Engineers' startup weaves hemp, natural fibers

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Engineers' startup weaves hemp, natural fibers
Kentucky's foray into industrial hemp has fueled a Louisville startup which is betting that natural fibers someday will become a key ingredient in hundreds of American-made products – furnace filters, kayaks, skis, even coffee mugs. Sunstrand was …
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Hemp Research Bill Gains Momentum in Pennsylvania
Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of the species Cannabis sativa. Though hemp has only scant amounts of THC, marijuana's high-inducing chemical, both varieties have been illegal to grow since the federal Controlled Substances Act was passed …
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Bio-Based Hemp Plastics are Gaining Momentum
Australia is manufacturing plastics made from hemp and China is following suit. Based on the positive reactions, it's starting to look like hemp could be the answer to the global plastic pollution problem. Why Can't the Plastics of Today be Made …
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Soon Hemp May Be A Tradable Commodity With Startup Seed CX

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Soon Hemp May Be A Tradable Commodity With Startup Seed CX
It is no surprise, then, that it took Edward Woodford, co-founder of Seed Commodities Exchange, a commodities trading platform for industrial hemp, to send 11,000 emails, travel 46,238 miles, and meet with 604 investors to raise Seed CX's first round …
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Hemp Industry: CBD Marketed As Dietary Supplement Before Drug Trials
Representatives of the cannabis industry disagree with FDA's conclusion in recent warning letters that the hemp-based product cannabidiol or CBD doesn't meet the definition of a dietary supplement. Under federal law, a substance generally does not …
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Legislative Deadline Snares Bill To Legalize Hemp Oil For Treatment Of Seizures
A bill that could have legalized medial hemp oil for treating seizures is likely dead this legislative session. Credit Wikipedia. The Kansas legislature's turnaround deadline was last week. That means many bills are likely dead for the session …
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Could LEGO toys soon be made from hemp plastics?
LEGO is looking for a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic. Hemp might be the answer. LEGO wants to switch the material it uses to make its trademark toy bricks beloved by children around the world. The company currently uses plastic …
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Cannibus Industry Start-Up Reaches Profitability While Expanding Its Proprietary Ancillary Medical Marijuana Product IP Portfolio

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Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) May 06, 2015

Mesa, Arizona (PRWEB) May 6, 2015 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Med Ag Ventures, Inc. (MAV), an investor backed Colorado cannabis industry company, expanded manufacturing capacity of its Arizona based Phoenician Engineering subsidiary three times since first producing proprietary herb grinders last September. MAV recently achieved profitability from operations, within one year of start-up. MAV’s reseller network expanded from 100 at the end of 2014 to over 500 today through exposure at Cannabis trade shows like Champs, American Glass Exposition, and Cannabis Cups. MAV’s proprietary products have secured their place among the best of the best in the medical marijuana industry and lead in setting a medical grade standard for ancillary cannabis products.

Paving the way for continued growth, MAV expanded its intellectual property portfolio and now owns what is believed to be one of the most valuable and diverse portfolios of patents and patents pending protecting its innovative herb grinders and other products in its growing pipeline.

Justin Cifelli, CEO of MAV states, “We are deeply appreciative of our investors, our team and our customers who make our rapid growth and success possible. We are focused on delivering long-term value to both customers and shareholders.” VP and Director of Engineering Dane Dukat adds, “We listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback in new product launches. The metrics speak for themselves – demand has never been higher and is accelerating.” COO Colton Dukat adds, “We are staying humble and working hard to deliver the best products and the best customer experience. Our responsibility to effectively manage growth and demand goes well beyond our products, supply chain or capacity; it starts and ends with our growing strong team of dynamic and very talented individuals.”


Med Ag Ventures Inc. of Colorado is an emerging growth company part of the booming medical cannabis industry. We manufacture proprietary ancillary products for consumers, growers and marijuana dispensaries. The Cannabis industry is reported to be the fastest growing industry in the US.


Visit http://www.MedAg.Ventures

Tom Cifelli, CFO & General Counsel


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