <tf •-) »t * n t CO »H mwt-ro©co» —»_ CS OS 00 N> CO cot- a* — «w oooa cs10 «r -r © as („ O — ofi-rco « mo t»o cf « o -<o •o © CS © ftaMiaioeinai NOooova © r- i v^ tS^N N M f< O^O O O O X^Wroxffl- = – •© m bD B o Pi !©ps–;0?*©r»tO *f o <n ^ IS O W » rt e* —■ ^r © i< — NOO*«raocot~n © co ® so © ® s e* »«. co ©O ^WHW f-T of 00* SO iff i— ©*« oT oo wT 1 C. J- © — i— i O i-c TT SO rfi fffroo n r: o »i 0^(0 0 0 so imoT TMSfflM j) w-oteoi . «fi tfS CO >»N CO — CO Tj« co p-i t- © *r *» CS — f- to © *-■ OS N. «n CN — © I CC CS <# — © lO —. CO : M- oin^ON CS rf © ©© t» — 00 I r» I CO fff ^sNsf 3 5oo6oo66od66?oooSoo6ooiooSoSooJooo • & .-g, • • p. • • •

Text Appearing After Image:
532 RUSSIA. Principal Articles exported from St. Petersburg, in 1804, to Countries not British. Ss.| Hemp. Flax. For Iron. 1st sort. 2d. 65Prassia…. 54 Lubec 43 Denmark..39 Sweden.. .. 29 France 26 Amsterdam 24 Spain 22 Portugal… 14 Rcstoc 4 Italy 331 65 poods.2.0501.470 16,254 32*837 8.3SS 16,396 6,940 18*803 poods, poods. 15,948 15,513 17.201 55.495 2,270 13.775 9,930 784 2 Sound Bremen —Philadel-phia Other ports andElsinore .. 3,150 5,110 SeveralNations…- 106,283 184,051 EnglishShips…American 3,798. 47 654 26.021 7,691 2,651 15,553 6 122 3.065 2,10S 3d. poods. 5,29375,635 5.S72 12head 9 do. 6do, Cord- 375.53S 1,093,055275,264 157,495 122,629 134,026BfjfiM poods, poods pds.604. 17 146 1,5751,909 1,2489252221017.54220,544 4^591 3,324 1,555 10,009 2.325 13,253 4*,521 2,692 955 6,523 2,254 732 125,991 47,572 217,345 270,452 340 3 -2-A 5,791 15,62115 pds. 719 20,545465 14,312 2,745 Tallow.; = pods, poods. 225.24? 3.305 44.;* 14 32J971 1,132 4,052 25,853 1.419 50,338 442 705 5,

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Upper Valley Native Finds No Shortage of Roles
As part of Rural Vermont's Hemp History Week, the Upper Valley Food Co-op in White River Junction will host a session of Hemp Storytelling on Wednesday night at 6:30. Hemp-themed snacks will be served, and there will be discussions of hemp legislation, …
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Zenion’s Solar Powered Technology Will Help Reduce World Food Shortage Through a New Humanitarian Crowdfunding Campaign

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Rohnert Park, CA (PRWEB) April 10, 2015

Zenion Industries, Inc. has launched a first ever crowd-funding campaign on the web site indiegogo at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ion-a-gro which offers people worldwide an opportunity to experience Zenion’s patent pending ionization technology. The company’s new business model enables the benefits of increased crop production to be shared free, through donations of product, to third world farmers.

The Ion-A-Gro device is an Eco-friendly, solar powered electronic unit which is mounted above plants to supply them with an increased amount of ions during photosynthesis. Decades of research have proven that plants respond quite favorably to increased ionization in a natural, non-harmful way by growing healthier and producing more flora, fruit, and vegetables. Herbivores, such as ants and aphids are also discouraged from invading plants under treatment, thereby reducing pesticide use. Until now, it has not been practical to treat plants in this manner, but the Zenion technology changes all of that!

Successful experimentation has been done on numerous types of plants including grapes, tomatoes, beans, cannabis and sugar cane. From the backyard garden to large scale crop management, this technology has the potential to increase food production substantially. With a growing world population estimated to be 9 billion by the year 2040, we need more “Green” answers like this to feed people and livestock.

Zenion was established in 1979 and distinguished itself as an expert in the field of ionization physics and electronics by developing and patenting many products utilizing ion technology.

For more information about the technology and product, please review Zenion’s web site at: http://www.zenion.org


Mr. Jim Aise

Zenion Industries, Inc.

(707) 584-3663